Judgment: Where To Find The Explosives Hidden By The Mad Bomber

Judgment Bomb Cover

Judgment is a game that has its share of wacky sidequests, including one where the player has to chase a wig that has been blown off the head of a celebrity, as well as one where a trio of perverts is accosting women and it's up to the player to take on foes with names like Ass Catchem or the Panty Professor.

One of the serious missions in Judgment (at least in the beginning) involves the main character receiving mysterious phone calls from a person who has planted bombs around Kamurocho and only gives vague clues as to where they may be.

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There are three bomb missions in Judgment, and they can all be completed during the early chapters of the game. In order to initiate them, the player needs to seek out the side quests on the Kamurocho map that have question marks for their name.

The First Bomb

The first clue is, "You'll find it in the angel of the warrior's maze".

In order to find this bomb, the player needs to travel to the Champion District and visit the bar called Earth Angel. A cutscene will play showing the bomb being defused if the player reaches the right location on time.

The Second Bomb

The clue for the second bomb is, "There is an ox inside the inn".

In order to find the second bomb, the player needs to head to Akashimaru located in the Hotel District. A cutscene will play showing the bomb being defused if the player reaches the correct location on time.

The Third Bomb

The clue for the third and final bomb is, "The pigeon coos among the cherry blossoms."

The third bomb can be found in the Poppo Store on Pink Street. A cutscene will play if the player reached the correct location on time.

Once the third bomb has been found, the player will encounter the Mad Bomber and will be given the chance to take them on in a fist fight. The Mad Bomber intends to blow himself and the player up, but the timely intervention of Tsukumo results in the bombs being defused.

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