Killer Chambers Wants To Be The Next Keyboard Smasher

Killer Chambers is a challenging test of reflexes and memory that's getting great reviews on Steam.

It's been a while since there was a video game that had Twitch streamers smashing keyboards out of rage, hasn't it? Well TheGamer may have just found the next rage-inducing game. Meet Killer Chambers, a bullet hell on a ridiculously small scale. The game throws players into small rooms – typically small squares where one can only jump and slide to either side – and asks them to make it through a rain of arrows, spells, and fish with only one life.

Killer Chambers is currently available on Steam for $4.99. The game's story follows Brave Lord, a brave... lord who takes on the Killer Chambers of the Royal Palace to obtain the King's Crow and save his realm. The palace's chambers are already riddled with traps, but Brave Lord must also face Lord Grave, a ghost who summons creatures to fortify the defenses. Players take control of Brave Lord through each tiny room, dodging the seemingly endless storm of projectiles.

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Developer Village Bench makes it a point to say that Killer Chambers is "very hard, claustrophobic, and sadistic." There's no way to escape or "beat" a room. The only way to win is to survive until the hourglass on the side of the screen stops pouring sand.

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To go along with that, however, they stress that Killer Chambers is fair. The rooms actually have set patterns to them, so victory is possible through a combination of memory and reflexes. Also, there are items that give Brave Lord powers to help him survive. The most important of these are 12 hats that grant special powers like stopping time or shielding him from attacks that come from above.

Steam reviews are few and largely positive. Users praise the extreme difficulty but also agree with the notion that the game is fair. Many also praise the story's sense of humor. Considering the game's low price, almost all agree that it's well worth it.

With so much Twitch drama revolving around unfair bans and people leaving the platform, it would be nice to return to the days when the biggest thing in streaming was impossibly hard games. Maybe someone should buy their favorite streamer a copy of Killer Chambers and let things take off from there...

Source: Killer Chambers Steam Page

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