Jump Force DLC Leaked, Fans Not Happy About It

(UPDATE: Kaiba was officially announced!)

Get ready to jump for joy if you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan, and cry if you’re a YuYu Hakusho fan. Jump Force’s nine DLC characters have allegedly been leaked. The good news: Madara, All Might, and other popular characters are on the way. The bad news: there’s no Hiei. The snubbing of the popular YuYu Hakusho character, and really any character from a less-mainstream anime series, has a lot of fans irate over their early DLC pass purchase. And a good amount of that hate has unfairly been targeted at a perfectly good character: Biscuit Von Krueger.

Of course, one has to verify a leak before one makes assumptions based on it. What kind of reasonable fan would complain based on nothing but hearsay?

The leak comes courtesy of SergioM3, a Youtuber who has been modding and datamining anime games for years now. He’s played around with Jump Force since it was in beta, making him someone the game’s community listens to. After the 1.03 patch was dropped, he released a video claiming to have found the names of nine new characters in the code. There just happens to be nine characters planned for DLC.

The characters he found are:

All Might (My Hero Academia), Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Buu (Dragon Ball)

Law (One Piece), Grimmjow (Bleach), Madara (Naruto)

Bakugou (My Hero Academia), Biscuit (Hunter x Hunter), and Toshiro (Bleach)

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While many of these characters were expected, fans were particularly shocked by Biscuit's inclusion. She doesn't quite fit the pattern established by the rest of the Jump Force roster, or even this supposed DLC in particular. The characters on this list tend to be major antagonists in their series, such as Madara, or longtime rivals like Bakugou and Kaiba. Others are just really popular with fans, like All Might and Toshiro.

There's no denying Biscuit seems like an odd duck here. She can't be considered a villain in any way, she shows up rather late in the series, and she doesn't rank as high in popularity as other Hunter x Hunter characters. Even so, she's still an amazing inclusion. She's got a sassy personality, and her power is going from an adorable youthful form to a super buff adult one. Weirdly funny yet still seriously powerful? That sounds like quintessential Hunter x Hunter.

via: Hunterpedia

But many fans don't want quintessential Hunter x Hunter. They'd rather have major villains from the series, or characters from other series entirely. Because of this, when SergioM3 revealed the leaked characters, poor Biscuit took a lot of flak.

Meanwhile, on the Jump Force subreddit, the community has a very strong attachment to Hiei from YuYu Hakusho. The fact that Biscuit supposedly made it over that one specific character inspired a lot of posts.

Some even believe that Biscuit's inclusion is the work of those evil SJW feminists.

Again, though, it's worth noting that these leaks might not even be real. SergioM3 himself gives a disclaimer that they could be placeholder names, subject to change at any time. I for welcome Biscuit as my new main, but will wait for an official announcement. Jump Force's first DLC is scheduled for May.

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