King Of Fighters Allstar Arrives Just In Time To Teach Us Who Terry Bogard Is

For many younger fans of the Super Smash Bros. series, they were completely surprised by the announcement of "Terry Bogard" as DLC. Hailing from the Fatal Fury series (and subsequently SNK's King of Fighters), his fame has sort of diminished for those not aware of the hardcore fighting scene. If you happen to find yourself as one of the many without knowledge of Terry's roots, SNK's recent mobile title The King of Fighters Allstar will get you up to speed for his debut in Smash.

Available now on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores, Allstar is a free-to-play beat-em-up game that combines the massive roster of King of Fighters characters with classic coin-op action. Players will be able to collect and train their favorite characters across the entire franchise. There will also be a crash course in the various plotlines that King of Fighters has.

Shin Hwa Cho, executive producer at developer Netmarble, said, "High-quality presentation, intense fighting gameplay, and stand-out characters are some of the many reasons why THE KING OF FIGHTERS is popular with players. As KOF fans ourselves, we truly enjoyed working closely with SNK in creating THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR, and we are eager to see how this game evolves with KOF over time."

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Source: Netmarble

For launch, Allstar will have "Story Mode," "Time Attack Mode," "Player vs. Player," and a real-time "Tournament Mode" with access to over 130 collectible fighters. SNK will add additional characters over time and all will be packed with a plethora of special moves and the ability to level up. Allstar is set to be a compendium of King of Fighters info that will rival any fan's knowledge.

Netmarble already has a post-launch plan set in place for updating Allstar. A special launch event will see players able to nab "Orochi Iori" and "Orochi Leona" by completing a special challenge. A roulette event will grant tickets to lucky players that can be traded for different character growth materials. Different festivals (timed around holidays) will also doll out characters that players can add to their rosters.

For hitting one million pre-registrations, Netmarble will be gifting the following items during launch: A single five-star fighter, 500 rubies, a "Baseball Yuri" character, a "Baseball Yuri" battle card, and 10 plus capsules and Rare EXP capsules. Android players will receive a "Kyo Kusanagi" battle card while iOS players will get an "Iori Yagami" battle card for usage in battle.

Source: SNK PR

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