Journey Is Coming To PC Next Week, Will Be Part Of Epic Mega Sale

Journey, a former Sony PlayStation exclusive, is coming to PC next week as an Epic Games Store exclusive for the price of $4.99 thanks to the Epic Mega Sale.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive will be releasing the game on June 6 and has optimized the performance for 4K, making this the most impressive-looking version of the game yet. It has been seven years since its first launch on the PS3 and four since its re-release in 2015 on the PS4.

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For those not familiar with the game, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The game is relatively short and has been jokingly described as a “walking simulator,” with elements of exploration and puzzle platformers.

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It also looks fantastic. Every scene that appears in Journey looks like a piece of art. The soundtrack is also one of the best, blending atmosphere and human emotion effortlessly. However, that is all we will say of the game because, like The Matrix, no one can be told what Journey is. Instead, you have to experience it for yourself.

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This is a big move for Epic Games. Journey has brand recognition and countless fans who bought it once in 2012, again in 2015, and will likely buy it again now.

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Perhaps more importantly, Epic Games is putting Steam on notice, upping the stakes by enticing users who may be devoted to Valve after years of use.

Would Journey have made the transition from PlayStation exclusive to 4k optimized PC port without Epic Games looking to attract new consumers? Perhaps, but we can't be too sure. One thing that is certain, however, is that Epic Games is being bold and driving competition, which is great for gamers.

Meanwhile, Steam should take note and perhaps try out a similar approach. Though there is nothing wrong with Steam, it doesn't seem to have much innovation at the moment and seems to be growing a bit stale.

Journey will arrive on the Epic Games Store on June 6 and will available for $14.99, which will be reduced to $4.99 until the sale ends on June 13.

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