Kindly Beast Studio Lays Off Majority Of Its Staff

Kindly Beast, the studio that created cult horror hit Bendy and the Ink Machine, has laid off almost 50 employees, according to a report by GamesIndustry.biz. This is a major hit for a company that employs just over 60 people.

The layoffs happened last week. Afterwards, two anonymous employees took to Glassdoor.com to review the company,  giving an impression of a poorly-run studio. The reviews described staff members never having adequate direction, and the owners having difficulties responding to employee feedback.


The layoffs came less than a month after the release of Kindly Beast's latest game: Showdown Bandit: Episode 1, the first of what's meant to be a multi-episode stealth-action-horror series. It also comes before the release of Bendy and the Dark Revival, a sequel to Ink Machine that the studio claimed would release in Fall of 2019.

CEO Mike Mood released a statement confirming the layoffs. He said that all future projects will continue as scheduled, and that the company will help laid-off employees find new jobs in the industry.

Specifically, the statement pointed to Snowed In Studios, the creators of The Elder Scrolls: Blades and We Happy Few. The studio will reportedly have an open house on Tuesday, and Mood expressed hope that employees will find further work there.

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This announcement comes during a year where layoffs have hit many employees in the game industry. Some high-profile layoffs include:

It remains to be seen what will become of Kindly Beast after letting the majority of its staff go. Hopefully, all the laid-off employees will soon find work elsewhere in the industry.

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