John Romero Just Dropped A New Expansion For The Original Doom

John Romero has done something that no other game developer has ever done: he’s made an expansion for a game he made over 25 years ago.

The first Doom arrived in 1993 and became a genre-defining game. The nameless marine, lovingly referred to as Doomguy, became the basis for countless other silent protagonists. Doom would eventually spawn a franchise that spans 2 sequels, one series reboot, and 7 spin-off games across every major console and operating system in history, including VR

And now, original creator John Romero has decided to go back to where it all began and issue a free expansion for the original Doom.

Originally called Sigil of Baphomet when it was announced in late 2018, it’s since been shorted to just Sigil. It’s a 3.1 MB Megawad of the original doom, which is an archaic term for a fan-made level expansion. Since Romero Games isn’t id Software, technically this is a fan expansion, even though one of the original creators made it.

One can only assume that Romero is also a fan of his own work.

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Sigil comes with 9 new single player levels and 9 deathmatch maps. There isn’t much of a plot as it’s just Doomguy roaming around in Hell trying to find his way out. In this case, Hell is a much more abstract space with maze-like columns and jagged edges making the way forward not at all clear.

The free version can be downloaded from Romero’s website and comes with a MIDI soundtrack, but for $6.66 you can download the paid version with a soundtrack provided by metal band Buckethead. Although the gameplay is still definitely retro, at least the music will be up to par with the 2016 Doom remake.

As this is an expansion, an original copy of Doom will be needed to get Sigil to work. Luckily, you can easily get a copy of Ultimate Doom (which contains every expansion ever made) on Steam, Humble, or GOG for the low price of $5.

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