Jump Force: The Story Explained (To Spare You The Pain Of Playing It)

What would happen if you took Goku, perhaps the most iconic anime character of all time, and put him on an Avengers-style team with the likes of Naruto and Yugi Muto? It would probably result in a battle of epic proportions, with flashy light beams and teleporting fighters everywhere. That would definitely be a sight to see, as fantastic, if not better than any summer blockbuster.

Jump Force has flashy attacks and fast fighters, but its story is lacking in other major areas. The stiff animations make it hard to elicit actual feeling, and the dialogue is okay at best. It's better to avoid the campaign if you can, and stick to the game's fun multiplayer battles. But if you really need to know what the story of Jump Force is, scroll on.

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So That's It? We Some Kinda Jump Force?

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Times Square is being decimated by Frieza and a group of possessed minions called Venoms. Just as Goku arrives on the scene to fight them, Frieza notices you. He ends your life with a single Death Beam. As you bleed out, Trunks appears, believing that the only way to save your life is to transform you into a hero. That act prompts you to create your own custom character.

You learn about Umbras Cubes, one of which Trunks put inside you to revive you. It gives you the power to fight like an anime character, but the villains are doing the same thing to create an army of creatures called Venoms. You fight off a group of Venoms, giving Frieza time to retreat.

Trunks and Goku take you back to Umbras Base. There you are introduced to Luffy and Naruto, as well as Glover. Glover is the director of the Jump Force, a group of heroes from both Jump comics and the real world who have come together to stop the interdimensional threat of the Venoms. You are invited to join them due to your newfound powers.

Meanwhile, the villains Kane and Galena discuss their plan to create a large enough Venom army to destroy the real world.

On The Job Training

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Your first mission is to investigate Planet Namek. You find Venoms there, but also Vegeta of Dragon Ball fame. He is corrupted by an Umbras Cube, something no one thought was possible. It was previously assumed only evil people could become a Venom. Vegeta returns to normal and even joins Jump Force after you defeat him. You are given two missions: collect Umbras Cubes by defeating Venoms and rescue possessed Jump heroes.

After you rescue a few more heroes, you run into Light Yagami, holder of the Death Note. He claims to be an ordinary human and ally of the Jump Force, but you can see the shinigami Ryuk floating near him. Ryuk asks Light if that makes you dangerous to them, and Light elects to leave you be, for now.

You receive an SOS from Gaara. He tracked Kane to Asia and tried to assassinate him, but failed and needs backup. Naruto rushes to the scene with you in tow, and you find out that Kane can now use Umbras Cubes to clone the Jump villains. Using some mysterious book, he creates a squad of clones to attack Naruto, who ends up being saved by Gaara. Naruto, in turn, saves Gaara, showing Kane the power of teamwork. Kane scoffs at this and leaves.

Clones, Clones, Clones

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In light of recent events, Glover wants you to join Luffy's team to investigate the book Kane used to make cube clones. Your investigation leads to a woman who happens to be carrying Kane's book. Her name is Angela, and she has no memory of why she has the book or who she is. You rescue her and take her back to Umbras Base to keep her safe and study the book.

As Angela gets settled, more and more clones of Jump villains appear all over the world. You team up with Goku to take on Venoms in Mexico, only to discover that the clones are getting stronger. Even Super Saiyan Goku can barely defeat them. You are isolated from the others and forced to fight Frieza on your own. You manage to hold him off until reinforcements arrive, causing everyone to realize just how much of a threat you're becoming. This includes Kane and Galena.

Galena finally makes herself known, corrupting Piccolo and Ichigo with cubes. This leads to the revelation that even the good guys can get possessed, no matter how strong their wills. Also that there could be multiple evil books out there. Before you can investigate further, Galena turns more heroes against each other. While you're distracted, Venoms make their way into Umbras Base. They steal all the Umbras Cubes you've been gathering and escape.

A Traitor? Nani!? 

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After the invasion of Umbras Base, Light reveals his suspicion that there's a traitor in Jump Force. His primary suspect is Angela, who seems to have disappeared with Sanji. Luffy can't accept that and goes to find Sanji to prove his innocence. You agree to help.

Your search for Sanji sees you crossing paths with several Jump villains and their replicas. The villains seem to be fully working with Kane, each commanding an army of their own replicas. This makes it so every Jump Force warrior is needed on the battlefield. With everyone gone. Angela comes back with a possessed Sanji.

Light confronts Angela, only to discover that she's really Galena (shocker). She's not even the real Angela, just another replica Galena made based on a random woman. Her plan was to infiltrate Umbras Base and destroy it. Fortunately, Light saw through her plan and set a trap. You corner her and defeat her, which snaps Sanji back to his senses. Sadly, Galena still activates her fake book to destroy part of Umbras Base.

As Galena reports her failure to Kane, Light approaches them. He vouches for Galena, saying he wants to join the bad guys.

Kane's Truth

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As Umbras Base undergoes repairs, you are tasked with tracking Venom activity all over the world. Kane is going around recruiting all of the remaining Jump villains and giving them replicas to cause havoc in all the worlds. To remake the world, he reasons, you have to unmake it. Galena tells you that Kane used to be a human who believed in justice, but the world took his wife and daughter away. That was when he decided to become powerful and remake it.

Kane has become so powerful that no one can defeat him. You finally get to fight him, but he proves too strong for everyone except for Super Saiyan Goku. Kane taunts you because you have to retreat in the end, but your friends remind you how strong you've become.

The truth is, Kane is a puppet to Galena. She serves another master, one that wishes to see the Jump worlds and real-world fuse as one world he can rule. To accomplish this, Galena gave Kane the Onyx Book and encouraged him to spread malice by sowing destruction.

The Real Villain

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You eventually fight Kane again and win. When you do, Glover comes out of nowhere to take Kane's Onyx Book. He reveals his true form as Prometheus. Umbras Base is his homeworld, and he was the one commanding Galena to manipulate Kane and fuse the worlds. He leaves her to deal with you so he can complete his plan.

Galena decides to play with you by releasing replicas all over the world. One of them is actually her, and you have to find and defeat her. Light takes over as Jump Force's leader, sending everyone in teams to battle the replicas. Whichever one you find is the wrong one, as Sanji redeems himself by getting the real Galena. But he'd never attack a lady, so he lets Galena beat him up until you get there. Sadly for Galena, Prometheus was using her as well. Now that she's fulfilled her purpose of stalling you, he absorbs her into the Onyx Book.

You chase Prometheus to his lair to find a machine full of floating comic panels. Prometheus explains that he is a Keyman, a race that lives in between the real and Jump worlds. Their role is to deliver the stories of Jump to humans in the form of comics, to inspire us to live better lives. But Prometheus became frustrated by how humans still complain and lose hope despite all the Keymen do for them. He decided to use his powers to remake the world so that he could rule it as a god and make it better.

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Prometheus takes your cube, robbing you of your powers and giving him what he needs to complete his plan. But you get up to fight anyway. You can't defeat Prometheus without your powers. Who should show up then but Kane, assisted by Light. Kane rips his own Umbras Cube from his chest and gives it to you, telling Prometheus that humans are not to be underestimated.

You fight Prometheus again, but even Kane's powers aren't enough to help you. That's when Goku has an idea. A Spirit Bomb. He has you stall Prometheus while all the other Jump heroes raise their hands and give Goku their energy. But it turns out this bomb isn't meant for destruction. Instead, you absorb the energy, effectively gaining the strength of all the Jump heroes. This gives you the power to defeat Prometheus for good.

With Prometheus defeated, the worlds are saved. And yet...

Light gets his hands on an Umbras Cube. It turns out he always wanted the power to "make the world a better place." You become the new director of Jump Force, with the mission of finding the remaining cubes and the missing Onyx Book.

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