30 Of Our Favorite Kids Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Villains

The one thing that most kids cartoons can claim to own is a sense of wonder and humor that only an animated film or show can capture. Whether it’s the innocence of the hero of a Disney film, or the hilarious one-liners of your favorite Nickelodeon show, animated kids shows are notorious for inciting positive emotions and feelings when you watch them. Even as adults, we can look back on our childhood and gain a sense of nostalgia and heartwarming emotions as we look back at the cartoons that defined us and our lives. Yet the one emotion we never associate with kids cartoons is fear stemming from a sense of villainy.

What would our memories look like if our favorite kid’s cartoons were villains? Whether it’s an evil version of Wendy from Peter Pan, becoming a swashbuckling pirate, or Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable becoming villainous Dr. Drakken wannabes, imagining these classic cartoon characters as villains is no easy task. Yet thanks to the powerful imagination of some truly talented artists, fans have a chance to see what could have been had roles had been reversed and the beloved characters we all know and love turned out to have a much darker side.

That’s why today we are going to explore thirty amazing fan art photos that showcase classic kids cartoon characters in a completely new and villainous form. Let’s jump right into the thick of it and explore what happens when good turns to the lure of the dark side…

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30 Hiro And Baymax

via tttttengo - DeviantArt

Art via tttttengo - DeviantArt

One of the more recent films Disney produced has to be Big Hero 6. Based on a comic book developed by Marvel Comics. The film version followed a young boy genius named Hiro who, after the tragic loss of his big brother utilizes his brother’s creation, a healing robot named Baymax, to become a crime-fighting hero to find the person responsible for his brother’s loss. Yet, what if his quest for justice had led him to revenge instead, and he and Baymax became much darker and villainous than his film version? That’s what this artist has brought to life.

29 Rapunzel

via mictones - DeviantArt

Art via mictones - DeviantArt.

Disney’s Tangled is a more recent film in the Disney universe that followed the story of Rapunzel. Based on the classic fairytale character, the film followed Rapunzel’s journey to see the sky lights that appear each year on her birthday and ended up going on a journey of discovery instead.

She was the positive, upbeat hero that fans fell in love with instantly, but what if she had stayed in her tower?

What if she’d allowed herself to become something much more villainous, perhaps even a demonic version of herself? That’s what this artist shows us in this amazing piece of art.

28 The Little Mermaid

via Bryan-Lobdell - DeviantArt

Art via Bryan-Lobdell - DeviantArt.

Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid was just a mermaid and princess who dreamed of seeing the world. Seeking the find a way to the surface world to find love and adventure, she made a deal that nearly cost her her father’s kingdom and her very soul. Yet, what if the optimistic princess had let her rage and anger at the sea witch Ursula’s betrayal consume her, allowing the cosmic force known as The Phoenix in Marvel Comics to possess her? You’d get this amazing rendition of Ariel as The Phoenix.

27 Princess Jasmine

via Bryan-Lobdell - DeviantArt

Art via Bryan-Lobdell - DeviantArt.

A fantastic example of a free-thinking and independent woman in Disney films has to be Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. In the film, she seeks adventure, rejects her father’s plans for an arranged marriage, and helps fight the evil Jafar as he attempts to take over the city. Yet, what if she hadn’t leaned towards the fight for good? What if instead she became humanity’s first known mutant, and in Agrabah became the mutant god-like being known as Apocalypse? Agrabah would have had a lot more problems than Jafar to deal with, that’s for sure.

26 Meg

via LadyDeadQuinn - DeviantArt

Art via LadyDeadQuinn - DeviantArt.

This next piece of art doesn’t just imagine a villainous version of a fan favorite character, but switches the roles of that character with the film’s villain entirely.

Meg from Disney’s Hercules was a young woman betrayed by a man who found herself indebted to Hades, lord of the underworld.

Despite being ordered to help Hades destroy Hercules, she found herself falling in love with the hero and helped him stop Hades instead, risking her life in the process. Yet in this fan art, we see a much different Meg, who has become the lord of the underworld herself. This would have been a very dark twist to the story indeed.

25 Stitch And…Grumpy Cat?

via TsaoShin - DeviantArt

Art via TsaoShin - DeviantArt.

A huge fan favorite film in the Disney lineup has to be Lilo and Stitch. The story of a young girl from Hawaii and an escaped alien experiment who find the true meaning of family and love with one another and must fight to hold onto that family is one that fans all around the world instantly fell in love with. Yet, what if Stitch never met Lilo? What if instead, he remained the same dangerous experiment that he was made to be, and went on a destructive alien takeover of the planet with none other than Grumpy Cat, internet sensation?

24 Aladdin

via AgiVega - DeviantArt

Art via AgiVega - DeviantArt.

I think it’s safe to say that in this next fan art photo, you ain’t never had a friend like him. Aladdin is well known for being the “street rat” who saves Agrabah in his self-titled animated film series.

Taking on the might of the evil vizier Jafar and winning the heart of the princess, Aladdin was a charming and selfless hero of the people of the kingdom.

Yet, what if he’d turned out to be a con artist and a liar? What if instead, he was the city’s worst nightmare, using his charm and wit to put himself in the prime position of becoming the next sultan, something Jafar could never have done?

23 Sith Lord Elsa

via pushfighter - DeviantArt

Art via pushfighter - DeviantArt.

When the world was introduced to Disney’s Frozen, they met a young Queen named Elsa who spent her entire life trying to hide her natural ice powers from the world and fled when she was discovered. It took the selfless and powerful love of her sister Anna to help her to accept who she was. Yet, what if she had never felt that love? What if her fear led her to go down the path of the dark side, and eventually use her ice powers to tap into the Force in the Star Wars universe? You’d get one icy Sith Lord.

22 Sith Lord Snow White

via pushfighter - DeviantArt

Art via pushfighter - DeviantArt.

One of the least likely Disney Princess’s to experience the dark side would have to be Snow White. Despite being forced into hiding by an evil queen, having a sleeping curse put on her by ingesting a poisoned apple, and nearly passing away in the process, she managed to keep her spirits high and find love and friendship along the way in her film. Yet, what if all of those trials and tribulations had left the beautiful princess broken and disheartened? Could she have been led to the evils of the Dark Side?

21 Buzz Lightyear

via zorm - DeviantArt

Art via zorm - DeviantArt.

Buzz Lightyear: Star Command. The galactic hero first made his debut in Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, as the action figure who discovered the meaning of friendship and his purpose in life while befriending the leader of Andy’s toys, Sheriff Woody.

Yet what if the discovery that he is nothing more than a toy had driven the hero to villainy?

What if his anger at being so restricted in life left him to become some sort of madman?

20 Arnold And Helga

via Shaami - DeviantArt

Art via Shaami - DeviantArt.

Moving into Nickelodeon territory now, one of the network’s most classic cartoons had to be Hey Arnold! The show focused on your pre-teen Arnold as he went through life helping others and discovering life’s lessons along the way. His football-shaped head and unique cast of characters made him an instant hit with viewers, as did the secret love harbored by class bully Helga for Arnold. What if that love bloomed further down in life, and the two frenemies became instead romantic love interests with a penchant for mad science?

19 SpongeBob SquarePants

via craftofboredom - DeviantArt

Art via craftofboredom - DeviantArt.

One of the easier-going cartoon characters on Nickelodeon has to be SpongeBob SquarePants. The hyper, popular and lovable sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea is one of Nickelodeon’s biggest characters, and yet who is SpongeBob really? In this artist’s depiction, we see a much darker, primer version of the undersea sponge. No longer do we see a burger flipping, jellyfish catching bundle of joy, but instead a gritty and disturbed version of the hero instead.

18 Sith Master Raphael

via halwilliams - DeviantArt

Art via halwilliams - DeviantArt.

Now we’ve met a couple of Disney Princesses who turned to the dark side and became Sith Lords.

Yet what kids cartoon character has the skills and mastery to hold the title of a Sith Master?

Well, how about Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The broody brother to the rest of the turtles, this hero has faced Shredder and the Foot Clan on several occasions, giving him the technical skills to wield a lightsaber properly. Giving into the dark side will make him a powerful Sith Master.

17 The Powerpuff Girls

via TunetiaDA24 - DeviantArt

Art via TunetiaDA24 - DeviantArt.

Taking a deep dive into some classic Cartoon Network nostalgia, one of the network’s biggest hit kids cartoons had to be none other than The Powerpuff Girls. The show about three little girls created in a lab and given incredible powers that turned them into superheroes was a major hit for the network. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup all battled villains and monsters on a regular basis while dealing with life’s lessons. Yet, what if the girls weren’t inclined to be heroes as they got closer to the pre-teen years? This artist imagines the young heroes in a more Goth/Punk style and giving into their darker and villainous side.

16 Zim, Queen Of Hearts

via Spectra22 - DeviantArt

Art via Spectra22 - DeviantArt.

One of the strangest villainous turns we’ll come across in this article has to be Invader Zim and Alice in Wonderland. We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland, a young girl who falls into the topsy-topsy-survey world of Wonderland, encounters spectacular sights and battles the Queen of Hearts. Invader Zim, on the other hand, was an equally zany show about a failed invader who is sent to Earth in an effort to get rid of him, but instead finds his lifelong mission finally revealed and sets out to conquer the planet. In this artist depiction, the two worlds collide as Zim becomes the mad queen of hearts, Dib becomes Alice and the rest of the show’s cast fills in the other popular roles.

15 Pluto

via TestosteronMan - DeviantArt

Art via TestosteronMan - DeviantArt.

One of the most iconic and classic animated pets has to be Disney’s Pluto. The beloved pet of Mickey Mouse himself, the vocal and much-loved dog has become a staple of the Disney brand.

Always getting into trouble and a constant source of family-friendly entertainment, there has never been an evil or vicious bone in the animated pup’s body.

Yet, in this artist’s depiction of Pluto, we see he is much larger than normal, having been possessed or something with giant teeth and a sinister look in his eyes as he hovers over you.

14 Kim Possible And Ron Stoppable

via Screen Rant

Another hugely popular Disney show has to be Kim Possible. The story of Kim Possible, a teenage superhero/spy who goes on adventures around the world to stop villains from nefarious schemes, she travels with her best friend and goofy sidekick Ron Stoppable, his pet mole rat Rufus, and is guided by her friend and eye in the sky Wade. Yet, what if she and Ron had run into some sort of mishap, and had found themselves turned into villainous mirror images of the evil Dr. Drakken, Kim’s arch nemesis? Kim’s heroic image would forever have been tarnished.

13 Judge Squidward

via SpongicX - DeviantArt

Art via SpongicX - DeviantArt.

This next piece of art combines a Disney villain with a Nickelodeon fan favorite cartoon character. Squidward is the miserable, always annoyed neighbor and reluctant friend of Spongebob Squarepants. He is no villain, but his less than sunny disposition has always made him feel like a negative person overall, something of a character trait that longtime fans know and find hilarious about him. Yet, what if his grumpiness turned into true villainy, and he found himself becoming as maniacal and twisted as Judge Frollo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

12 Beauty And The Beast

via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt

Art via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt.

This incredible piece of fan art reimagines one of Disney’s most iconic pairings, Belle and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Belle was the adventure-seeking villager who loved books and relied on her independence, while the Beast was a Prince cursed for his selfish nature who found his humanity when he fell in love with Belle. It’s a classic romance story, and yet it could have gone much darker.

What if Belle had remained the Beast’s prisoner?

What if he never found his humanity, and together they descended into villainy and despair? This unholy alliance would lead to a pretty grim future for the village outside of the Beast’s lair.

11 Demon Helga

via Koizumi-Marichan - DeviantArt

Art via Koizumi-Marichan - DeviantArt.

The dual nature of a villain possessed by an inhuman creature is always a unique feature of the villain storyline. Yet, it seems strange to see in play here when we see Helga, the school bully and secret love interest of Arnold in Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!, who is now depicted as an innocent looking young girl. Yet, behind her, the true nature of who she is shall now be revealed, as a dark shadow with demonic eyes looks back at the viewer. What has taken over this young woman’s body? Something truly villainous.

10 Spooky Princess Cinderella

via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt

Art via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt.

It’s an all too familiar story. A young woman forced into servitude by the people who should be her family. A magical fairy godmother who promises a magical night. A blooming love with a handsome prince. A glass slipper that seals their fate. The story of Cinderella is a classic to be sure, and yet what if things had gone much differently? Perhaps when the fairy godmother gave Cinderella a magical night at the ball, she failed to mention that failing to return by midnight would lead to a monstrous transformation. Here we see that result, as Cinderella emerges as some inhuman doll creature from a rotted pumpkin, reborn into a life of villainy.

9 Monster Sully

via TheRisingSoul - DeviantArt

Art via TheRisingSoul - DeviantArt.

A classic hit film for Disney has to be Monster’s Inc. The film about the world of monsters, whose job it is to scare children but soon discover laughter is a much more powerful and kind way of gaining energy for their world.

In that film the lead scarer-turned-friend to humans was Sully, a giant blue monster who took care of the young human Boo when she entered their world.

Yet in this artist’s rendition, we see a very different Sully, who returned to a life of scaring and turned even more monstrous in the process.

8 Hercules

via Sebastian Cavazzoli - ArtStation

Art via Sebastian Cavazzoli - ArtStation.

One of the least likely heroes in kid’s cartoons to turn to villainy has to be Hercules. Based off of Greek mythology, Disney’s Hercules was about the heroic demigod of the same name, who fought to become a hero and earn his way back to his birth parents in Olympus. Yet, what if being separated from his home had left him angry and hateful towards the human world? This artist depicts a villainous-looking and mad looking Hercules, who bears a grin very similar to DC Comics villain the Joker.

7 Dumbo

via Flickr

One of the oldest and most classic Disney films has to be Dumbo. The story of a young elephant born into the circus life and born with giant ears that allow him to fly is not only classic but often controversial due to its often racist undertones. Yet, what people fail to ask themselves is what a life lived in the cruel world of circus performance and animal cruelty could do to an impressionable elephant like Dumbo. In this artist’s rendition, we see a much older Dumbo who took on the world and became a vicious and cruel villain, much like the cruelty he would have seen in his everyday life.

6 Donald

via Screen Rant

One of the strangest and creepiest pieces of fan art we came across had to be this rendition of Donald Duck.

The longtime friend and hilarious counterpart to Mickey Mouse, this classic Disney cartoon character has been in everything from film, television and even in more modern times video games.

Yet, you have never seen the ill-tempered duck in a more villainous light, as this artist decided to make him into the literal nightmare inducing villain Freddy Krueger. The monster of the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise looks a bit different with some feathers and mischievous look in his eyes.

5 Joker Zim

via Nanaki-angel23 - DeviantArt

Art via Nanaki-angel23 - DeviantArt.

We may have already covered Invader Zim, but it bears returning for this awesome piece of fan art. Now Zim was never really a hero to begin with in his show. Yet he was always considered a cult classic cartoon character and fan favorite for longtime Nickelodeon fans. Yet in the show, he often was scheming and coming up with new ways to destroy the earth. His inhuman laugh often looked villainous, so pairing him with DC Comics The Joker seems like a natural fit for him.

4 Here’s…Goofy!

via MaxGrecke - DeviantArt

Art via MaxGrecke - DeviantArt.

This piece of fan art is truly one of a kind, as they managed to bring one of the most beloved and innocent of Disney cartoon characters into one of Stephen King’s most unsettling novels and one of the horror genre’s most iconic horror films. Despite the love/hate relationship many King fans have with Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, the iconic performance from Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance is nothing less than beloved. In this fan art, we see Goofy, the clumsy and strange father of Max and friend to Mickey and Donald, transformed into Jack Torrence himself.

3 Pirate Wendy

via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt

Art via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt.

A hugely popular classic Disney film to this day has to be Peter Pan. The story of three London siblings who are led by Peter Pan to the magical world of Neverland is a classic. Battling pirates like Captain Hook and swimming with mermaids leads the children to discover what it means to grow up and embrace adulthood.

Yet what if Peter Pan had fallen to the mad clutches of Captain Hook.

Would Wendy, the eldest of the siblings and a close friend of Peter Pan, have just gone home? Perhaps not. Perhaps she would have picked up a sword and taken out the evil Hook herself, becoming a ruthless Pirate Captain in her own right.

2 Maid Marion

via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt

Art via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt.

One of mythology's most iconic symbols of heroism and adventure has to be Robin Hood. The bandit who stole from the rich and gave to the poor became an instant classic and remained so after Disney made an animated hit film about him, changing the cast into animals rather than humans. Yet, what if in that film, Robin Hood had perished at the hands of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham or Prince John? Would Maid Marion, the niece of the rightful King Richard and the love interest of Robin Hood take up the bow and arrow of her beloved? Perhaps her life as a bandit would begin and lead her down a dark path of revenge.

1 Esmerelda The Burnt

via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt

Art via jeftoon01 - DeviantArt.

This final piece of fan art makes the most sense for a villainous turn, as the classic Disney film stems from a very dark classic novel. The Hunchback of Notre Dame features the evil Judge Frollo, who uses religion to hunt down the gypsies and destroy them for their “wicked ways,” all while keeping Quasimodo the hunchback hidden in the bell tower of Notre Dame. Eventually, Quasimodo goes to save Esmerelda, the leader of the gypsies and stops Frollo from destroying her.

Yet what if he had not been quick enough to prevent her passing?

This artist sees Esmerelda rise form the ashes, burnt yet alive once more, seeking to destroy not only Frollo but the society that cast them out and left Quasimodo defeated.

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