July 2017: The 5 Best Games Coming Out Next Month

Summer tends to be pretty light in terms of game releases, and this year in particular, all of the big summer titles are releasing in August. July might seem like a month to ignore all of the new releases at first glance, but there are a bunch of games that are adding a nice amount of variety to the gaming landscape. Let's take a look at the top games coming out in July 2017.

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5 Miitopia

After being released in Japan in 2016, Miitopia is finally being released internationally. The player creates Miis as the characters to take on this RPG adventure. These heroes have to find the Demon King, who has been stealing the faces of tons of NPCs throughout the world. While there is some exploration involved, Miitopia focuses on combat and building relationships with other characters. Miitopia will be released worldwide for 3DS on July 28.

4 Fortnite (Early Access)

via: GameSpot

In Fortnite, Epic Games has taken the all too familiar "kill zombies" formula and added several layers to it to make it unique. There are different classes (Outlander, Soldier, Ninja, and Constructor) who all have different abilities and upgradeable skill trees. These players will not only have to fend off monsters, but they will have to build their base with materials they find in the world. Fortnite's Early Access program starts July 21 for those who pre-order, and July 25 for those who don't. Epic Games is implementing a Free-to-Play model in 2018.

3 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

It has been over a decade since Final Fantasy XII released for the Playstation 2, and Square Enix is giving it an HD remaster treatment for PS4 (like what they did with Final Fantasy X/X-2)Final Fantasy XII marked a shift in the JRPG series, with a story unlike previous entries and a battle system with elements of real-time combat. Newcomers and long-time fans will be able to play Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on July 11, only on PS4.

2 Pyre

via: Supergiant Games

The creators behind Bastion and Transistor are back with a new party-based RPG, Pyre. Players travel through a "vast, mystical purgatory," experiencing a branching storyline and a three-on-three battle system. Along with the game's single-player mode, Supergiant Games has added a local two-player Versus Mode to test abilities and character combinations against friends. Pyre will be released for PS4 and PC on July 25.

1 Splatoon 2

via: Nintendo Wire

With the summer typically being a drought for new releases, this is a great time for Nintendo to release their biggest Switch game of the summer, Splatoon 2 (sorry, Arms). Evolving their kid-to-squid multiplayer shooter, Splatoon 2 expands the original's ideas in almost every way. There are new guns, new game types, a single-player mode, and a wave-based horde mode titled Salmon Run. Splatoon 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

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