Jump Force Is Saved, Gets Patch To Fix Loading Screens

Jump Force, the fun-but-flawed anime fighter, just got a little patch that goes a long way. The patch doesn't add any new items, characters, or modes. It doesn't include some line of code that leaks one of the game's nine DLC fighters. All it does is make the game run faster. But honestly, that's the greatest thing that can happen to Jump Force right now.

The patch, labeled 1.03, is live on PC and PS4. Xbox players will have to wait a little longer. The patch notes are short but sweet, as outlined by this Reddit post.

      -Shortened loading time.

      -Added feature to skip event cinematic.

      -Added Notice Boards

      -Adjusted Battle Part

      -Improved game stability.

Of most interest to Jump Force players right now is the first point, "shortened loading time." One look at the Jump Force subreddit shows that a lot of players, even the biggest fans of the game, were not happy with the ever-present loading screens that stayed well past their welcome. Even the simple act of changing your custom character's shoes prompted a lengthy loading screen.

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Thankfully, developer Spike Chunsoft made sure to get the patch out quickly, less than a week after the games February 15th release. The devs also took the time to include an option to skip cutscenes. That feature is already a must-have in modern games but of particular use in Jump Force, where the story is full of rough animations and bland dialogue.

Overall this sends a positive message to Jump Force fans. By addressing one of the game's most crippling flaws so quickly, the devs have shown how seriously they intend to support the game post-launch. That means there's hope for other common complaints like the lack of a rematch button in online multiplayer or how Ryo Saeba dominates ranked play.

Looking past the current patch, the game's first DLC has been announced for May. That's still a ways away, but hopefully that means Spike Chunsoft can spend the next three months putting out more quality-of-life updates. Jump Force still has a lot of work to do, but it might just get a chance to reveal its full power.

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