29 Worst Kids Toys That Look Nothing Like The Characters

Just because a package says that a toy is a certain character doesn't mean that it actually looks anything like it.

As long as there has been films and TV shows, there has been merchandise to show our love for the things we enjoy. A large part of this merchandise is made up of toys and action figures that spend most of their time displayed on shelves.

Depending on what decade you grew up in, when we were kids many of the toys we came to love bordered on the strange and creepy. Action figures meant to depict great heroes and glorious amazons ended up looking more like bits of plastic that sat in the sun for too long. As adult nerds, we come to realize that the toys we enjoyed as children were not the greatest, be it terribly inaccurate or just downright creepy. The world of toy movie memorabilia is as vast as it gets, while quality and accuracy can run the gamut from highly detailed figures costing several hundred dollars to the dime-store figures found at garage sales. You have to think what made producing some of these toys seem like a good idea, some are rather spooky or just pointless.

Sometimes when an attempt to create a great toy is made, it just doesn't work out. There are several reasons that this could happen. Maybe they ran out of time while making them. Maybe something went wrong during the production process. We don't know! These are a few toys that didn't quite live up to their characters. At least they tried, we guess!

29 Ghost Rider

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In 2007, a live-action adaptation of the Ghost Rider comics was produced by Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures. The film didn't do great at the box office and wasn't received well by fans. This toy was released as part of the Ghost Rider memorabilia for the Nicolas Cage film, the figure was produced and widely marketed. Even though it has little resemblance to the actor himself. Other, more expensive, figures closely resemble the likeness of Nicolas Cage and are designed for collectors. This toy is not one of these figures.

28 Frodo Baggins

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As a continuation of the Lord of the Rings films, their prequel The Hobbit was split into a series of three films. The first of which was The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey starring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. There were several different versions of Freeman's character were released in toy form. None compare to the one produced by The Bridge Direct, this figure takes the cake as far as inaccuracy. The facial likeness nor the costume or even the hair have any resemblance to the character it is based on.

27 The Comedian (Watchmen)

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Another superhero film that is responsible for one of the worst action figures on the market in 2009 was Watchmen. The film itself was quite well received but some of the memorabilia was just truly awful. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrayed The Comedian with such conviction and intensity this toy produced by Mattel is embarrassing in comparison. The toy is supposed to resemble him somewhat as it was released as movie merchandise, but it just looks like an old man version of The Comedian character.

26 Rocky Balboa & Mickey Goldmill

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Some movie memorabilia just doesn't stand the test of time, so it is remade with modern techniques. Such it the case with these vinyl figures, they were produced by NECA in 2018 and based on a set of puppets made in the 1990s. The Rocky statue isn't that bad, it is quite detailed but the Mickey figure is just spooky, with its bulging eyes and awkward positioning. As the statues were based on puppets, not the actual characters, you can't really blame NECA for the creepiness of the figures.

25 Human Torch

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It seems that 2007 was the year of mostly disappointing comic adaptions, including the film version of Fantastic Four. The film was painfully dated with terrible CGI effects and even worse acting. In line with the overall mediocrity of the film, Hasbro produced a whole line of Human Torch figures meant to resemble Chris Evans' depiction of Human Torch, emphasis on the "meant to." They definitely failed spectacularly, as they more closely resemble buts of melted plastic than something on fire. These wonderfully hilarious figures are truly fantastic, fantastically terrible.

24 Link (Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time)

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The Legend of Zelda is a series that is widely loved the world over by many. Ocarina of Time is no different, it is definitely a favorite among fans of the series. Even though it is widely loved, Ocarina of Time is not immune to the curse of terrible toys. As an official licensed Nintendo product, you would think the attention to detail and accuracy would be better. This Link figure more resembles some sort of primate than the hero of time. The proportions are hilarious; Nintendo seems to forgotten that necks are necessary.

23 Pikachu

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Yet another hilariously bad piece of officially licensed Nintendo memorabilia, this Pikachu plush toy is what nightmares are made of. The solid black eyes and vacant expression are spooky. As a product of the 1990s, it was in very high demand but nowadays it would definitely spook any child that sees it. Pikachu is the cute and cuddly mascot for Nintendo's Pokémon series and this creepy toy more resembles a lumpy, yellow ghost from Pac-Man than the electric mouse creature it is meant to be.

22 Super Mario Happy Meal Figures

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Some of Nintendo's terribly designed toys haven't been their own fault. As a part of a promotion for Super Mario Bros., Nintendo joined forces with the McDonald's Happy Meal Toy designers to bring us the most hysterically bad video game toys. Over the years the Golden Arches has produced some questionable toys, and these are definitely at the top of the list. Each toy in the line has some questionable design choices; Mario resembles a lumpy mushroom while Luigi seems to have no midsection.

21 Thor

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Produced by the Marx toy company in 1967, this delightful Thor toy; complete with flowing cape and a fabulous pink scooter was one of the rarest Marvel toys on the market in recent years. This toy bares little resemblance to the god of thunder, but makes up for it with hysterical whimsy. Who wouldn't want the all-powerful Thor riding on a pink scooter on their shelf? This would be a wonderful conversation starter next to a Cap tea set.

20 Snaggletooth (Star Wars)

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As one of the most pointless and obscure of action figures that came from Star Wars: A New Hope; this 3-inch Snaggletooth toy is just so goofy looking, it's hysterical. Produced in 1978 as a part of the original Keener line of Star Wars figure, this toy is very rare. Even though the toy looks more like a bi-pedal warthog than the actual character, this little toy is worth quite a bit on the online auction circuit, one toy fetching over $650 on eBay.

19 Britney Spears Barbie

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As the official producers of Barbie and her friends, Mattel has been notorious for their bad interpretations of characters and celebrities. One of their absolutely awful dolls were based on Britney Spears and her various music video looks; the whole line is just embarrassingly funny bordering on insulting, especially coming from such a highly regarded company. It really is a talent to make someone as beautiful as Britney Spears resemble one of the wicked witches from The Wizard of Oz.

18 April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

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Strongly suspected to by produced for the sole purpose of having a complete set of characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this toy is a hilarious interpretation of April O'Neil. As a character, she is meant to be shapely and feminine, but this toy looks more like He-Man than any female character. Instead of sporting a cute 80s bob, the Playmates toy producers decided to give her a nice, wholesome mom haircut, a modest yellow jumpsuit with fluorescent orange boots.

17 Storm (X-Men)

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Storm is one of the most popular characters from Marvel's X-men series; in the comics and the films. Toy Biz really dropped the ball with this figure, the majority of the smaller Marvel figures produced by them have been great, but this one missed the mark. They made Storm into a strange metallic robot. As such a strong and inspirational character, Toy Biz made really disappointing choices with this design, she barely looks anything like the character on the packaging.

16 Wonder Woman

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As part of the Comic Action Heroes line of figures produced by Mego Corp. in 1975, this toy is one of the earliest Wonder Woman action figures still available today. Measuring in at just over 3 inches high, she is short and stocky, closer to a repaint of Superman than what the Amazon is supposed to look like. The company probably had limitations as far as plastic molds to work with because she looks quite manly and the paint job is abysmal.

15 Vegeta

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The whole line of Rockers Dragon Ball Z minis are hilariously embarrassing, but the worst is definitely the Vegeta toy. The only resemblance being the color scheme of the suit and the yellow hair. If you were to look at the toy up close it is terribly goofy looking, resembling a disproportionate child's drawing of the character. However, the choice to sacrifice details may have been a stylistic one, as all of the toys in this line are painfully inaccurate.

14 Android 16


Sometimes when a North American company decides to make merchandise from a foreign franchise, the results sometimes are lost in translation. That's what happened with this Android 16 figure from Dragon Ball Z. Originally produced in Japan, the show has had some spectacular memorabilia. This toy is not one of them, measuring at about 2 inches tall, it's understandable why this little toy doesn't have a lot of detail to it; however, that is no excuse for how hilariously bad it is.

13 Steve Rogers

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Over the past few years we have had an absolutely saturated market full of superhero toys and memorabilia. It seems after every new film there is a new line of action figures for fans to add to their collection. This beefcake was part of the Marvel Legends series that came out after the release of the first Avengers film; however, the toy bears little resemblance to Chris Evans' Cap. This figure looks more like a model of a wrestler, painted to look like the first Avenger rather than an actual likeness to the onscreen version.

12 Beach Spider Man

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One of the more comical versions of the web-slinger, this is one of those toys that no one asked for but now everyone wants. Complete with web printed swim shorts, a baseball cap, and a branded beach-ball, Spidey is ready for a beach day in disguise. He is also ready to play lifeguard with his personal flotation device and a set of rippling muscles only seen on heroes like Superman. Another toy fail brought to us by the geniuses at Toy Biz.

11 Slime Trapped Jean Grey

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One of the more sought after Jean Grey toys, this figure came in a set with her boyfriend Cyclops, and we're not at all sure how this toy can even share the same name as the X-Men character, they don't look anything alike. Looking more like Slimer from Ghostbusters than a mutant, Jean looks like she's seen better days... at least her eyebrows have. For whatever reason, the producers at Toy Biz decided to give her brown hair and red eyebrows, as well as market her as an accessory to Cyclops.

10 Rick Grimes

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As one of the better toys on this list, this Rick Grimes figure is quite detailed as it was quite expensive when it was new on shelves. However looking at the face, it looks more like he is trying to seduce you with a smoldered reminiscent of Flynn Rider from Tangled than a scowl that Rick is seen sporting on The Walking Dead. Baring more of a resemblance to comedian Norm McDonald than Andrew Lincoln (who actually plays the character on television).

9 Princess Leia

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Also known as the Monkey-faced Leia, this toy produced by Hasbro is famous across the internet by how hysterically terrible it is and how little it resembles Carrie Fisher's character in Star Wars. Looking more like a bodybuilder than the space princess, this toy is truly one of the most ill-designed toys. Produced as part of Hasbro's first line of Star Wars toys, this action figure is in good company with some of the worst looking toys ever to be created.

8 The Baroness

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When a film is produced that is based on a line of toys, you would think that the figures produced as merchandise for the film would at least resemble the original characters. That is not the case with this Baroness action figure. Played by Sienna Miller in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the character is intense and confident and this toy is an insult to her. Looking quite goofy and nerdy, with her gangly frame and over-sized glasses, no amount of skin-tight jumpsuit could fix this toy.

7 The Penguin From Batman Returns

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Tim Burton's interpretation of the Batman characters was fresh and interesting and shared in part of his dark aesthetic, though the licensed merchandise fell short. Danny Devito's character The Penguin was creepy and sinister, this toy version is just silly looking. Having a closer resemblance to a bowling pin than the great actor that gave the character life, this toy really missed the mark. Maybe the toy designers at Kenner wanted the toy to look more like an actual penguin?

6 Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible)

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Produced by Tradewind Toys in 1996 as part of the merchandise for Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible, this is one of the most boring toys made for the film. Not sure in what stretch of the imagination this toy could be thought to look like Tom Cruise. Looking more like a He-Man figure with a generic man's head, this is one of the laziest figures ever created. This shows that even someone as well known as Tom Cruise can inspire mediocrity.

5 Catwoman Barbie

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One of the most insulting entries in this list, the Catwoman Barbie produced by Mattel is just sad. The toy designers didn't even try with this one, not even bothering to change the skin tone of the doll to resemble Halle Berry. Granted the film was an all-around flop, but that is no excuse for how terribly done this doll was. Unmasked, the doll is even worse, having received a tragic hack-job haircut, it doesn't resemble the actress in any way.

4 Lara Croft

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Created in 1997 for the Tomb Raider video game, this figure is yet another spectacular toy fail brought to you from Toy Biz. This is one is pretty strange looking; just look at those arms. This toy is supposed to resemble Lara Croft, but looks like she's seen better days. The paint job and the proportions are just so weird, the toy is really just hilarious. As well as no video game heroine would be complete with a collection of artillery and two bat-like monster friends.

3 Beauty And The Beast (2017)

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This one is absolutely hysterical. Mattel seems to have modeled their Belle, from the live-action Beauty and the Beast film, on Justin Bieber rather than Emma Watson who actually played the character on screen. As far as interpreting the likeness of real people, Mattel seems to fail superbly. The Beast doll isn't that bad by comparison, but for whatever reason, they decided to make Belle look nothing like her on-screen self. You would think a toy company with decades of experience would know how to translate a living person into doll form.

2 Princess Aurora

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Pez has a huge undertaking with trying to create recognizable versions of well-known characters for their dispensers and granted it would be quite difficult to turn a princess into a Pez dispenser, the look of this model is just bad. Other than the top of the dress and the tiara there is nothing that remotely resembles the Princess Aurora we know, Pez turned her into something from our worst dreams. The eyes that bare into your soul paired with that spooky grin makes for something super unnerving, unlike the beautiful Disney princess.

1 Batman & Robin

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One of the earliest pieces of television memorabilia on this list, these 3-inch figures were modeled after the 1966 versions of Batman and Robin, or so they are supposed to be. Without the labels and the color scheme, we would be hard-pressed to figure out who these characters were supposed to be. The Robin figure is more like a baby doll looking thing and the Batman is oddly proportioned and features the wrong logo on his chest. As silly as these two look, they show us that collector's items for our favorite characters can always get better.

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