Karate Champ Is On The Nintendo Switch Now, For Some Reason

Nintendo continues to dig deep for its Switch line-up by bringing Karate Champ to its Arcade Archives series.

Nintendo continues to dig deep to add to the growing list of Nintendo Switch games with its newest addition - the obscure (yet innovative) Karate Champ. Nintendo likes to pull from long-forgotten archives to add to its latest console and the inclusion of Karate Champ helps to solidify that nothing can be left behind when it comes to the Switch.

Karate Champ is a one or two player fighting game and was released back in 1984. It helped to popularize and establish the popular genre of one-on-one fighting games. At the time of its release, it featured 24 different moves available to the player, an impressive number for its time. Of course, fighting games have involved significantly since then, but Karate Champ's legacy is a driving force behind the genre's explosion in popularity.

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Karate Champ has predominantly been an arcade game for the majority of its history, getting a few ports along the way. The game will make its way back to Nintendo after being ported to the NES in 1986. The Nintendo Switch version will be the first time the game is on a Nintendo Console since that initial port.

Despite being almost 35 years old, the game is $7.99 to buy. It's a fairly cheap purchase but gives players a chance to experience one of the pioneers of modern-day fighting games. Karate Champ is the newest addition to the "Arcade Archives" series for the Switch, a series that seeks to faithfully reproduce some classic arcade masterpieces from a time long since past.

Nintendo's approach to the game line-up for Switch has been impressive. Alongside new, amazing games, the company has ported an extensive amount of fan favorites from over the years. These also include legendary games from a time before consoles dominated the gaming industry. All this adds to a varied experience for any user of the Nintendo Switch and one that will help sustain the newest Nintendo Console for years to come. At a low price-tag, there isn't much risk involved when trying out some of these incredible pieces of gaming history.

Karate Champ is now available to download on the Nintendo Switch.

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