Thomas Was Alone Creator Is Developing A Turn-Based John Wick Game

It looks like a new game based on Keanu Reeve’s assassin is coming, although it may not be the kind of game you might have expected.

John Wick is a franchise and a character that would lend itself very well to video games. The entire franchise is all about people firing guns and throwing knives at each other in the most extravagant and ludicrous ways possible, and sometimes even pencils get involved.

Yet, there hasn’t really been anything that could be considered a definitive John Wick video game experience. In fact, the closest thing we’ve gotten so far is the John Wick skin in Fortnite. Now, we're finally going to get a real chance to play as one of cinema's most famous dog loving hitmen.

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John Wick Hex is a game currently being developed by Mike Bithell and his studio Bithell Games. If you’re unfamiliar with Bithell, he’s well known for indie games such as the shape-based platformer Thomas Was Alone, the stealth game Volume, as well as heavily story-based games like Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular. His games usually tend to be more quiet and contemplative, so having him create a game based on a character like John Wick does seem like a move out of left field.

However, this game isn’t planning on being a frenetic shooter like you might have imagined. Instead, John Wick Hex is set to be a turn-based strategy game in the vein of games like XCOM, which in a way does make sense. After all, killing an entire building full of people would require a certain amount of strategic planning on top of years of murderous experience. The game is even being described as “fight-choreographed chess brought to life as a video game," which sounds way more exciting than regular chess.

via IGN

The game will have an original story based in the existing John Wick universe. American Gods’ Ian McShane and The Wire’s Lance Redding will reprise their roles from the movies in the game. It also looks like progressing through the story will lead to unlockable items such as new weapons or suits that you can use to dress your own personal digital Keanu.

There’s no release date set for the game, but it’s probably safe to assume that it won’t be out in time to coincide with the May 17 release of John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum. It’s expected sometime later in the year for consoles, and if you’re buying it on PC, yep you guessed it, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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