Sorry If You Paid Full Price: Just Cause 4 And Hitman 2 Are Already On Sale On Steam

In need of some last minute holiday shopping deals? As always, Steam has you covered.

The annual Steam Winter Sale is underway, chock-full of gaming deals for your loved ones or (more likely) yourself.

The sale will run until 10AM Pacific time on January 3rd, 2019, with three digital items being rewarded to Steam users each day of the sale. Digital items include in-game and community items, such as Steam Profile Backgrounds and Emoticons from certain participating games, along with various other sale-specific collectables known as “knick-knacks,” similar to the trading cards that were rewarded last year.

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To claim the daily rewards, Steam users will need to visit Steam’s Extremely Cozy Cottage and click on each day’s “door,” which resembles that of a Christmas Advent calendar. No need to worry about missing out if you can’t log in each day, either. Users will be able to open all of the previous days’ doors - of which there will be a total of 14 - as long as they do so before the sale ends.

The sale includes some notable recent big-name releases, such as Hitman 2 and Just Cause 4.

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For reference, Hitman 2 came out on November 13th, and is already on sale for $37.79 USD. That is an impressive 37%-off of the regular price. Just Cause 4, on the other hand, came out on December 4th, and is already marked down by 20% to $47.99.

Obviously, the newer titles that are on sale now will likely see decreases in price the further into 2019 we get. However, if you are wanting to play games like Hitman 2 or Just Cause 4 sooner, now may be the best time to do so.

Even more impressive is Far Cry 5’s sale price, which comes in at 60%-off. Why not prep for the upcoming Far Cry: New Dawn game by playing through the events that lead up to the apocalypse? It would certainly at least be enough to get you through the holidays.

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