Katy Perry Is Now Canon In Final Fantasy - But Will She Fight In Dissidia...

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is including singer Katy Perry in a crossover event, featuring an original song by her.

Masahiro Sakurai claimed at E3 that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the biggest crossover in video game history. Little did he know that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was going to challenge that claim by adding Katy Perry in a crossover event.

The monumental crossover between the Final Fantasy series and a pop star was announced via a trailer on YouTube, which showed Katy Perry being digitized and transported into the game in a manner not dissimilar to Captain N.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will also feature an original song by Katy Perry called "Immortal Flame" which can be heard in the trailer.

When the Katy Perry event begins, you will be able to add multiple versions of the pop star to your team as a playable character, one of which is wearing the blue dress seen in the trailer.


Katy Perry's appearance in a Final Fantasy game also makes her a candidate to appear in future Dissidia games, where she could fight the likes of Cloud and Squall by threatening to kiss their love interests and liking it.

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Katy Perry isn't the only pop star to who have appeared in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, as Ariana Grande had previously appeared in the game in 2017, which involved an orchestral remix of her song "Touch It". Those who accessed Brave Exvius during the limited time of Ariana Grande's crossover event were able to use four different versions of the pop star as a character.

It's strange that Square Enix is using famous pop stars in crossovers for one of their Final Fantasy mobile games, as Brave Exvius is a fan service game for long-time Final Fantasy fans who want to be able to use the classic characters. There really isn't much to attract fans of pop music to a game like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, as the game is meant to appeal to the hardcore Final Fantasy audience and not a casual mobile audience.

The Katy Perry event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will begin on Wednesday, December 12th.

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