10 Best Jurassic World Evolution Cheats

Jurassic World Evolution is a fun simulation game that allows players to create a massive theme park and populate it with dinosaurs they bioengineer into existence. True to business simulation games, it requires that the player balances the needs of the dinosaurs, employees, and visitors while ensuring everything runs smoothly and the dinosaurs don’t escape.

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However, even in a video game, it can be tough running a business. Some players may wish to be able to focus their attention on that which interests them the most without getting distracted by other things. That’s when cheats come in handy. Take note that the following cheats are only possible on the PC for those who download the Cheat Happens trainer pack.

10 Keep Health Full

Your dinosaurs have a health bar that needs to be maintained for their survival. Things like starvation, thirst, and damage can drain that health bar until your dinosaur is lying in a cold heap in its pen. If you’re properly running your park then this typically isn’t an issue, but escapes and poor management can cause problems.

In that case, you can use the Keep Health Full cheat to replenish their health bar back to 100%. It’s not the most helpful cheat on the list if you know what you’re doing, but it can come in handy.

9 No Hunger Or Thirst Ever

Both your guests and your dinosaurs will need to be fed and have access to water, otherwise, your guests will leave or your dinosaurs will snack on your guests. Each type of dinosaur has it’s own food needs which require some micromanagement and money to sustain. Simultaneously, your guests will need numerous food and drink buildings throughout the park to keep them nourished and satisfied.

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If attending to these voracious dinosaurs and cranky guests are not your idea of a good time, you can use the cheat No Hunger Or Thirst to remove the need to eat or drink and make your job as manager of the park much easier.

8 Completed Research Tree

The game has a lot of things for the player to research and unlock, which take a lot of time and money. The research required to unlock Indominus Rex alone costs $2 million and that's after you’ve done all the prerequisite research that costs millions more.

If you’re wanting to just build everything in the game and have access to all dinosaurs then the cheat to finish all of the research instantly is the way to go. It completely finishes out all the research at no cost and essentially turns the game into a sandbox mode on an island.

7 Finish Fossil Genome Extraction Instantly

In order to construct the various dinosaurs in the game, players must engage in the tedious process of sending expedition teams to locate fossils. Once the fossil is located, the player can extract DNA which allows them to begin the creation process. Unfortunately, the fossils can also be sold for cash, which often needs to happen to keep the park solvent, and it takes multiple fossils and multiple extractions to get the 50% of DNA required to begin incubation.

If that doesn’t sound like your bag then the Finish Fossil Genome Extraction cheat instantly bypasses that whole mechanic by giving you the 50% DNA needed for all dinosaurs.

6 Finish Dinosaur Incubation Instantly

After obtaining the requisite DNA samples to create a dinosaur the player must begin the incubation process which can take quite some time depending on the dinosaur. Considering there is no breeding mechanic in the game as all the dinosaurs are female every single dinosaur in your park will have to go through the incubation process.

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If you want to just build you dinosaur park now without having to wait for the arduous bioengineering process you can activate the cheat Finish Dinosaur Incubation and it will complete whatever incubation process you’ve begun instantly.

5 Unlimited Power

With all the buildings and security features, your power requirements can become enormous. Each powered fence segment you use to keep the dinosaurs away from your guests requires two power per segment if you have a lot of dinosaurs in your park that takes a lot of fencing which means you’ll be building a lot of power stations to keep up with demand and prevent deadly outages.

Alternatively, you can use the Unlimited Power cheat to provide your park with as much power as it needs without any power stations. You’ll never have to worry about outages and you’ll save millions you would have spent building all those power stations.

4 Finish The Dig Timer Instantly

When you want to produce a new dinosaur in the lab you have to send out teams on an expedition to a dig site to retrieve fossils that can either be sold or processed for DNA samples to create dinosaurs. Throughout the game, you’ll be visiting dig sites a lot to gather the raw materials needed to create all the dinosaurs to populate your park and provide yourself with seed money.

If you find yourself getting sick of waiting on the expedition team to finish their work, you can use the Finish Dig Timer cheat to wrap things up and bring them back from the site with their goodies instantaneously. It’s a useful cheat that saves a lot of grinding.

3 Max Department And Mission Reputations

To aid you in your efforts you have three advisors representing different departments namely Science, Entertainment, and Security. Each advisor provides you with missions or contracts that once completed raise your reputation with that advisor and yields nice perks and bonuses.

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However, it can be difficult to keep all three pleased enough to yield the rewards without the others sabotaging your efforts. This cheat comes in handy because it gives you max reputation with all advisors and grants all the bonuses and perks they have to offer. Now you can focus on park building without having to worry about mission runs and disgruntled advisors.

2 Max Money

Money makes the Jurassic World go round. It is your main concern and priority while playing the game. It’s needed to build facilities, conduct research, build the dinosaurs, settle legal fees when someone gets eaten and more. To keep your park running and growing you must be creating new revenue streams and sticking to a budget to avoid going in the red.

Unless you use the Max Money cheat which will instantly fill your coffers with the most money you can have in the game which is $999,999,999. It’s an incredibly useful cheat you will likely only have to use once or maybe twice if you’re really bad with money.

1 Perfect Island Rating

This is probably the most useful cheat on the list as Island Ratings can be very finicky and difficult to raise at times, especially if you’re on a difficult island like Isla Pena. Getting a perfect rating naturally requires a variety of healthy and happy dinosaurs, satisfied guests, good safety facilities, and minimal deaths.

If you find yourself having trouble on a particular island and can’t get that four-star rating to progress then you can use the Perfect Island Rating cheat to give yourself five stars and move on.

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