Just Married: 25 Of Our Favorite Video Game Characters Tying The Knot

Love is when two people are bound together by a special bond. If it is very strong, then they would do anything to make each other happy. One way is to tie the knot for two people to form an oath stronger than titanium. Marriage might not be for everyone, but the love one feels is undeniable to a special someone.

Video game characters can experience love in their own ways. Some might not even come close to having romantic relationships, but we still wonder what they would look like if they were to get married. Whether it’d be wedding dresses or tuxedos, video game characters would look absolutely beautiful depicted on their wedding day. Imagining where the wedding will take place, the theme or anything, in particular, makes us sigh hopelessly.

Being prepared for a wedding can be nerve-wracking since two people saying, “I do,” will be the most pivotal moment of their lives. Some of the video game characters on here might not have anything to do with romance, but if they were to find love, then we’d hope that they would be very happy with the love of their life. Characters that have some sort of relationship with each other are definitely going to have fan art of fanfiction or being in love, but it’s rare to have them get married! Luckily, we have found some very sweet pictures of characters getting ready for the big day.

Here are some fan-favorite video game characters tying the knot!

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25 Legendary Bride

via: sollyz.deviantart.com

League of Legends has a variety of lovely ladies and Ahri is no exception. She is one of the best kitsunes in pop culture and it’s no wonder why she is beloved by many fans. As a bride, Ahri would certainly be a foxy one, and yes, we do mean that.

Sollyz depicts her as a joyous and beautiful one. The dress matches her nine tails very gracefully that if no one has seen a kitsune before, they would be amazed just by how mysterious and out of this world she is.

24 East Meets West

via: lnmdavrefia1925.tumblr.com

This popular Overwatch pairing came out of nowhere, but we can’t help but think that Hanzo and McCree look adorable together. The awesome fan art by lnmdavrefia1925 emphasizes the cuteness of McHanzo! These two come from different backgrounds and their ultimates are the ones that would make people quiver in fear.

Both Hanzo and McCree come from bad pasts where they regretted what they did. To make it up for their past sins, they fight for redemption. So while there is no way these two will be canon, the two of them getting married is a cute thought.

23 Extraterrestrial Bond

via: reddit.com

Mass Effect is known for the romance system to where it leads to some steamy scenes. There are many options of who your Shepard can end up with and watch the relationship grow throughout the trilogy. One of the most beloved characters in the series is Garrus Vakarian.

His relationship with female Shepard is one of the strongest in the series.

Since these two are popular, fan art of them is everywhere. Their wedding would be very beautiful and heartwarming, thanks to the depiction by Chris Rusche. Other than Garrus, who else do you like paired up with Commander Shepard?

22 Bounty Hunting Bride

via: sonicknight007.deviantart.com

Samus Aran is one of the coolest female protagonists in gaming. As a bride though? She might look very beautiful, but she is the least likely to become one due to a lack of love interests. Then again, Metroid is more about Samus and her adventures as a bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Regardless, Samus knows how to look great in a wedding dress thanks to SonicKnight007’s fan art. While looking somewhat annoyed, don’t let her delicacy fool you. Her training with the Chozo can make her capable to fight even in the toughest of attires.

21 Cyborg In Love

via: raphire.deviantart.com

Nier: Automata quickly became one of the most beloved games in the eighth generation of consoles and we have to agree. One of the best elements in the game are the characters. 2B not only has a beautiful design, but her character is really strong along with her wonderful voice acting.

2B as a bride leaves us breathless and amazed.

Raphire’s art of this android makes us wonder who she is getting married to. The most common answer would have to be 9S due to their amazing chemistry, but A2 is another popular choice in pairing with 2B.

20 Tomboyish Princess And Her Sweetie

via: uroad7.deviantart.com

Here’s the first duo in the Mario Bros. series! Luigi and Daisy are that kind of couple that just look good together from the start. They have a lot of times where when playing sports or party games, their names as a duo are rather sweet.

They can be known as the “Steady Sweeties” or the “Tango Tanglers.”

These two are more likely to end up together faster than Mario and Peach, and that is saying a lot. Uroad7’s cute art of these two getting hitched has to be one of the sweetest drawings the Mario fandom has to offer.

19 Life Is Beautiful

via: facebook.com/afterlaughsarts

Life is Strange features Max Caulfield as she goes back to her hometown of Arcadia Bay to attend Blackwell Academy to become a photographer. Along the way, she gained powers to control time thanks to saving Chloe’s life from Nathan Prescott.

We grow to feel for these girls as they rekindle their friendship after Max moved to Seattle after Chloe’s father’s tragic passing. It is possible that if the player chooses, Max and Chloe could end up as a couple. For them to get married would make two lonely souls very happy, as seen in this lovely fan art by Afterlaughs.

18 Hearts Going Doki Doki

via: sen-jou.tumblr.com

If a poem can express feelings of love, then Doki Doki Literature Club features four girls who would excel in it. This indie horror game took the world by storm with its amazing concept of messing with the game files in real life. Even if these four girls might not end up with the player, seeing them in wedding garb is still beautiful.

Would you prefer the sweet tsundere Natsuki, the childhood friend Sayori, the shy bookworm Yuri, or just Monika? Whoever you pick, Sen-jou certainly made these four girls undeniably gorgeous. Our hearts can’t help but go doki doki.

17 Bittersweet Reunion

via: pixiv.com

Be prepared for the feels, because there will be a few Final Fantasy entries that depict characters getting married. While the fan art done by Arara from Pixiv is very sweet, we can’t help but be heartbroken for these two. Zack and Aerith are a tragic couple that did not get enough time together and it hurts.

Depicting them get married is a huge hit in the feels.

They could have been a beautiful couple if they lived on, but sadly it was not meant to be. Hopefully, they are happy together in the afterlife and will always watch over Cloud and his friends.

16 Nobodies With Hearts

via: annria2002.deviantart.com

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most beloved video games ever. A mixture of Disney, Final Fantasy, and original characters managed to become one of the best concepts in video games period. The story is beyond confusing, but the lore and characters make up for it.

Roxas and Naminé are the Nobodies of Sora and Kairi respectively, and they managed to not only be memorable characters, but they are a sweet pairing. Annria2002’s art might have them getting a little bit intimate, but we can’t help but smile at how cute they are. Someday, we’ll see more of them in Kingdom Hearts III.

15 A Thousand Words

via: animekiran.deviantart.com

Final Fantasy X might not have been the first game to feature a canon couple, but there’s no denying how memorable Tidus and Yuna are as one. Even with their cheesy laughing, these two are one of the most endearing and sweetest couples in video game history.

Yuna almost ended up married to the villain Seymour, but thankfully the wedding got interrupted.

Animekiran's art of these two might be simple, but it is cute nonetheless. Whenever Yuna and Tidus get married, it would be the one wedding any Final Fantasy fan would go crazy for. Maybe Yuna would even sing Tidus “One Thousand Words” again like in the sequel.

14 Pilots In Love

via: foxsnout45.deviantart.com

Okay, we are cheating a little on this entry since it is Fox McCloud proposing to Krystal. However, ever since Krystal’s debut in Star Fox Adventures, a lot of fans have been pairing these two up. Fox certainly fell for her ever since he stepped into Krazoa Palace. We got hints of them liking each other in the next game Star Fox Assault and every mention of these two being a couple makes us giggle.

Foxsnout45’s fan art of Fox proposing to Krystal is one of the most adorable pictures we have seen. Since Star Fox Command features possible endings, it was nice to give these two an ending where they eventually get married and start a family.

13 Unlikely, But Lovely

via: ladystarkennedy.deviantart.com

Out of all the entries, Resident Evil is the last game you expect to have any form of romance, but fans managed to pair up iconic characters in this survival horror franchise. Leon Kennedy is insanely beloved along with Ada Wong. It’s also no surprise as to how many fans pair these two up.

Perhaps they might be endgame due to their time working together. Ladystarkennedy’s fan art looks too good to be true. Maybe once Raccoon City is eradicated for good, Leon and Ada might give love a try and have a beautiful wedding like this.

12 Their Sanctuary

via: kittycatkissu.deviantart.com

Hey look, another beloved Kingdom Hearts pair! This time, Sora and Kairi are in the middle of getting married with Mickey being the ordained minister. Being friends since childhood, these two are like two peas in a pod and their friendship is incredibly powerful.

The idea of marrying at the place where the two met is just beautiful.

KittyCatKissu captures the spirit of the characters with a peaceful and romantic vibe. We don’t know what will become of these two once the troubles are dealt with, but we hope that they will wound up becoming a couple in the end.

11 Ideals And Truths

via: kurachan90.deviantart.com

Pokémon might not have romance, but that doesn’t stop fans from creating ships where they are just plain adorable. The fifth generation female protagonist Hilda has a more interesting man in the game she appears in, and the ship is insanely popular.

In Pokémon Black & White, with N, the game’s recurring “antagonist,” these two are paired as FerrisWheelShipping. Is it the fact that they both have ponytails? Or perhaps how the name came to be when they were riding a Ferris wheel together? If the two were to end up married, then this fan art by KuraChan90 is just the way they would dress.

10 The Prince And His Oracle

via: sakimichan.deviantart.com

Final Fantasy XV had been in development for a decade that it felt like a dream when the game finally released. Noctis and his friends make the game feel like a coming of age story, and with his betrothed Lunafreya, it was nice to see a relationship that is not forced or thrown in your face.

Sakimichan is the master of her craft, showing Luna and Noctis in a beautiful moment together.

Luna’s wedding dress is beautiful and suits her very well. Noctis might not be in a groom’s garb, but his black clothing makes up for it. Our hearts are swelling from the events of this amazing game.

9 Wonderful Day In Edenia

via: ninassasin.deviantart.com

Mortal Kombat might be a game where violence is over-the-top, but it also features some characters that show romantic feelings towards the other. One of the more popular pairings in this fighting game franchise would have to be Liu Kang and Kitana. Despite being from Earthrealm and Edenia respectively, these two formed a caring and wonderful kinship.

Ninassasin displays the two as they would not only be husband and wife, but also the king and queen of Edenia. In the current timeline, we don’t know if these two will be saved, but we absolutely hope that these two will be happy together.

8 Never See It Coming

via: ikanote.deviantart.com

There is just something about the Persona characters that make us relate to them. Persona 5 does that so well and the characters we grow bonds with as the protagonist makes us wish they were real. Makoto Nijima may look bold, confident, and a genius, but she has an inferiority complex.

And yet, that makes us love her more.

Ikanote gives us some pleasant fan art of Makoto in a wedding dress, which makes her look confident and pretty. Players that choose to romance this amazing girl certainly were impressed and very pleased.

7 A Dream Come True

via: vanabananasplit.deviantart.com

If there was an iconic duo that just had to be on here, it’s obviously Mario and Princess Peach. Peach has been such a tease to Mario that it makes us feel bad. Even though she doesn’t seem to share the same feelings as Mario, she certainly appreciates him for risking his life to save her.

Perhaps a change of heart can make these two become an official couple. VanaBananaSplit has made these two look endearing and Peach seems happy to finally take Mario’s hand in marriage. Maybe finally Peach can become queen with the help of marrying Mario.

6 Classic Couple

via: pinterest.com

Even the classic video game characters get to tie the knot. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are easily the OG video game couple that has lasted for nearly forty years. That is as long as a strong marriage right there! While they are not real, we know that these two are very iconic for being one of the classic arcade games back in the 80s.

This wonderful fan art gives a classic theme and it works out so perfectly.

Video games would just not be the same if it weren’t for Pac-Man and his beloved Ms. Pac-Man. May they last forever.

5 Stunning Witch

via: blossomppg.deviantart.com

If we’re being honest, Bayonetta is not the ideal video game character for marriage, but she can pull off any wedding dress without fail. As an Umbra Witch, she is certainly not pure as a bride, the looks she gives are absolutely gorgeous. BlossomPPG knew what she was doing in creating Bayonetta in a wedding dress.

If she were to marry someone, it could be Luka, but hey, she’d look good with anyone in the games she’s in. Even as a bride, you don’t mess with a witch.

4 The Prince And Me

via: pixiv.com

Fire Emblem Awakening saved the series from their demise and we were fortunate to keep an amazing franchise from Nintendo. While it was not the first to introduce the marriage system, the game feature sparked a lot of attention from old and new fans alike, but with different reactions.

The avatar Robin can marry anyone of the opposite gender, and here we have female Robin with the main lord of the series Chrom. The Ylissean prince and his tactician do look stunning together with the help of Fukune’s cute art. Their bond is stronger than fate.

3 Hyrule's Gorgeous Bride

via: naryu-leen.deviantart.com

One of the most popular pairings in Nintendo is without a doubt, Zelda and Link. Zelda at first might seem like a damsel-in-distress, but her role is vital since the series is named after her. She helps Link whenever she can and we all know how awesome he is. Link might not say much, but his impact as a playable character is undeniable.

These two are closer in Skyward Sword, but they still haven’t kissed yet!

Their wedding would not only be super romantic, but it would shake the fandom by storm. Naryu-Leen excels in making this amazing pairing fantastic.

2 Healing Vision

via: madgamer2k7.deviantart.com

Mercy from Overwatch is one of the most gorgeous video game characters to date. As a support hero, she is easily the most popular due to her incredible utility such as reviving a teammate after they fell in battle. There are a lot of pairings that involve her, such as with Pharah, Genji, Soldier 76, and more.

From this fan art by Madgamer2k7 , she could be marrying any of them.

Fans like to pair her up with Pharah because they are a dangerous duo in battle. Genji is a very popular choice due to their shared history and voice lines. So, who would you like to see get married to Mercy?

1 From Childhood To Adulthood

via: suaveli.deviantart.com

Final Fantasy VII makes an appearance yet again, only this time with Cloud and Tifa. These two have been childhood friends and went through a lot of hardships together. Even though Cloud ends up falling in love with Aerith, Tifa remains kind and loyal to Cloud. Due to Aerith’s unfortunate passing, we feel for Cloud, as did Tifa.

Through thick and thin, it would be no surprise if these two end up together.

Their wedding picture gives a nostalgic outlook with Suaveli’s wonderful details. It might not show a lot of Cloud and Tifa, but it carries a sentimental feeling.

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