25 Kids Toys Worth A Worth A Fortune At Auction

These incredible kids toys held their value over a long period of time.

No childhood would be complete without found memories playing with your favorite toys. Though they are locked away today, your life will not have been the same without them. Of course, everyone used to play with something different and everyone's toy box had different kinds of magic. If you dug them out of your attic, your old toys are more than likely worn or broken. No child left all their toys in the box, but you might be surprised just how much some of them would be worth if you did.

Some of us still collect these old toys from our childhood and to find one in good condition would be worth a lot to the buyer. Some toys are considered to be pretty rare and every now and then one will pop up in its original packaging and will sell for thousands. In some cases, buyers will even pay a lot for "loose" items if they are still in good condition. You never know what people collect —  anything from G.I. Joe Action Figures to old video games. If you have any of these things buried around the house, you may want to see what you can get for them.

25 Super Soakers

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When you were a kid and summertime rolled around, at some point you and your friends were sure to have a water fight. From water balloons to jumping over a sprinkler, one thing is for certain: having fun while staying cool was the best part of summer. Hands-down, the king of summer fun was the Super Soaker, but who knew these toys would ever be worth so much today?

In some cases, you could sell an old Super Soaker for over $300!

These are going to be hard to find even in good condition since they were so well loved as summer toys.

24 The First Edition Shadowless Alakazam Pokémon Card

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We know, you probably gave away or sold your old cards way too soon. Well, for anyone that has not sold all of your Pokémon cards yet you may want to keep an eye out for this special Alakazam. It was part of the first edition of trading cards and has a shimmering background. This card in mint condition is worth over $6000 to the right buyer. Money well spent on all those booster packs!

23 Hot Wheels

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If Matchbox Cars were not your thing, you probably preferred Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels cars quickly became just as popular as its competitor due to the more realistic look of the cars themselves.

Not to mention the race track sets were awesome!

Through the years they have created many numbered collector's editions that are worth bank. A large collection can even be worth $9000. Obviously, the closer you can get to the first one made, the better.

22 Barbie Dolls

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Just like G.I. Joes, Barbie dolls have a very high collectible value. They do not have to even be from the original set to be worth money either! Some of their limited run special editions can be worth thousands of dollars. But just how much is a 1959 original Barbie doll worth? Well, you can find them for about eight thousand dollars. If you want one in mint condition, one sold for $27,450.

21 Pez Dispensers

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What a strange candy right? It is one of a kind, since you do not just open the packaging and dig right in, you are meant to store them in a dispenser and eat them one at a time. There are few, if any, other brands of candy that work that way, making it one of the most unique candies around — and kids love their novelty candy, I tell you what. The dispensers have had almost any theme you can think of, and various vintage models can sell for hundreds of dollars or even for thousands.

20 Masters Of The Universe Action Figures

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Looking back, He-Man was one of the most iconic cartoons of the 80s. It was a very interesting show and no doubt a product of its time.

Of course, with popularity comes toys to sell alongside the show.

Today these toys can be worth over a thousand if still packaged with He-Man inside. Not to mention, certain Skeletor figures selling for five to eight hundred. An awesome show and some awesome toys, it is a shame that both are not being made anymore.

19 G.I. Joes

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Can Friends not come out to play? Well, it must be G.I. Joe time. These action figures were a staple of many of our childhood dating back as far as 1964. So where are yours now? Sold at a garage sale or in a landfill most likely, but for some of you that held on to yours, you may want to see how much they are worth. If you happen to have a G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command in the box it could be worth as much as $8000. Some older figures have also sold for as high as $10,000 a figure.

18 Star Wars Toys

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If you happen to have any Star Wars Toys laying around from the 90s or before you might want to check what they are worth. Especially Boba Fett's older figures have been very popular at auctions. The expected value for one in the box is at least $1800 and is even worth $45 in good condition without the box. If you happen to have the Luke Skywalker with telescopic lightsaber though, you could be $7000 richer. Not bad considering some of these models are a little derpy looking.

17 Teddy Ruxpin

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When you were young and needed someone to read you a bedtime story there is a good chance that story came from a Teddy Ruxpin. Oh, back in the day of cassette tapes this little bear put a large number of us asleep. They do not make toys like they used to and if you have a working one of these then you could be looking at upwards of $2000. As long as you do not still need it to fall asleep that is.

16 Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

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These things were a huge phenomenon back in the 80s and every girl you knew had one.

Today they are still fairly popular, but nothing like back in the day.

If you are a collector there is not a much worth in one doll alone, as there is in having a collection of them to sell together. For the case of Pat and Joe Prosey, they have a collection of 5000 dolls that they are willing to part with for $360,000!

15 Mario Kart 64

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Let's be honest, this was a childhood favorite of almost every 90s kid. If you didn't have a Nintendo 64 then you wanted to be at your friend's house to play it. With the prices of old games beginning to skyrocket, you could sell one of these for a lot of money. New copies of the game can be found for as high as $750 with the cartridge alone being as high as $52. Though, would you really want to sell this classic?

14 Game Boys

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If you were a Pokémon fan in the early 90s, then you had a Game Boy to play one of the five original games on. Personally, I had one of the purple see though ones. But if you were lucky enough to have one of the Game Boy Light models then you make want to double check what condition it is in. Used they can go for $244 and new in the box right at $1000! This is not to be confused with the attachment that shined a light on the game, those are only worth $20.

13 Monopoly


Ah, the much-beloved game of hatred and frustration, Monopoly. You love it, you hate it, and you never have time for a full game.

Just remember, your grandma always cheats at Monopoly.

There have been uncountable versions of this game rereleased over the years but if you want to sell one for a good profit you will need one of the old 1930s versions of the game. These have sold for thousands of dollars at auction and even modern limited editions go for hundreds.

12 Socker (Sock'em) Boppers

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As a kid, you probably wanted to punch your friends from time to time. But their parents' and yours would prefer you to not do that. So what do you do? Well, you would buy Sock'em Boppers, known now as Socker Boppers. Socker Boppers are inflatable boxing gloves that cushion the blow of a punch to allow for a new level of play fighting. If you still have a set of these they can be worth $90, roughly three times what you paid for them.

11 Furby

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One of the more creepy toys that most of us had was, of course, Furby. Maybe it was how they seemed to just wake up and talk to us at the strangest times, but they were strange. They were a Tamagotchi and a teddy bear mixed together. However, if you did happen to want this specific one new and in the box, it could cost you as high as $750. No small price for love, that's for sure.

10 Tonka Trucks


We all played in the dirt as kids, for better or worse. If you were regularly coming home covered in dirt, you probably had a Tonka truck.

Much to your parents' frustration.

Of course, Tonka is still around today making their trucks and tractors but some of their older models are insanely expensive. Models of their delivery van and fire engines can go as high as $700. Just be sure to wash the muck off of them first.

9 Matchbox Cars

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Everyone is familiar with toy cars and one of the most famous brands is Matchbox. The legacy of these cars began in 1953 — of course, they quickly became collectors' items. Matchbox Cars continued through the years, and certain collections can be worth upwards of $200,000. If they are as well loved as the one in the picture, that number may be much lower.

8 The Capcom: Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine

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Pinball machines are a fading but cherished commodity. Many of the older, especially movie related, pinball machines can go for tens of thousands of dollars. But one that you may never have heard of is the Big Bang Bar machine by Capcom. The 1996 model is one of the most sought after by collectors because there were only a handful ever created. Needless to say, it's been awhile since one of these went for auction, but if one did today, it would assuredly be worth more than anything else on this list.

7 Beanie Babies

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So remember when people collected Beanie Baby animals? If you know someone that did, chances are that they told you that one day their collection would be worth millions. Well, this was for the most part, not the case. However, there are some that people will pay top dollar for. You never know what will be of value to someone but one example is this set of four worth $17,000! Also, some of the early "Peanut" elephants were a darker blue than intended, these are worth at least $1000.

6 Steiff Bears


This one is more likely in grandma's toy chest then yours, but who knows where one might be. Steiff is a German company that began making their treasured bears in the late 1800s. There are not many left around in decent condition, but even with some wear, you will be making a huge profit. A Steiff bear sold in 2008 for $4312.50. At this point, they are definitely more antiques then toys.

5 Mego Elastic Batman


If you are a little younger, you probably do not know what a Stretch Armstrong is. The idea was that they could be stretched to any shape you felt like and it would always go back. And, perhaps more importantly, they made a Batman variation.

The problem with the Mego Elastic Batman is that since Mego was sued for their product being so similar to the Stretch Armstrong, there are only a few out in the wild. The last one sold was in 2006 for $15,000.

4 Action Comics #1

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Ok, so it is not a toy, but it is certainly something you would find near the toy box in the attic. Everyone knows that comic collections can get pricey. With first editions and originals are the most sought after. Action Comics #1 was the first comic to ever have Superman in it. These were originally printed in 1938 and one sold in, impressively good condition, back in 2014 for a jaw-dropping $3.2 Million.

3 Nintendo's Stadium Events Game

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This one is considered to be the rarest NES cartridges out there. In the West, the game was renamed to World Class Track shorty after release making the original cartridges very hard to find. The cartridge alone is worth nearly $9000, but one in the package is worth around $35,000. The shame is that the game can not be played using a normal controller, it needs a special control pad that you run on, which are also very rare and expensive.

2 TMNT Action Figures

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were massive in the 80s and 90s so, of course, there were action figures of all main characters. Even though (some) of their popularity has wavered over the years, there are still hardcore fans nostalgic for the original series. One of the more popular items that can still be found are the figures of the character Scratch. In mint condition, they are worth $1600. The strange thing is this toy is not even that rare, it is just the last one produced in 1993.

1 Lego Millennium Falcon

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Now, of course, there have been many Lego versions of the famous spaceship, but the original (7190 model) is by far the most expensive. If you can find one with all the parts, instructions, and the box this Lego set is worth as high as $1000.

That is an insanely expensive box of legos!

Strangely, the new sets are being sold for over $700 and they are still being made. So if you have one it cost a pretty penny, no matter what year it was made.

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