Kevin Conroy Confirms New Batman Game, But Won't Be Returning

Fans of Batman: The Animated Series, as well as the Arkham game franchise, will be disappointed to hear that one of Batman's most iconic voice actors won't be returning for the next Batman video game.

A large portion of fans view Kevin Conroy as the definitive voice of The Caped Crusader. When they imagine the character intimidating criminals as they hang upside down, or trying to charm the citizens of Gotham as Bruce Wayne, it's Conroy's voice that they hear in their heads. Yet, it seems like WB Montreal doesn't share the same sentiment as he's confirmed that he won't be featured in their next, potentially Owl-related title.

via Warner Bros.

In an interview with JOE, when Conroy was asked if he would be reprising his most famous role, he stated plainly that he would not, and he had no idea why. It's not clear if it's anything directly related to Conroy himself, or maybe WB Montreal just wants to go in a different direction. Regardless, it looks like some other stoic, gravelly-voiced actor will be taking up the mantle.

Rumors about the project have been circulating the internet for what seems like years now, but no hard confirmation has been made concerning what it's about, or when it's due to release. The top conspiracy theory is that it may be centered on The Court Of Owls storyline from the comic books, although that's currently only based upon the litany of clues and hints that have trickled out so far.

We also still don't know what Rocksteady is up to either. That company has been radio silent since Batman: Arkham Knight released back in 2015, and it's highly unlikely that they aren't hard at work on some kind of secret project. Rumors of a game based on a totally different DC property were busted up by the developer last year. WB Montreal looks to be taking over the Batman series, which they've dabbled in before with Batman: Arkham Origins. That game was solid yet unremarkable, so let's hope their next attempt is a bit more noteworthy.

Conroy won't be playing The Dark Knight this time, but this pretty much confirms that there is some kind of Batman title coming that we're all still waiting to get the official reveal of. WB Montreal might be trying to build up suspense by being mysterious and vague, we know the game exists, so the silence is just drumming up irritation instead of tension.

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