25 Kids Characters Reimagined As College Students

Cartoons often feature children and teenagers so their viewers can relate to them. The cartoon’s creators know that children will have more fun with their shows. They can put the characters in wild situations that won’t be questioned by doubtful adults. Though these shows are meant for children, adults often watch them with their children or as an escape from their problems. Luckily, they don’t have to worry about the opposite problem. Most kids know to stay away from animated shows starring adults, as the content may be too much for their young eyes.

As kids grow older, their simple thoughts on their childhood cartoons change. They want the children on the shows to grow up with them. These changes are not possible because the shows are canceled or end all the time. Many of these children grow up to be talented artists and will draw their versions of the characters. Some make weird fan art, while others draw their favorite young characters as babies. Artists in college also want their favorite characters to experience advanced schooling with them.

College opens up several possibilities. It’s a time when many teens learn how to be adults for the first time in their lives. Fan artists love crafting new stories for old favorite cartoon characters. We’ve compiled a list of some beloved cartoon characters who are now experiencing the world of college.

25 Whatever Happened To Splinter

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Master Splinter works hard to make his adopted teenage sons disciplined in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After years of fighting, his sons finally take down the evil Foot Clan. After the battle is over, Splinter can happily move onto the afterlife. The turtles no longer have a set goal, so they head to college.

College is meant to help young minds prosper, but in this fanart by Caldwell Tanner, the turtles aren't taking their studies seriously.

Donatello has abandoned books for World of Warcraft. Leonardo sleeps through class. Raphael and Michelangelo play Super Nintendo, a console they didn't have time to enjoy as children. They have lost their abilities to fight and waste each new day. College may help teens become adults, but these turtles have no interest in improving their lives.

24 They’ll Never Forget Their Creator

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The Powerpuff Girls are made up of sugar, spice, everything nice, and a sprinkle of Chemical-X. They are primarily shown fighting crime as kindergarten kids. The animated series The Powerpuff Girls Z transformed the young crime fighters into teenagers. They still retained their upbeat personalities from childhood.

This fanart by Teacupballerina on DeviantArt transforms the trio into college students. Blossom and Bubbles have both grown their hair out. They also still wear skirts, similar to when they were growing up. Buttercup is wearing a pair of black tights and white boots, outgrowing the skirts of her youth. The three are sitting beside their creator, and the man who raised them, Professor Utonium. They may grow older, but they'll never forget to visit their beloved family member.

23 College Won’t Break These Friends Apart

via: andrahilde.deviantart.com

Ed, Edd, and Eddy had so much fun in the cul-de-sac that we thought they'd never head back to school. Viewers were shocked when they eventually went back to school in the later seasons. Like most kids, the trio didn't enjoy school as much as summer vacation. Many kids who dislike traditional schooling love college.

The bright smiles on Ed and Edd show how happy they are to leave the schoolhouse.

Eddy's a bit unsure of the future, but he was always seen as a skeptic. They're ready to conquer college and move on to becoming millionaires. Andrahilde has made sure that the guys are still best friends, even though they're slightly older. Though they may have outgrown jawbreakers, they'll never outgrow their friendship.

22 College Is Possible For This Power Couple

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Kim Possible is an athletic teenager who moonlights as a super spy. She helps out any government agency that may need her help. At her side is Ron Stoppable, who has been her best friend since they were children. At the end of Season 4, they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. They moved on from high school and went on to go to college together.

Hotrod2001 shows the couple in class together, only to be separated by Dr. Drakken. He was their enemy during the series, but it appears they resolved their differences for now. He's not letting his age hold him back from getting his college degree. Kim doesn't seem thrilled since the doctor is trying to cheat off of her school work.

21 A Phantom’s Struggles Never End

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Danny Phantom spent years trying to cope with being half-human and half-human. One of the few people who were there for him during that time was his best friend, Sam. During the end of the series, the two admitted they had feelings for each other. Things may have changed for the worse between the couple.

This fan art by Amethyst Ocean shows that things may have changed for the couple after entering college.

They are sitting on opposite ends of the couch, separated by their close friends, Tucker, and Jazz. Tucker is enjoying the movie, but Jazz appears to be annoyed. She may not want to be part of the game Danny and Sam are playing. It seems that high school drama can continue into college.

20 A Queen And Princess’ Sticky Start

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Adventure Time has slowly revealed what happened to their side characters. Marceline has had a tough life as an orphaned child and vampire hunter. After becoming part of those she once hunted, she now considers herself the Vampire Queen. Princess Bubblegum quickly transformed into pink bubblegum into one of the most intelligent beings in the Candy Kingdom.

Peebbles gives us insight into what may have happened when the friends were in college together. They both appear to be around the same age. The Princess may not enjoy Marceline's jokes, while the Vampire Queen finds her new friend entertaining. The pair may have started out on rocky ground, but after we see them in the series, we know they've become close friends that can't be pulled apart.

19 She Learns Best Through Experience

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Think back to the early episodes of Dora the Explorer. We rarely, if ever, saw her attend elementary school. In Dora in the City she doesn't attend school with the rest of her pre-teen friends. If this trend continues, we can see that Dora has never attended school at all. Her college is the school of life. She takes on the forest and urban jungles of the city.

Dora chose to learn the difficult lessons of life by getting injured and surviving in the wilderness alone.

Boots has not had the opportunity to attend school, so he is naturally at her side to protect her. Though college would benefit the young explorer, she's content to live out her college days saving friends in trouble and finding a new treasure.

Art by Tohad.

18 Still The Same A Decade Later

via: dantefitts.deviantart.com

Dexter's Laboratory starred a young genius named Dexter. He had a giant lab right behind his parents' house. He went to a prestigious school, which was entirely paid off, thanks to various scholarships from the scientific community. There was nothing that made Dexter happier than working on various experiments. Unfortunately, his sister Dee Dee usually ruined everything.

DanteFitts shows that Dee Dee would continue to annoy Dexter, even into adulthood. Dexter is now a young college student, trying to change the world. Dee Dee may be slightly older, but she wants to see what her little brother is doing. Occasionally, she does help but gets in the way more often than not. In this fan art, we know that the siblings will never change, even as young adults.

17 From The Playground To The Quad

via: isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

Recess was aired on ABC during the late 1990s. It focused on the playground adventures of a small group of friends in fourth grade. They couldn't wait to grow up to escape the clutches of their teachers.

Isaiah Stephens decided to create a stunning fan art piece that shows the group of friends as college students.

T.J. continues to be the leader of his group. Ashley is as tough as ever and continues to wear her signature orange beanie into adulthood. Vincent is still the best athlete in school with Gretchen continuing her schoolwork. Mikey always wears a bright smile on his face, while Gus has traded in his smile for military attire. It's nice to see that they're still friends, even after graduating school.

16 Don’t Call Them Babies Anymore

via: betaraybob.tumblr.com

Rugrats quickly became one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows. Viewers were amazed at how many adventures a group of babies could have. Viewers wanted to see what the cast would look like if they grew older. Fans would have their wishes granted thanks to Rugrats: All Grown Up.

Betaraybob on Tumblr has envisioned the cast as college students. Susie and Angelica retain their fashion senses. Kimi has dyed her hair green and has brought our her personality in her clothing style. Tommy's hair is slightly darker, and he seems more serious than his younger self. Meanwhile, his best friend Chuckie is happier than he's ever been. The twins, Phil and Lil, match their outfits while still retaining their unique personalities. We're excited to see that not even college could break their friendship apart.

15 The Magic Continues In College

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There was always a lesson to learn in The Magic School Bus. Miss Frizzle always had something new to teach to her young students. Elementary school was much more exciting thanks to the magic of the school bus. The students always brought some humor into each episode.

After elementary school ended, we can't help but wonder if the young students will continue to love science.

They may have moved on to college, but they still retain their unique personalities. Their fashion styles have also evolved over the years. Miss Frizzle stands to their far-right and is ready to advise her young students. Their love of science may have decreased over the years, but they're still a close group of friends who are prepared for new adventures.

Art by CelesteDoodles.

14 They’ve Kept Their Original Point Of Views

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PBS Kids' Arthur contains a diverse cast of characters. The characters are all animals, but kids could relate to the situations they went through. Viewers could relate to what the kids went through as students, from tests, homework on the weekends, and being embarrassed by what our parents do for a living.

The Arthur kids eventually grew up and learned that what happens in elementary school stays in elementary school. Organicpencils on Tumblr has a drawn the kids as college students who look ready to take on the world with the knowledge Mr. Ratburn has taught them. Arthur is still wearing glasses and refusing to use contact lenses. Buster and Francine are always by his side. The friends have grown close over the years and refuse to let distance keep them apart.

13 We’re Proud Of How Much She Has Grown

via: payle.deviantart.com

The Proud Family aired on the Disney Channel for four years. It was a family friendly-drama starring Penny, a fourteen-year-old girl trying to survive through Junior High. She goes through the emotional rollercoasters that most young teens have to face right before entering High School.

PayLe on DeviantArt knew that Penny was meant for greatness.

The artist has drawn Penny on her last day of college. Instead of casual clothing, Penny is wearing a graduation cap and gown. This image is celebrating Penny's graduation from college. Her closest relatives have joined the celebration. Even Puff the Dog, their family pooch, made it to Penny's big day. We can't help but wonder what else is in store for Penny in the future.

12 Ginger Brings Her Tale To College

via: valentinabelicce.tumblr.com

As Told By Ginger is another one of Nickelodeon's slice-of-life story about Junior High School students just trying to survive. Ginger detailed in her journal about her trials with friends, popularity, and love interests. Once she learned that there is more to life than school, she became a much happier person. Ginger didn't face those struggles alone. Her two best friends Dodie and Macie were always by her side.

Valentina Belice has drawn the best friends as college students. The smiles on their faces indicate that they no longer care about petty Junior High School drama. They're ready to learn about changing the world and making a difference. Their friendship will keep them grounded as they deal with final exams and unsavory dorm roommates.

11 Fighting Crime Between Exams

via: gretlusky.deviantart.com

The Teen Titans spend most of their time wearing crime-fighting uniforms. They're concerned with saving their city from evil. It can be easy to forget that they're only teenagers. We're sure that these bright teens have been studying behind the scenes.

These Teen Titans are ready to take a small break from saving the world to getting a college diploma.

Gretlusky has given us insight on what Terra, Raven, Starfire, and Bumblebee would look like as college students. Terra's outfit is similar to her costume since she prefers to be comfortable. Raven is wearing mostly black and some splashes of green for color. Starfire's outfit is bright and eccentric, just like her personality. Bumblebee shows off her confident personality in a stunning yellow and black leather gear.

10 Learning New Lessons After Saving The World

via: Destiny-Smasher.deviantart.com

The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender has been through several life-threatening adventures. Just like most shows starring children, they didn't have the opportunity to go to school. They were forced to fulfill their destinies at a young age. The experience made them closer as friends but kept them from reading their full intellectual potential.

Destiny-Smasher shows the kids as young adults. The cast is enjoying the rewards of years of hard work. Aang and Katara, who started their adventure early, can now relax and focus on becoming closer. We can't help but feel happy for these kids. They now have the opportunity to attend places of higher learning. They're still athletic kids and take to the ice with no issues.

9 A Miraculous New Change

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir stars two characters, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, in Paris. They don't know each other's real identities. That doesn't keep them from having feelings for each other in both their ordinary lives and when they're fighting crime. During the series, they are young teenagers involved in the fashion industry.

Thanks to this fanart by Gittana, we have a look at Marinette and Adrien as college students.

We haven't seen the teenagers during high school, but it appears that they have become close. Marinette and Adrien are about to embark on their very first day of college. Marinette was once a shy teenager, but now she's confident and ready to show the world her fashion designs.

8 Used His Athletic Skills To Earn A Scholarship

via: hyung86.deviantart.com

Aladdin is known as an orphaned "street-rat" who steals from vendors in the marketplace. He always tries to help those less fortunate than he is. Aladdin uses his athletic skills to escape the guards of Agrabah. Hyung86 shows us how far Aladdin could go with his skills in college. Aladdin has earned an athletic scholarship and no longer has to steal food to eat. He's wearing a stylish tracksuit, and his sneakers appear to be both fashionable and functional. He's happy to have a quiet life where he doesn't have to scrape by to survive. He can spend his days attending class instead of getting scolded by adults. After he graduates, we're sure that he will stop breaking the law and go far in the world.

7 Summer Vacation Couldn’t Last Forever

via: buryooooo.deviantart.com

Dipper and Mabel Pines spend an endless Summer with their Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls. Mable wants to have fun while Dipper tries to understand the mysteries of the small town. The show only gets more confusing, but the only thing we are sure of is the twins eventually have to go back home. The show only focuses on the twins as young teens. Buryooooo shows us what Dipper and Mabel will look like as college students.

Dipper and Mabel may end up more mature and ready to put the mysterious Gravity Falls behind them.

On the other hand, high school may completely change them into sophisticated young adults. The artwork in the middle shows the students as we know them on the show. They still retain their outgoing personalities but know how important college is to their future.

6 Bart’s Childhood Follows Him Into College Radio

via: the-quill-warrior.deviantart.com

College offers several different opportunities outside of class. There are Greek organizations, business associations, and athletic clubs. Many kids have the chance to take part on the local college radio station. In this artwork by the-quill-warrior, Bart Simpson has taken advantage of the opportunity to be on the air. He's not alone. Beside Bart is Jessica Lovejoy, a young woman who has made his life miserable since he was a kid. She has a sarcastic grin on her face, and it's clear that she hasn't changed as much as he has. She's waiting for him to make a mistake on air so that she can mock him for it. Bart was probably not expecting to have to deal with childhood drama in college.

Art by The-Quill-Warrior.

5 A Time Of Learning Before The Storm

via: askthecollegegems.tumblr.com

When we first meet the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe, we don't know much about them. We know that Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are protecting Steven with their lives. As the series progresses, we learn that Steven is half-gem, thanks to his mother, Rose. The Crystal Gems stay close to Steven, but we don't get much insight on how they met. Spoon of Askthecollegegems on Tumblr decided to change things. The artist has drawn the Gems as younger adults who are in college.

Before their fates would change, the Gems would learn more about their worlds and how to hone their skills at a university.

They seem to be happier having fewer responsibilities. While their time together would be short, it's comforting to know that they never took their friendship for granted.

4 We Hope Her Neighbors Don’t Mind The Noise

via: hot--dog.deviantart.com

Luna Loud is one of the oldest characters in The Loud House. At fifteen years old, she's already going through growing pains at Royal Woods High School. All Luna wants to do is to play guitar and rock out to music. Since Luna's house is always filled with people, she doesn't have room to party as much as she wants.

Hot--dog shows us what may happen once Luna enters college. She has her room and can listen to music as loud as she wants, as long as she wears headphones. Her desk shows that she's not eating well. Luna's body is being fueled by fast food and countless bottles of soda. Luna may need that sugar rush to help her make it through exams and late night jam sessions.

3 Their Love Story Started Early

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The Dragon Ball series focuses on action and revenge. Few viewers watch the show to see romantic developments. Goku and Chi-Chi's romance was treated in a lighthearted manner while we watched Videl and Gohan slowly fall in love. Bulma has had a few romances through the series, but no one has stolen her heart like Vegeta. We didn't get to see their romance on-screen, only the results.

Red Violett slows Vegeta and Bulma's relationship down by showing us how they could have met.

Vegeta is attending college. He meets Bulma during this time. Bulma makes it clear that she likes him, but he isn't sure how to react. His mind suddenly turns from college courses to this beautiful blue-haired genius at his side. It's nice to know that they still end up together, no matter what alternate universe.

2 Fighting Evil After Final Exams

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Sailor Moon tells the story of a group of teenager girls. They are forced to deal with serious issues in their battle to save Earth, but still, have time to be high school students. The series often skips the time between college to adulthood. We know the girls grown up to raise children, but not much else.

Jen Bartel gives us insight on the friends in college. The Inner Scouts are still best friends, even though they might be attending different schools. This is similar to when the girls were in high-school. Mina and Raye attended schools across town, while Amy, Lita, and Serena stayed close. The girls are expressing themselves through their fashion choices. They may grow older, but they're still a unique group of planet protectors.

1 They’ve Got Brains And Beauty

via: instagram.com/foxville_art

The Disney Princesses have often been portrayed as being damsels-in-distress waiting to be rescued. Over the years, they have changed to be powerful fighters, business owners, and intelligent bookworms. Most of them have had private tutors who have taught them over the years. Princesses like belle have taken their schooling into their own hands.

Anoosha Syed has drawn several princesses as self-motivated college students.

Their outfits are all based on their starring Disney films. Mulan is an athletic woman who is ready to defeat any threat that stands before her. Snow White has a handheld "mirror," a mobile phone. Tiana carries a lilypad purse in honor of her time as a frog princess. After everything they've been through, college should be easy.

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