Jurassic World Evolution Developer Thanks Its Dinosaurs For "Substantial Growth" In Annual Revenue

Not only is it a great time to be a fan of the simulation genre in video games, apparently, it is also paying off to be a simulation genre game developer.

Frontier Developments - the studio responsible for Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster, and Elite Dangerous - estimates that the company’s annual revenue for 2019 will increase by more than double what it was in 2018.

The statement comes from an update to investors released by Frontier Developments, in which the studio states that it expects to hit £89 million in annual revenue for 2019, compared to 2018’s amount of £34.2 million.

Why such a massive bump in revenue? Dinosaurs.

via Frontier Developments

The studio credits Jurassic World Evolution for hitting such a substantial revenue amount. Frontier Developments is also expected to announce an operating profit margin of around 21% for the 2019 financial year when it releases its report this September, an increase from 2018's 8%.

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"We have had our best ever year in terms of our financial performance, which is a testament to the skill and hard work of our amazing team, our strategy of nurturing our titles post-launch over many years, and to the ongoing support of our worldwide communities of players,” Chief Executive, David Braben, said.

“We are really excited about delivering our next game, Planet Zoo, later this year. The reception we have had from the community has been excellent and we are looking forward to introducing them to the most authentic animals in video game history. Our development roadmap is looking really good. We are also making great progress with our Frontier Publishing initiative, with our first partnership announced last week, with highly experienced developers Haemimont Games. We are in an excellent position for the future."

You can say what you will about simulation games, but it’s clear that games like Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster, and more - including one of Steam’s hottest selling DLCs for American Truck Simulator - are more than a lucrative endeavor for game studios. Even tabletop games are benefitting from simulation games such as Cities: Skylines.

It’s probably safe to believe that not too many people expected the genre to have such an impact on gamers and the industry as a whole. But, life… uh… finds a way.

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