Kingdom Hearts III: 5 DLC Worlds That Could Exist (And 5 That Never Will)

With areas based on Frozen, Tangled, and Big Hero Six; Kingdom Hearts III is filled with fun Disney worlds to explore. What may future DLC hold?

It’s been just about five months since the epic return of the hit franchise Kingdom Hearts. In January of this year, the third game released for both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles; since then, longtime fans of the franchise have enjoyed the heartbreaking, heartwarming, and action-packed story of one young man and his friends battling the forces of darkness using the power of their hearts.

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Exploring worlds old and new, many fans have eagerly awaited news on what, if any, DLC worlds the company would come up with. Here are five possible worlds and five that may never be.

10 Never Will: Up

One world that you can safely assume won’t be showing up as DLC anytime soon has to be the world of Disney and Pixar’s Up. The story of an elderly man who ties a fleet of balloons to the home he and his late wife built to escape destruction spells a heartfelt story of emotion like no other.

Unfortunately, between the cast of characters and the storyline itself, there isn’t a whole lot of room for the game franchise’s signature story of light versus darkness and heart versus the heartless, so don’t expect to see this game world.

9 Possible: The Incredibles

One of the first worlds that should be looked at for possible DLC is none other than The Incredibles. Focusing on a family of superpower wielding heroes who must navigate life and their powers, Pixar's franchise is both unique and action-packed, while also delving into the corrupting nature of overeager fans like that of the first film’s villain. The story of love and heart between the family of heroes could make for a great addition to the Kingdom Hearts saga.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl fighting alongside Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the game?

8 Never Will: Brother Bear

One thing for certain that has been done over and over again in the game franchise is using Disney films and characters with a heavy focus on animal characters. These characters rarely add to the gameplay experience and serve more towards the story itself. That’s why it’s unlikely we’ll see the inclusion of Disney’s Brother Bear anytime soon.

The story itself has no major villain to speak of and doesn’t really leave much room for a giant heartless monster to take shape and still make sense to the overall narrative being told, making this an unlikely world to explore.

7 Possible: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Some of the best worlds in the Kingdom Hearts franchise stem not from Disney's extremely popular films, but from movies with strong and rich mythologies attached to them. That’s why Atlantis: The Lost Empire would be a perfect addition to the franchise.

The story of a researcher who leads a team of explorers to discover the lost city of Atlantis and must work to protect it from outside invaders made the film beloved by many Disney fans. The artwork of the film and the major cast of characters make this the perfect DLC world to have for the game.

6 Never Will: The Fox And The Hound

Speaking of worlds involving animal-based characters, The Fox and the Hound is one of the films you will most likely not see anytime soon in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

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While the emotional story of Tod and Copper is beloved by longtime Disney fans, the story never presents a clearcut villain to harbor any sort of darkness for the heartless to exploit; at least, not enough to become a fight worthy boss battle. Plus, the film’s focus on Tod and Copper being pulled apart by forces beyond their control doesn’t equal a very strong ending to the hypothetical level.

5 Possible: Coco

One of Disney’s latest films that would be the perfect addition to Square Enix's franchise has to be Coco. The setting in the land of the dead is not only perfect visually, but would be an interesting setting to see the heartless trying to invade.

Plus, seeing Sora and his friends adapting into their skeletal form for the film’s world, combined with the emotional story of Miguel trying to find his way home while meeting his family along the way, should make for a great heartfelt narrative to include in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Plus, imagine the fun music-related gameplay!

4 Never Will: WALL-E

One story that really doesn’t lend itself to the light versus darkness element of the Kingdom Hearts saga is Wall-E. The film tells the story of a young compact robot who goes on a journey with another robot to prove to the surviving humans in space that Earth is salvageable after centuries of abandonment.

The film’s “villain” is really a robot following company protocols, which doesn’t give the darkness or heartless any room to incorporate itself into the narrative whatsoever. Plus, Wall-E and Eve don’t really make a large enough impact on the gameplay or story.

3 Possible: Lilo And Stitch

It would definitely be one heck of a Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride if the developers decided to include this next film into a DLC world. The story of Lilo and Stitch is perfect for fans of the film and game franchise alike.

Stitch already made an appearance as himself along with his home-world in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and as a summon character in Kingdom Hearts II & III. Delving into his time with Lilo in Hawaii and the family-driven narrative that it brings would be a welcome addition to the game franchise if there ever was one.

2 Never Will: Marvel Universe

This final world that will likely never appear in the series is one that has been highly talked about since Disney acquired the rights to both Marvel and Star Wars. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful adaption of the Marvel comics to date, while the vast universe of stories, heroes, and villains seem rife with assimilation potential for video games.

However, in regards to Kingdom Hearts, the MCU often explores many gray areas and is a bit more mature in terms of character development and story, making the MCU less likely to make an appearance here.

1 Possible: A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Unlike the MCU, Star Wars would make the perfect franchise to adapt into the Kingdom Hearts universe. Along with the game's Gummi ship making it possible to explore another galaxy, the use of Star Wars would allow lightsabers, the light and dark sides of the force, and villains like Darth Vader, The Emperor, or even the modern-day foe Kylo Ren to make an appearance in the DLC world.

Imagine Sora and friends fighting alongside Rey and Finn against Kylo Ren, or Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader, and gamers will immediately see why this works.

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