25 Not Good Things About Kim Possible

Kim Possible was an animated series that premiered on The Disney Channel in 2002 and came to an abrupt end in 2007. If you were between the ages of 8-15, you probably knew the famous words, "call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me." You most likely knew all of the words to the theme song, that was sung by none other than Christina Milian.

The series was globally famous and gave fans something to look forward to every week. Kim was just your average teen that could basically do anything. Literally anything. KP saved the world from evil on a weekly basis and still somehow managed to have a social life, on top of attending classes at Middleton High School. She was also a cheerleader.

Kim Possible made girls all over the world feel empowered., giving them the feeling that they could do anything too. With some setting their cellphones to the famous text sound that KP had on her communicator and adding the theme song as a ringtone. Of course, KP couldn’t do all of this alone. She gave off the persona that she could do it all by herself, but the fans knew better. She had her best friend Ron Stoppable, her Whizkid pal Wade, and of course, Rufus the adorable and clever mole rat. Still, Kim Possible fans loved her and all of the flaws that she possessed. So, let's take a look at the parts of Kim Possible that made fans roll their eyes on more than one occasion.

25 Kim Kept Ron In The Friend Zone For Way Too Long

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Kim and Ron were the best friends that everyone wishes they had. They’ve been best friends since preschool. They were there for each other whenever there was a problem and would completely ride or perish for each other. Unfortunately, Kim kept Ron in the friend zone for way too long.

Seriously Kim? You couldn’t see the signs that were clearly there?

Any Kim Possible fan could see it, so why couldn’t you? Ron was always there when she needed him, listening to all of her problems and all of her boy trouble issues. Either Kim was oblivious, or she didn’t want to be with Ron and just couldn’t tell him to his face. In So The Drama, Ron confessed his feelings for Kim but it still took a while for it to click.

24 Not Enough Diverse Characters


Kim Possible has always been an icon. She was a teenage girl/secret agent that could literally do anything. The story was always engaging, leaving you excited to watch the next episode. One of the problems with Kim Possible was the lack of diversity. You could literally count on one hand how many characters of color there were. A show so popular should’ve had more diversity with its characters. No shade to the creators and Disney but the problem with this is that kids want to see characters that look like them. It gives them something to relate to, letting them fully engage with the show and even giving them a chance for cosplay. Representation matters and even though the show is over now. There is always the possibility of a reboot in the future, with the hopes that more diversity will play a part.

23 The Character Wade


Wade was a cool character. He was smart and he basically helped Kim from the beginning of her missions to the end. Unfortunately, Wade never really left his “lair,” except for maybe one or two times. Wade did so much with assisting Kim that no one really took notice.

It makes you wonder why he never really left to go out on actual missions with the dynamic duo.

Sure the threesome would’ve become a foursome, but think of how awesome it would've been for the team to have Kim, Ron, Wade, and Rufus. Wade could make gadgets and participate in missions instead of engaging from the sidelines. He may have preferred it that way, seeing how wade was the ultimate introvert. Just him being surrounded by his computer and his gadgets brought him pure joy.

22 The Show Was Cancelled


Disney may have given Kim Possible a final season, but that’s because it was canceled. Fans think that because there was a final season because the show ran its course and ended naturally. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Kim Possible could have run for a decent amount of time. In fact, the show was so popular it could’ve run for at least 7 seasons before ending. The final season felt abrupt and rushed. The ending gave fans what they wanted but it didn’t feel natural. We know if the show ran longer that Kim would’ve kept Ron In the friend zone for a little while longer. Even though the show only ran for 4 seasons, you can find plenty of fans on forums that feel the exact same way.

21 A Live-Action Movie


That’s right fellow KP fans. There is a live action movie in the works.

*insert heavy sigh*

Disney has already started the hunt in casting the perfect Kim Possible cast, which will include, Ron Stoppable, Rufus the mole rat, Wade our favorite computer nerd genius, and the rest of the characters. One good thing about this Live-Action adaptation is that the original creators of Kim Possible, Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, are writing the script.

The script won’t be written and butchered by someone who doesn’t really know the characters or the show that well.

Rejoice! Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley will also executive produce the movie. Which, sweetens the deal even more. KP fans already have low expectations for the film. They can only hope that the creators make a movie that does the show justice.

20 Bella Thorne Might Star In Kim Possible Live-Action Movie

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Since the announcement of the Kim Possible Live-Action movie, rumors have been circulating heavily. Bella Thorne possibly playing Kim is one of those rumors. The ex-Disney star has some dedicated fans that are currently petitioning for her to play the lead as Kim Possible. Bella's fans express that they would love to see her back in the Disney fold. They also mentioned that they were concerned about her for last few years since she’s previously posted a slightly-concerning Snapchat story in the past. In conjunction with The announcement of the KP live-action movie, KP fans have come up with their own full cast. Yara Shahidi as Monique, Camila Mendes as Bonnie, Josh Hutchinson as Ron Stoppable, David Harbour as Drakken, Dove Cameron as Shego, and Kyle Massey as Wade. Guess we’ll just have to see what Disney has up their sleeve.

19 Disney's 65th Episode Rule Was The Reason Kim Possible Ended

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Have you ever wondered why your favorite Disney Channel shows ended abruptly, without really getting a final ending? Well, that’s because Disney had what they called a 65th episode rule that applied to shows in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. This stated that no show could really go beyond 65 episodes, which boiled down to 2 or 3 seasons depending on the show.

Kim Possible, unfortunately, fell under this rule, forcing the show out.

Yes, the show got it’s 4th and final season, but the show was technically canceled at season 3. With this rule finally coming to the public's attention, we learned that the success of shows in the past didn't really matter for their longevity. Disney has changed their rule now to 4 seasons. Thank goodness.

18 Kim Always Had Bad Luck With Romance

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Why is it with most shows that center around a female protagonist that she has to be unlucky in love? Kim Possible was no different. Kim always had the issue of dealing with young men her age. Granted, she developed crushes quickly and had her heart broken on numerous occasions, but why couldn’t she have at least one successful relationship? Sure, fans knew that she should’ve been with Ron once they started showing feelings for each other, but we know how television works. The show wouldn’t have been as good without some tension and both characters denying their feelings for each other. Having Kim date other guys made this tension even thicker. Take note Disney, at least give your future female protagonist at least one successful relationship, without it crashing and burning.

17 Shego Was A Superhero Turned Villain

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Shego wasn’t always a villain. In fact, Shego didn’t always have powers either. When Shego was younger, she and her brothers were struck by what was known as a rainbow comet. This granted them superpowers. Being young with powers, Shego and her brothers formed a team known as Team Go, a crime-fighting family that defended their hometown, Go City.

So cute and cliche right?

So how did Shego become a villain? According to her brother Hego, the more Team Go fought crime, the more Shego was attracted to the lifestyle. Though Shego claimed otherwise. She was fed up with her with her brothers, Hego in particular, and left the team, later finding employment with Dr. Drakken. Apparently, he paid well, sweetening the deal and giving Shego interesting work to do.

16 Two Words: Kim's Parents


Being a teenager and dealing with your parents just comes with the territory. So, what’s the sitch on Kim's parents? The show never really shined a light on her parents. They made appearances and ended up in a little trouble here and there, but their daughter is a secret agent. Ann Possible and James Possible were scientists. Why wasn’t more done with these brilliant characters? Ann and James could’ve been more involved in their daughter's secret agent life. Maybe making her gadgets? Yes, we know that Wade was the one that did that but what if Wade wasn’t available? One of her parents could’ve stepped in and assisted. Having two parents as scientists could’ve made Kim the ultimate secret agent. But, knowing Kim, she wasn’t too fond of constantly having her parents around. Sorry, Ann and James, you’re just going to have to sit this one out.

15 The Live-Action Move Will Be A Disney Channel Original Movie


It’s not surprising that Disney wouldn’t let anyone else but themselves make this movie. The movie won’t be premiering in theaters, which is another letdown. The movie will be a Disney Channel original. The Disney Channel has had some great movies in the past. High School Musical was a major hit and kids during the early 2000’s was obsessed with the trilogy.

So, making the Kim Possible movie a Disney Channel original isn’t a bad idea, but fans deserve a little more than that.

Why not have this movie premiere in the theaters? The now grown-ups that watched the series when they were 11 and 12 would be very proud to see it in theaters. Seeing one of their favorite series on the big screen would feel just as sweet as Incredibles 2 finally being released.

14 Why Didn’t Shego Ever Become A Full Fledged Solo Villain?


We already know that Shego wasn’t always a villain. She’s worked under Dr. Drakken for a long time but an infuriating question was, “why didn’t she ever go solo?” Shego has always been smarter than Dr. Drakken, with her quick wit and quick solutions to problems. Shego only joined up with Dr. Drakken because he paid well. Being paid well makes you put up with bosses who aren’t exactly well-rounded. Shego could’ve left Dr. Drakken in the dust and went on to do her own thing. If Shego did go solo, she would’ve been very successful and easily beat out Dr. Drakken. Other villains would go, “Dr. Drakken who?” Who knows, maybe in the live-action movie they’ll show Shego on her own. After all, she deserves it.

13 Two Kim Possible DVDs Were Only Released In Europe And Australia


DVD’s were a big deal in the 2000’s and having your favorite series on a DVD made it easy to watch your favorite shows whenever you wanted, considering not everyone had DVR.

There were 8 Kim Possible DVD’s that were released but 2 of them were only released in other countries.

Kim Possible: Monkey Business, was released in Europe and Australia only. The Kim Possible Movie: Graduation was only released in France. It made fans wonder why two of their favorite series' DVD’s weren’t released in the U.S where the series originated. Not sure why Disney let this happen or why they wouldn’t just release the DVDs here, but thanks to the wonderful world of streaming you can just watch your favorite episodes online.

12 Kim Constantly Denying Her Feelings For Ron

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From the beginning, fans have shipped Kim and Ron. Sure, early on they constantly claimed they were “just friends” and there was nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, when things started to come to light, Kim constantly denied that she had feelings for Ron or she would try to work around the subject when it was brought up. No wonder all of her relationships failed. No offense Kim, but constantly denying something that you clearly knew was true was not the way to go about it. Fans got what they wanted in the final episode, but let's be honest here. It shouldn’t have taken until the final episode for them to finally accept their feelings for each other. Kim was mainly to blame for that while Ron just waited patiently with hope.

11 Why Was Kim Getting A Job When She Was A Secret Agent

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We all know that Kim was a secret agent, so why was she trying to find a job, if she had one of the greatest yet dangerous jobs in the world? What was the point of a part-time job anyway? Don’t secret agents get paid millions of dollars for constantly risking their lives? Well, no actually. Kim doesn’t get paid. In fact, the work that she does is for free.

Wait, hold on, rewind.

Yes, Kim Possible does not get paid for the work that she does. When Dr. Drakken steals something from the government, or a well known scientist. KP gets a call to come in and help. Saving the world is a hobby for Kim and she enjoys doing it even though she’s not getting paid for it. Do what you love KP.

10 Monique’s Character Had No Pupils

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Kim possible didn’t have a lot of diverse characters, but did anyone take a good look at the character Monique? This character had no pupils. There were a lot of characters on the show that had pupils. including Kim, Shego, Ann Possible, and even Rufus. How could a mole rat have pupils, and not a character that was a person? Unfortunately, Monique wasn’t the only one who didn’t have pupils. Ron didn’t have pupils and neither did Wade. So what’s the deal, Disney? Certain characters weren't allowed to have pupils, including Ron, who was a character that was featured in every episode. Not sure what the deal with Disney was, but if you’re going to draw one character with pupils shouldn’t they all have pupils? They have to be able to see right?

9 Bonnie’s Character Wasn’t Realistic

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Everyone deals with bullies. It just comes with the territory of growing up. Bonnie Rockwaller was a bully and Kim’s rival at Middleton High. The two have been rivals since they were in middle school.

Bonnie comes off as cold, self-centered, dismissive, and had a superiority complex.

Her character continued to maintain her alpha status, but how was she able to do that when Kim’s popularity outshined Bonnie's? Kim was one of the most popular girls at her school. People liked Kim and wanted to be around her, but life as a secret agent didn’t exactly make her available to constantly hang around and be the "it girl." It made sense that you couldn’t exactly have a nice popular girl without a mean girl in tow to balance everything out, and Bonnie was that girl.

8 Shego’s Real Name Was Never Revealed

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Some past events from Shego’s life were quite shocking when they were revealed. Her having a degree was a big shocker, but with everything that was revealed throughout the show. Why didn’t the creators ever reveal Shego’s real name? We know her brothers' names: Hego, Mego, and the Wego twins.

In the series finale, they could have revealed that part about the villain.

Who knows, maybe Shego had her records destroyed. Maybe she had that information sealed away. Maybe Shego’s real name is actually Shego and the writers revealed her name from the beginning. Her brothers had strange names so, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Shego’s name is real and not an alias. Since the show ended 11 years ago, we will never know if the name was authentic or not.

7 Ron Constantly Referred To Shego As Old

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Okay, Ron, there is a bone that has to be picked. Ron was always making a play about Shego’s age. It wasn’t exactly known how old the villain was, but it’s guessed that her age was around 205 or 305 years old. Shego looked amazing for her age and no one could tell her otherwise. She was flawless. Maybe that has something to do with her being struck by that rainbow comet back in the day. With her age came with the constant mentioning of how old she was by none other than, Ron Stoppable. It was fine as a joke the first time but quickly became old after the thousandth time. Ron, take notes, never ask a woman about her age and never talk about how old a woman is, even if they’re a villain.

6 Dr. Drakken Turns Good


Ron was the cause of the whole mess that turned Dr. Drakken good. In the episode “Bad Boy,” Ron accidentally broke the machine called the Attitudinator. This caused Drakken’s evil to be transferred to Ron and Drakken kept his good side. The thing with a scenario like this is, if a villain is evil, why even entertain the possibility of them being good?

That includes Shego who was also turned good, accidentally.

It’s fun to think about the idea of them being good, but can we keep it there? In thought or possibly without exactly showing them as such. They are evil for a reason and it does seem to throw things off a bit when an idea that was entertained becomes an actual thing. One good thing about having Drakken turned good is hearing tidbits about his past, before he turned evil.

5 The Words “Chocolate Milk” Weren’t Allowed to be said


Ever noticed during Kim Possible episodes that the phrase “Chocolate Milk” was never said, raising questions as to why was this the case? Was chocolate milk considered a curse word in the show? Was it trademarked? Or, was this just Disney’s way of coming up with their own words instead of saying chocolate milk. Cocoa Muu wasn’t exactly a great replacement, but give Disney kudos for coming up with something creative. Allegedly, Disney told the writers of the show that they couldn’t use the words chocolate milk. As to why? No one really knows, besides the creators behind the show itself. That doesn’t exactly add up when you think about it, because in one episode, Dr. Drakken said the words chocolate milk. So, what was the actual reason?

4 Shego Had A Degree And Never Used It

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This wasn’t well known, but Shego had a degree. That’s right, the villain and Kim’s rival had a college degree in Child Development, that she obtained before she joined the evil side. In the episode Stop Team Go, a villain from Shego’s past, who had no idea she had turned evil, accidentally turned Shego good. Since Shego was no longer evil during that short time, she decided to take a job at Kim and Ron’s school, Middleton High, as a substitute teacher.

In fact, during the episode, Shego said that she was fully qualified to be a teacher.

Completely weird but it’s nice to know that, even though Shego was a full-fledged superhero turned villain, she always had a plan to fall back on. Gotta love a woman who is always prepared.

3 The Show Was Sometimes Unrealistic

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Kim Possible was a great show,  yet sometimes when you watched it you probably thought to yourself, “how?” Yes, Kim did some questionable things sometimes but there were times that made the show somewhat unrealistic. You have a teenager that seemed to have a normal teenage life. School, cheerleading, hectic family, best friend. But, Kim wasn’t your average teenage girl. She had a full busy life, including her being a secret agent. How was it that Kim could be a secret agent, attend school, and have everything else going on in her life,  but still have time to do homework and bring home good grades? How did she manage a part-time job and have extracurricular activities?. All of this while saving the world on a weekly basis and trying to maintain some sort of a social life. Not that realistic.

2 Kim Constantly Controlled Everything


It was no secret that Kim was a major control freak. No offense Kim, but you literally had to have control over everything. This was shown many times throughout the series. If Kim didn’t have control, she would get upset and angry, not wanting to listen to anything anyone had to say.

Having the busy crazy life she had at a young age, it makes sense that she would need complete control.

She was under a lot of pressure. If she ever messed up, even once, that could lead to trouble or her seriously getting hurt. Letting someone else take control every once in a while might’ve given her the break that she deserved. We’re looking at you, Ron. He was the perfect person to hand control over to. Just kidding, that’s not realistic.

1 Ron Was Always A Sidekick


Ron was a great friend, comic relief, and eventually, a boyfriend. But why was Ron always the sidekick? Sure, Ron was goofy, clumsy, and had problems with standing up to bullies and evil geniuses, but why was he never referred to as Kim’s Partner? He went with her on almost all of her missions, helped her solve mysteries, and came to her rescue on more than one occasion. Kim did the same when Ron found himself in a pinch that he couldn’t get out of. So, Ron should’ve been her partner, not the sidekick. Okay, sure, his coordination wasn’t the best and he needed help along the way sometimes. You can’t help but admit though, that Ron had much more to offer and he showed that constantly in every episode.

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