30 Kids Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off)

It takes a true sense of creativity and passion to mimic the wardrobe of your favorite characters. There has to be a substantial amount of detail put into the items you choose and how they are put together for the entire outfit. Nevertheless, fans take on the challenge each and every year to create eye-popping costumes that look like the real thing.

Think about what you would do if you went to a comic con of your own. Choosing a character is next to impossible, and even if you manage to choose one, getting the costume together is a whole other thing. There are so many aspects that go into making a good cosplay, including the costume itself (which can be handmade or store-bought), wigs, and so much more.

Many cosplayers like to give themselves a bit of a challenge by taking characters that are harder to cosplay. These are ones that some might try, but only very few succeed in making realistic.

Here are 30 of my favorite cosplay images I've found on the web. The ones I like the most are the ones where the artist (yeah, I called these guys and gals artists) makes a whole scene based on the character they have chosen. This extra effect gives them a bonus point for effort.


30 What's The Sitch?

via kinpatsu-cosplay.deviantart.com

People love Kim Possible. Her escapades made many fans adore the idea of a smart, crime-fighting high school student. The fact that she's pretty just added another layer to the allure of cosplaying this Disney Channel character.

I never noticed that Kim's eyes were green until looking at this picture. You can find this cosplayer on DeviantArt and she does a lot of cosplay characters. This Kim Possible costume is done to perfection. The amount of detail that I talked about earlier is definitely present in her efforts to mimic the ferocious crime fighter.

The fact that she's pretty just added another layer to the allure of cosplaying this Disney Channel character.

It takes time and effort to make something like this happen and I'm sure the payoff is satisfying. Take a second to appreciate this costume. She has every single item of clothing needed to make herself look like a real-life Kim. She even put the green contacts in her eyes for more effect, which, to me, is the most attracting part of this picture. Her eyes just kind of pop out at you as you're scrolling down the page.

The only thing that could have made this picture even more spectacular would have been if she had made this into an actual scene. That would've added to the realism. Either way, this is still a great picture, kudos to you.

Cosplay by Kinpatsu-Cosplay.

29 I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm...

via shigeako.deviantart.com

Let's take a second to appreciate the amount of time it must have taken for this artist to completely cover their body with yellow makeup for this SpongeBob costume. SpongeBob has been around for a very long time and I doubt he'll be leaving us anytime soon, so there are many fans that adore this yellow sponge. With that being said, this is not a common character to portray for cosplay. Maybe it's because he isn't the accommodating character to dress up as.

You have to admit that a pair of knee-high shorts and a geeky white shirt aren't the most attractive of things to wear, which is usually the motivation behind some costumes that people choose for cosplay. Take out the opportunity for people to show off their features, and you have a less popular cosplay character.

This artist went all out for SpongeBob and there's definitely a statement being made to all the SpongeBob naysayers out there. SpongeBob can be chosen as a cosplay character and there are people out there who have the capability to create a real-life depiction of this friendly sea creature. I like the way this artist grabbed a few props to enhance his depiction. We all know that SpongeBob's passion is making crabby patties, so what better way to make you look like SpongeBob than to whip yourself up a colorful Krabby Patty made out of Play-Doh (well, I think its Play-Doh).

Cosplay by Shigeako.

28 "Should I Change My Name Back To Elastigirl?"

via biseuse.deviantart.com

Seeing this picture made me remember that there is an Incredibles 2 coming out soon! Man, I can't wait to see it. I was a huge fan of the first one and it's honestly my favorite Pixar movie so far. Now we get to see Jack-Jack after the Incredibles found out he has a set of unique powers of his own. It's going to be great!

Back to the topic at hand. In this picture, we have Mrs. Incredible, or you can call her by her superhero alias, Elastigirl. She has the power to stretch her limbs to any length and snag a bad guy in a second. The artist wearing this costume did a great job of capturing a moment of contemplation. You can tell she is thinking diligently about something, but we will never know what it is that she's thinking about.

Each piece of clothing comes together to create the perfect depiction of this flexible crime-fighter.

The "i" on her chest is well crafted, though, with a few defects, you can still see the craftsmanship behind its creation. The colors mesh well together and the viewer never has to guess who this costume is depicting. This model dabbles in the art of creating cosplay characters often, so give her a search on DeviantArt for more examples of her work.

Art by Biseuse.

27 The Average Old Man, Ya Know, Just With Blue Skin

via xhee-heex.deviantart.com

How many times have you seen the Ice King cosplayed? Better yet, how many times have you seen the Ice King cosplayed so well? This guy is like the authority on the Ice King now, and if he wasn't before I'm handing him that title right now.

This isn't the only picture you can find of this guy on DeviantArt. He has a lot of different pictures of himself as the Ice King (another one of which is in this article). Even though he isn't dressed in a blue robe, similar to the one the Ice King wears in the show, he still does a cool job showing recreating him for cosplay.

If you ask me, I feel like the suit he's wearing looks better than any blue robe you might find for an Ice King costume. Despite missing the two things that give the Ice King his identity, his robe and tall yellow crown, this artist is still able to make you realize exactly who costume is supposed to be. The blue skin and the white hair is enough to make you think, "Oh, that's the guy from Adventure Time," without a second thought. I know its hard to see the suits he's wearing, but if you continue with the list, you'll get a full picture of the entire costume, from head to toe.

Cosplay by Xhee-Heex.

26 Time To Duel

via hurutotheguu.deviantart.com

Can you guess who this is? If the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in her hand aren't a dead giveaway, I don't know what is. This right here is Mai Valentine. Do you see it now? Mai is a battler in the Yu-Gi-Oh series who uses the Harpy Ladies to take out her opponents. Is any of this starting to bring memories for you?

Mai is one of those characters you won't get to see cosplayed that much because Yu-Gi-Oh isn't that popular anymore. That didn't stop this person from creating the best (and only) Mai Valentine costume I've seen. I'm sure there are more out people out there who have dressed up as Mai, though.

Is any of this starting to bring memories for you?

This character did a pretty good job of capturing Mai's original look, which is no easy task. Mai is easily considered to be one of the best looking characters in the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, so it could be a challenge for someone to try to capture her style and beauty. This artist is all for it, though. She has the perfect features to bring Mai to life. The excellent camera work just adds to the already astounding costume by capturing a perfect picture with the good use of camera angles.

Cosplay by Hurutotheguu.

25 Pretty In Pink

via josephblackblade30.deviantart.com

Chel is another popular cosplay character. The Road to El Dorado is one of my favorite animated movies, as I've stated in many articles in the past. There's something alluring to Chel. Her carefree style of dress and her open attitude makes her the perfect character to portray for cosplay.

This artist goes by the name of JosephBlackBlade on DeviantArt, but I don't believe he was the creator of this picture. Nevertheless, this is a great attempt at dressing up like the beautiful Chel. Just the side-by-side photo above allows you to see how good the artist did when putting together her clothing for this character. It helps a lot that she already has many of the necessary features for a proper Chel depiction.

Everything about her costume is spot on for the photo. From the blue earrings Chel likes to wear down to the faded tan skirt. Once again, the only thing that could make this picture any better would be if the artist took the time out to take the picture in some sort of scene. I'm definitely not complaining though. Great job to all of those involved in putting this costume together.

Cosplay by JosephBlackBlade30.

24 This Is Just Amazing!

via faid-eyren.deviantart.com

This is a very well done picture of Katara from the Avatar series. This picture is so well done that we have to talk about it in two different parts, starting with the costume itself and working our way to the background itself.

Katara happens to be a popular character to cosplay as well. The Avatar series has produced many fans surrounding her. She is a strong, ambitious woman. With that being said, take a second to fully appreciate what the artist has done with this costume. Pay attention to the detail put into recreating Katara. She even has the two blue beads that Katara seems to love so much.

This scene on its own is simply immaculate.

You can already see that there was a lot of thought put into making this image come to life. Katara's universal water-bending pose is mimicked with a sense of pride. The blue lighting and the waves of water make this artist looks like a real-life water-bender and her arms cover her entire face except for her blue contacts, which is an awesome way to add a sprinkle of creativity. So far, this picture has to be my favorite. Let's see if there's one that can trump this one on the list.

Cosplay by Faid-Eyren.

23 If There Was A Daria Movie...

via annetyoronaya.deviantart.com

I don't know much about Daria, but I do happen to know what she looks like. This artist has her costume down perfectly for the role of Daria. Not only does she have a great costume already, the added prop of newspapers adds that final touch to an already amazing costume.

One thing you will notice about Daria if you ever take the time to look her up on the internet is that she always has a look of depression plastered all over her face. The big glasses and the lips that seem to never move from the pouted position show how much of a sad life she lives. Even the newspaper shows how sad she is. Right on the front of the paper are the words "Sick Sad World."

Daria likes to focus on the negative in the world; well, she likes to focus on problems and she has no filter. If you can't tell by the look on her face that she is a pessimist then you can definitely tell by how she speaks in a monotone voice and what she talks about. She speaks her mind and she talks to others in a sarcastic tone. She isn't afraid to tell others how she feels about them and the fact that she's so intelligent just makes it bad for others who she aims her criticism toward. All these qualities make her a difficult character to cosplay, but this person did a great job of recreating her look.

Cosplay by Annetyoronaya.

22 Where Did That Card Come From?

via ryoko-demon.deviantart.com

Knowing what type of life Rogue lives, it's kind of hard to believe she would be smiling so pleasantly and looking so happy. Not being able to touch anyone must make the world feel distant and cold. Maybe the playing card in her mouth is a clue to why she is so happy right now. After all, playing cards are an insignia of a particular mutant she has feelings for, Gambit.

There are many different ways to portray Rogue since the X-Men have been around for such a long time. Another version of Rogue can be found at the bottom of my list. This happens to be one of my favorite portrayals of Rogue from the classic X-Men cartoon. I believe this is when she was the strongest. She had the ability to fly all the time and she had super strength, so she was much more of a threat around this time of the series.

This artist did a great job of creating a scene for Rogue.

The makeup and the hair all come together to bring the whole costume to life for the picture. The playing card and her pose are just added elements to the picture. I also like the cornfield the artist put her in, it gives us, as the viewer, something cool to look at. Overall, great job on this picture. I'm sure it took a lot of time to make all this happen.

Cosplay by Ryoko-Demon.

21 So Happy

via mariannainsomn.deviantart.com

A lot of women like to take on the task of cosplaying Harley Quinn. There are a number of different ways to bring her to life. You can go with the classic black and red Harley, spooky Harley, or the new age "daddy's lil monster" Harley. Whichever one you choose, there are a lot of ways to add your own flare to the costume. This artist went with the most popular Harley at this moment. Off the heels of the DC film, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn was one of the few bright spots in the highly criticized action film.

This depiction of Harley is almost an exact replica of the one in the move. I know, I know, this is supposed to be an article about children's cartoon characters. Even though this is a depiction of Harley from a movie with real actors, it's still Harley nonetheless. This person completely embodies what it means to be Harley Quinn. The unnecessarily excited look on her face is a direct testament to who Harley really is.

I like the way the directors spruced things up when it came to the Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. They made them look like modern day psychopaths with a bit of style. All the pieces of clothing they wore were chosen to add to their sadistic and unpredictable nature. Just look at Harley. You don't know whether to give her a hug, or turn around and walk the other way.

Cosplay with Mariannainsomn.

20 Oh, Brian...

via pumpkinspice.deviantart.com

Oh look, it's our favorite talking dog and his blonde, dimwitted girlfriend, Jillian. Okay, that was mean but we all know that Jillian isn't the brightest bulb in the house, anyone that has a dog for a boyfriend has definitely got some screws loose.

Anyway, I like how this artist captured these two famous characters from Family Guy. You can tell she put a lot of thought behind, not just the costume, but the background as well. Look at little Brian. He has on a cop uniform, which, if you can remember, Brian did serve as a police officer with Joe, until his nose got him into a lot of trouble with the chief of police. I don't know if the artist behind this photo chose to put Brian into a cop uniform because of his brief time as an officer, or if she just wanted to add a few style points to the photo. Either way, it's done nicely.

The one thing that stands out the most is the pink couch in the background. This bright as a pink rose and as soft as a piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum, that pink couch fits Jillian's personality. Stupid or not, Jillian enjoys the finer things in life. She's a free spirit who does what she wants when she wants, even if what she wants is to have a fluffy, white, talking dog.

Cosplay by Pumpkinspice.

19 Tootie's Revenge

via eclecticmaniac.deviantart.com

One of my favorite Nickelodeon show as a child, I always loved The Fairly OddParents. I don't know what it was about this show that kept me so engrossed for hours on end during a rare marathon. Maybe it was the thought of having someone grant me my every wish at the flick of the tongue that made me want to constantly watch this show; every kid must have thought the same thing as I did while watching it.

One thing you will learn from watching The Fairly OddParents is that Timmy loves only one girl, Trixie Tang. Trixie is way out of Timmy's league since she is considered to be a popular kid, while Timmy is a nerd. All the girls find Timmy to be repulsive, all except for one, Tootie. Tootie is in love with Timmy. She has little toys that look like him that she plays with all day. She imagines that they'll be together one day, but Timmy doesn't see that happening anytime soon because he does not like her.

If you're wondering why this artist made Timmy look so terrified, it's because of those purple glasses behind him. Rather, it's because of the person wearing those purple glasses behind him. This artist captured the fear that Timmy feels when he see's that Tootie is approaching. The thing I like the most about this picture is the teeth that Timmy is known for.

Cosplay by EclecticManiac.

18 What Jutsu Is This?

via akaomy.deviantart.com

Taking the crown as my favorite anime series ever, Naruto is another popular cosplay character. Even though Naruto is a boy character, there are plenty of women out there who like the show and who want to take the opportunity to dress as the blonde ninja.

When you look at this picture, you can automatically tell who this is supposed to be. If the orange and black jumpsuit didn't give you your biggest clue, the black sharpie marker on her face for the whiskers should definitely get you on the right track. The main parts of Naruto's identity are here, the clothes he wears, the color of his hair and eyes, even his headband is presented in this picture.

But the artist still managed to make this their own unique portrayal of Naruto.

This version of Naruto has long hair that is put into two pony-tails, which Naruto would never have, and the headband that is usually neatly tied around Naruto's forehead is loosely wrapped around this artist's neck. There are many things in this picture that are true to the Naruto universe and there are many that aren't, it's clear that this artist got their point across, though. This is a great version of a special Jutsu Naruto uses!

Cosplay by Akaomy.

17 One Of My Favorites!

via faid-eyren.deviantart.com

This is my favorite picture on the list for many reasons. First, do you know who this is? If you're an original Pokémon fan you can tell, without a second thought, that this is Misty. Misty is a Pokémon trainer who uses water Pokémon to beat her opponents, and that little adorable Pokémon next to her is Togepi.

The whole scene surrounding this picture is amazing. You get the sense that this picture was taken in front of some sort of body of water. The rocks that are behind Misty are the kind of rocks you would see when approaching a lighthouse in the middle of a pool of sea water. This is perfect since Misty uses water Pokémon more often than not.

The clothes that the artist used to bring the costume together looks like it was given to her by the real Misty herself. Everything from her bright orange hair to her red chucks is all a part of Misty's identity. This is a true work of art. Like I said, I like pictures that incorporate the use of the background to make a costume look more realistic and this artist took that idea to another level.

Cosplay by Faid-Eyren.

16 Those Donuts Look Delicious

via ivyhale.deviantart.com

This picture is just AWESOME! Here we have three talented cosplayers dressed up as three of the most important crystal gems in Steven Universe. We have Garnet, who is the tough and strong one, Amethyst, who is the sassy one, and Pearl, who is the motherly one. If you notice, you can see that each one of their poses is true to their personality. Garnet is sitting with her legs out, which is a display of dominance to match her strong personality. Amethyst is smiling with her head tilted back, which is an example of her spunky attitude, and Pearl is holding her nose while eating the donut, which is fueling her prudish ways.

These are true fans of Steven Universe.

Not only are their costumes spot on, they also decided to portray their favorite characters in the way they believe they would act if they were really eating a donut. Stuff like that brings these type of images to life. You not only get an excellent cosplay picture, but you also get a whole scene to accompany the stunning costumes.

Steven Universe is a very popular show with many different cosplay pictures based on the characters. However, there aren't too many pictures done this well and for that, I have to give everyone involved in this picture their props. Good job guys.

Cosplay by IvyHale.

15 Look At That Hairspray

via kotaku.com

Team Rocket. The less than average Pokémon trainers who were constantly beaten by our pal Ash and sent into the atmosphere with a small glint in the clouds from their absence. These guys were terrible trainers, but they don't need to be amazing Pokémon trainers for them fans to want to cosplay them. After all, cosplay is about looks rather than skill.

On paper, Team Rocket would be the perfect cosplay spectacle for couples. The two have similar costumes and matching logos on the front chest. They carry roses with each appearance, so this could add a bit of romance to their presence at a cosplay event. I'm not saying that cosplaying Jessie and James is something reserved for couples, but you get what I mean.

These artists did a great job of putting together a believable depiction of Team Rocket. The only thing that could make this picture any better would be a little Meowth doll in between the two; he is a part of Team Rocket after all. I also noticed how they did a great job of making Jessie's hair look just like her hair in the cartoon. It must've taken a heck of a lot hairspray to keep that hair still!

14 She Looks So Weird

via nataliecartman.deviantart.com

I never knew how weird a real Turanga Leela would look, but here we have an example of what a real life Cyclops would look (kind of). Her eye is just weirdly placed on her face and it gives me a weird feeling when I look at it. The weird feeling increases 10 fold when I lean in a bit closer and realize that she has red veins going toward her pupils. Yeah, I know, everyone's eyes have that, but this is one gigantic eye, so we have a lot more detail.

Either way, this is a very well done depiction of Leela.

For those of you who don't know who Leela is, she is a character from Futurama. The reason she is a cyclops is that she is a mutant born in the sewers with two grotesquely deformed parents. The reason Leela dresses in a white tank top and black combat pants is that she is a karate-chopping baddy.

The artist who put this costume together did a great job. I would love to know how she managed to make her eye look so realistic and how she covered up her own eyes. Everything you see on this costume is what Leela would wear in an episode of Futurama, so, once again, we have another great depiction of a cartoon character. It takes a lot of time to make this stuff happen, and I would have no idea where to even begin to make these costumes happen.

Cosplay by MayWolf.

13 Everybody Wave To Wendy!

via ryoko-demon.deviantart.com

Howdy! You guys know who this is? I'll give you a hint, its a character from Gravity Falls. Took a guess? Alright, it's Wendy. I love this picture. The expert photography, the considerate and happy pose, the amazing editing, all come together to make this one of my top 5 pictures on the list. I don't know much about Gravity Falls and honestly, I didn't even know who Wendy was before looking at this picture. I'm prepared for the shaming from all of the real Gravity Falls fans out there who are reading this, my bad.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm not a real fan of Gravity Falls. However, it just goes to show you how much of an amazing picture this is. Without any type of connection to this character, it still managed to catch my eye and make me want to add it to my list. I didn't go searching for "Gravity Falls cosplay" or anything, I just scrolled through and happened to just see this.

I do know that Gravity Falls takes place in the woods at a camping site (please forgive me if I'm wrong). With that being said, having Wendy come out of the bushes is a great way to add to the picture. The artist put her in her original setting of the great outdoors, which makes Wendy come to life.

Cosplay by Ryoko-Demon.

12 Whats The Problem, Ms. Godmother?

via pugoffka-sama.deviantart.com

Look at the Fairy Godmother. It's like you can imagine what she's saying, "Where are my sparkly shoes, I can't work without my sparkly shoes!" I don't know what a fairy would complain about, but you have to admit that she looks like she will be a diva. Remember how she was at the end of Shrek 2? Anyone with that type of voice could definitely get what she wants at any time.

Alright, enough hypotheticals. This costume is really well done. I don't know if this artist has done other cosplays or not, but it seems as if she is the perfect spectacle for dressing up as the Fairy God Mother. I'll have to do a search on this deviant and see if she has other pictures as well done as this one. Everything comes together so nicely. The backdrop, the dress, the colors, EVERYTHING!

It takes a lot of attention to detail and meticulous adjustments to make a picture like this one come together so nicely.

Even the facial expression and body language add that extra layer of detail to this picture. I wonder where the artist went to take this picture. It has to be a backdrop for a theatre or something. I don't know, I'm just spitballing here.

Cosplay by Pugoffka-Sama.

11 I Wanna See You Use That Bow

via greyloch-md.deviantart.com

Remember her from the movie Brave? I never saw the movie myself, but I know it was a fan favorite for many people. The red-headed star was something for many other young girls to look up to. Just the title alone sends a powerful message to the young viewers who happen to have come across this animated movie.

Her weapon of choice? A bow. Traveling the woods and hunting in the wilderness is an activity you won't find many women, let alone women wearing dresses, participating in. But Merida is not one to fall into stereotypes. She isn't afraid to go out and do the things she feels is right.

This picture and cosplay are beautifully done. I wonder if that bow she has is actually functional or not. What do you think? Okay, I'm getting a little off track here. Let's just take this moment to appreciate this picture. One thing I bet you didn't notice are those grainy effects the editor put on the border of the picture. It adds a nice effect to the picture on top of the already amazing costume. The model is doing a great job of posing to bring all of the different elements of the picture together.

Cosplay by Greyloch-Md.

10 Better Watch Out!

via la-clover.deviantart.com

Princess Fiona. Is it a coincidence that I'm watching Shrek as I type this post? By the way, if you want to watch Shrek, it's on Netflix right now, so if this list gave you the urge to see the ogre family bring Lord Farquaad to his demise again, go watch it (after you finish my list, of course). Okay, I'm getting way off track here. Let's get back to the picture.

The first thing I want to point out is how well they applied the green make-up to the cosplayer.

At first glance, you can see how well perfectly even the makeup is on her body, and the color of it stays true to the animated version of Princess Fiona. The red hair and the ears, which could have been hidden, by the way, are all nicely done. I point out the fact that the ears could have been hidden because the artist decided to include them in her costume, which shows that she wants to add as much detail as possible to achieve the best costume she could.

I have no idea what Princess Fiona has her sights on, but whoever it is had better get out of the way. We've seen how much of a threat Princess Fiona can be from the movies. Princess Fiona may even be more ferocious than Shrek himself, so, putting an ax in her hand is a dangerous situation for anyone who gets in her way.

9 Park Ranger Jessica Rabbit? I Like It!

via geeksaresey.net

You will never understand how difficult it is to find a picture of Jessica Rabbit that can be shown on this site. At first, I just wanted to include her on this list because I like her character, I love Who Framed Roger Rabbit since I was a younger age. What was first a suggestion became a mission of finding the least provocative cosplay photo of Jessica Rabbit. Just think about it for a second. Jessica Rabbit is the type of character who is known for her allure, so finding a photo was difficult.

So I like this photo because of the simple fact that this artist was able to pull off what I thought was close to impossible. Just before coming across this photo, I was about to completely give up on including Jessica Rabbit on this list, so I thank you for pulling this off. With that being said, she did a wonderful job of mimicking Jessica Rabbit's costume in this photo. Everything from her top hat down to her shiny red shoes is spot on.

I have never seen Jessica Rabbit wearing anything besides her sparkling red dress, so this photo is even more special for that reason. The willingness to shake things up and find a different representation of this popular cosplay character shows that this artist has a lot of passion and talent.

8 Let It Goooo, Let It Goooo!

via ashitaro.deviantart.com

You know there had to be at least one item from the movie Frozen on this list. This movie took the world by storm when it was released back in 2013 and broke records. Frozen was adored by both parents and children alike for years and continues to hold a spot in Disney's top movies of all time.

This is a wonderfully done photo of Elsa.

There is a lot of extra effects done to this picture to make it pop the way that it does. The contrast between the black and the blue background is done well with the lighting to highlight Elsa. This picture is taken from one of the most popular scenes in Frozen when Elsa finally decides to take matters into her own hands and embrace her remarkable gift. When you look up the song that goes with this scene "Let it Go" you can see why I say it's one of the most popular scenes in the movie. Head on over to YouTube and you'll see what I mean. This song has managed to get a whopping total of 600 million views since it was published in 2013.

So it makes sense to replicate this scene from the movie. Not only did the artist want to make the costume, she wanted to make it so it looked almost exactly like the scene from the movie, which is something that deserves a lot more praise.

Cosplay by Ashitaro.

7 You Got A Friend In Me

via rayi-kun.deviantart.com

I love the simplicity that accompanies this picture. It is almost like the guys are just leaving a cosplay event and decided to grab a quick bite to eat before heading out. Check out the look on Little Bo Peep's face. You can just sense the love as she stares at Woody, her face just screams affection. I don't know if she is just posing for the picture, or if she really likes the guy who's dressed up as Woody. We can really never know.

Toy Story is another one of those highly popular movies that have imprinted itself into the minds of children and adults alike. The comedic nature mixed with the bright colors is enough to keep everyone who watches entertained for hours on end. It's funny to think that adults may enjoy the talking toys more than their adolescent counterparts, but that seems to be the case a lot of times. Just look at the picture. These adults are loving this opportunity.

These costumes are simple. The picture is simple. What they are doing in the picture is simple. What makes this picture so special is the pure joy these adults have in cosplaying Toy Story characters. Just like in the movie, they seem to be best pals and enjoy each other's company.

Cosplay by Rayi-Kun.

6 Cosplayers For Life

via kanxten.deviantart.com

This is another simple cosplay picture. There's nothing special about the background or the costumes. There wasn't any time put into special effects or anything like that, it doesn't even look like there was any time put into editing this photo whatsoever. I mean, there's a blurred guy walking mid frame behind I green couple. So, why did I add this to the list? Because this older couple got together and cosplayed two of my favorite animated movie characters.

You hardly ever get to see people of an older age cosplaying. Well, maybe you do, but I can honestly say that this is the very first time that I've seen people of this age smearing make up on their face to make themselves look like smelly, green ogres. Even if their costumes aren't that spectacular, it still takes a lot of time to get all that green make up spread all over your body like so.

There may be a lot of older folks participating who never have the desire to post their photos all over the internet for others to see.

Maybe they just do it for the fun of doing it and don't care if others think their costume is good or bad. Which could probably explain why the costumes are so simple. If you've ever been to a cosplay event, give me an idea of how things were in the comments below.

Cosplay by Kanxten.

5 We're All Mad Here

via mirish.deviantart.com

Here we have another photo that's simply done. This time around, however, the artist purposely took the picture this way as an opportunity for extra effect and believability. The Mad Hatter is a bit crazy and deciding to put the camera up in your face with a quizzical look, helps to her to get her point across that this guy is, well, Mad.

The special effects are done really well on this photo. I feel like the artist did a great job of darkening the top of the photo near the left corner, to add that extra points of creepy. The distorted smile and dark red lipstick make her look ominous. One thing I'm not one hundred percent sure about is the blurry effect in the photo. Toward the middle of the photo, I get the sense that there is blurred effect to add more distortion to the scene. It seems really subtle so I can't tell if I'm just making something up or if this is really the case.

Either way, this picture is really well done. There's not a whole lot to look at, but it's still a powerful photo nonetheless. I wonder what the rest of the costume looks like. The makeup is done to perfection though, so I imagine the rest is done just as well.

Cosplay by Mirish.

4 Eddy's Face Is Just Priceless

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I love Ed Edd n Eddy. It was one of my favorite shows to watch when I was younger, and I still go back and check out a few episodes from time to time. Ed Edd n Eddy was a simple show that had a bunch of weird, corky characters. The hijinx they got into was always hilarious to me and after seeing their obsession with the classic jawbreakers, I went on a 3-year long mission to get one of my own (yeah, it actually took that long).

This is a great picture. The expressions on the Ed boys' faces are true to how they really act in the show.

Ed would be afraid, but he wouldn't be too shaken up by the situation. Double D is so timid that he would be petrified to the point of almost crying. Eddy is so goofy that he would probably not know how to act or even what's going on.

Pictures like this are done by true fans of the show. For them to get together and make this happen to show that they are pretty good friends. These are some of my favorite kind of pictures since it shows the true nature of going to cosplays in the first place, to enjoy everyone's company as friends. It's nice to see people enjoying their time together like this.

Cosplay by Riisoku.

3 Feeling Sorry

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This is the second time we've had Rogue featured on this list. The first depiction of Rogue was the one that was in the original X-Men. This time around, we have the newer version of Rogue from X-Men Evolution, which focuses on our heroes during their time as teenagers in high school.

For those of you who remember X-Men Evolution, it was an attempt to connect with a younger audience by featuring adolescent X-Men trying to cope with the norm of being a teenager in high school, with the curveball of having superpowers. They dealt with relationships, teachers and fighting crime, which made this my favorite depiction of X-Men.

When you think of someone who has to go through life without being able to touch anybody they feel close to, you can automatically assume that they would be depressed, just as this artist is in this picture. This costume is done just as I remembered from the show. She's like a real-life version of Rogue from the show. The green shirt and black skirt are completely identical to the show, and this scene is perfect for someone dealing with the absence of human contact.

Cosplay by Ryoko-Demon.

2 Looks Like She's Ready For Zombies

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Recognize this character? It's Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except it's a female version. I like this picture, and it's not for the reason you think. I like it because the artist put their own spin on it. TMNT is a kids show, so there isn't blood involved. And I haven't seen Michael Bay's version of TMNT, but I'd like to make a bet that there wasn't any shown in the movie.

With that being said, this picture looks like something straight out of a zombie movie. She has made Casey Jones look like the most lethal zombie hunter out there.

This cosplayer has done a lot of different costumes that all vary in style, so she definitely has skills in this department.

She takes pride in putting her costumes together because they all look so well put together. Each item is where she wants it to be for added believability, and she is able to strike a stunning pose on cue for a nice photo. If you have the time, go ahead and search her name on Google and see just how much of a good job she does with her costumes.

Cosplay by Vera-Baby.

1 The Ice King Is Back

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Here we have the Ice King again, and its done by the same artist as the previous photo as well. I chose to add this photo because it shows off the entire costume this time, rather than just showing the top portion. This guy had to have put a lot of time into making this costume, just the makeup alone must have taken about an hour to do.

The Ice King doesn't wear suits in the show, but the fact that this guy is wearing a suit makes this costume even better. We know it's the Ice King simply because the makeup is done so well, and, well, he has a crown. The artist wanted to add his own flair to the Ice King and he definitely did so. The black suit was a very nice touch to compliment the bright blue skin and the white hair. The background even works well with the costume, even though there isn't much to see in the background. Overall, well done!

I hope you all enjoyed the article. Take the time out to go check out the artist who was featured on this list by going to deviant art and punching in their name into the search bar. A lot of these guys have a lot of talent and you'll get to see a variety of different costumes in their profiles. Thanks for reading!

Cosplay by Xhee-Heex.

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