Jokerd Gets The Boot From Method

Daniel "Jokerd" Gobey has finally fallen from grace, following his explosive rise to fame by being the first to reach the level cap in WoW Classic.

In a classic (pun-intended) story reminiscent of Icarus' flight and descent, Daniel "Jokerd" Gobey has finally fallen from grace, following his explosive rise to fame by being the first to reach the level cap in World of Warcraft Classic. Jokerd upset many in the WoW community as well as his Method higher-ups when he "yoinked" an end-raid item – resulting in his removal from the organization.

Jokerd initially achieved stardom during the rabid race to be the first to hit level 60 when World of Warcraft Classic launched, reaching his goal before anyone else could. He also rode that wave of popularity by "deleting" his character that he worked so hard on while livestreaming on Twitch, freaking out his viewers (only to restore it a few moments later.)

He took things further by continuing to entertain his audience on Twitch with his "cool-guy" attitude, showing wit and confidence which culminated in landing a spot on Rajj Patel's "King of the Hill," a popular Twitch show in which male contestants compete for the approval of female guests. Jokerd went on to win the episode, claiming that he only reached the max level first in WoW Classic simply to catch the attention of Swedish streamer Kandyland, who agreed to go on a date with him after his confession.

Jokerd Not Sorry

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Antics like these combined with his WoW achievements led to his popularity, now sitting on almost 150,000 followers on Twitch. His arrogance and temptation to troll other players, however, has finally led to his downfall, as Jokerd is now dealing with the consequences of his unsportsmanlike behavior during a raid when he "ninja'd" the Staff of Dominance from his group.

While Jokerd saw the thievery as comedic and practical, commenting, "they think I care about my reputation on a fucking American server," his organization felt otherwise. They removed Jokerd from Method in a statement that concluded with, "On behalf of Method, I want to apologize to our fans, sponsors, and community. We feel let down by his behavior, just as many of you are."

Even after the dismissal, Jokerd feels completely unapologetic about the entire ordeal, shown very clearly in his follow-up stream in which he played "Hoes Mad" by Famous Dex. When asked, "Was it worth it?" Jokerd replied with, "Probably."

Source: Twitter, Twitch

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