Jump Force Finally Added Kaiba, All Might, And Bisky - But Only If You Have The Character Pass

Jump Force Seto Kaiba All Might Biscuit Cover

The first three of nine planned DLC characters for Jump Force are now available, but only to those who purchased the Character Pass. The people who wish to buy the characters individually (or just don't want to buy the Character Pass) will have to wait another few days.

The first DLC character announced for Jump Force was Seto Kaiba, who is the rival of Yugi Muto in Yu-Gi-Oh! Like Yugi, Kaiba has the power to summon his signature monsters to the battlefield to fight on his behalf, which includes the likes of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor.

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All Might is one of the greatest heroes in the world of My Hero Academia. The people in the world of My Hero Academia develop superpowers over time (known as "Quirks"), but All Might uses a special Quirk called One For All, which is passed from wielder to wielder. The power of One For All grants All Might unmatched strength, speed, and durability.

Biscuit "Bisky" Krueger is a member of the Hunter's Organization in Hunter x Hunter and is one of the closest allies of Gon and Killua. Biscuit might look like an ordinary young girl, but her mastery of Nen has given her enhanced strength and speed. Biscuit can also use her Nen powers to transform into a massive muscular woman who can beat the crap out of her enemies.

Bandai Namco had originally intended to reveal the DLC characters for Jump Force one by one in a similar manner to the Super Smash Bros. series in order to drum up hype, but the names of all of the planned characters were hidden in the files of the game and were discovered through datamining. The entire roster of DLC characters has now been officially released and the remaining six characters will be Hitsugaya from Bleach, Majin Buu (the good version) from Dragon Ball, Bakugou from My Hero Academia, Trafalgar Law from One Piece, Grimmjow from Bleach, and Madara Uchiha from Naruto, who will all be made available to download in the future.

Seto Kaiba, Biscuit Krueger, and All Might are available in Jump Force to Character Pass holders right now and will be available to everyone else May 28, 2019.

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