Judgment Has A Subplot Involving A Perverted Version Of Ash Ketchum

There is a series of side cases in Judgment that involve a trio of perverts, and it's up the protagonist to stop them.

Judgment is a strange game that tries to tell a serious story about a serial killer that is related to a huge conspiracy involving organized crime, but it can't help but indulge in some patented Japanese creepiness, with one of the most bizarre quests in the game involving a character named, Ass Catchem.

There is a series of side cases in Judgment that involve a trio of perverts, and it's up the protagonist to stop them. The second member of the trio is Ass Catchem, who uses his track and field skills to quickly escape from the crime scene after grabbing a girl's butt.

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It's up to the player to set a trap for Ass Catchem, which results in him accidentally groping the twin brother of one of the former victims. Once he flees, you have to engage in a chase scene which results in a battle with a shirtless Ass Catchem. He undergoes a power surge which quickly diminishes when you reveal that he accidentally touched a guy's butt.

The addition of a character, named after Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime, was the brainchild of Jon Riesenbach, who is a producer at Sega and is one of the main people responsible for the localization of games such as Judgment, Persona 5and the Yakuza series. Riesenbach talked about how proud he was of the Ass Catchem name on Twitter.

Judgment is a spin-off of the Yakuza series, which means that fans might expect some weird side quests. Those who aren't familiar with the Yakuza series might be surprised by the tonal shifts, as the game goes from trying to tell a serious story into wacky side adventures involving sex pests.

The Ass Catchem mission follows a similar one where the player has to take on a pervert named, Professor Panty, who uses a portable drone to steal women's underwear from their homes. Judgment also features other comedy side missions, such as one where the player has to chase an errant wig that is being propelled down the street by the wind. These are the kinds of side missions that await players in Judgment.

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