Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Modes Revealed At Japan-Only Concert

Tetsuya Nomura took the stage at a Japanese KH concert to reveal more details about Kingdom Hearts III DLC Re:Mind.

Kingdom Hearts fans are in an eternal state of waiting for new content. The latest product to test their patience is the Re:Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts III. The teasers released for Re:Mind hint that it could both change and continue the ending given in Kingdom Hearts III. This makes it a product of great interest, one that has fans eating up every bit of info they can get. Thankfully, new info has finally come from director Tetsuya Nomura himself.

Square Enix held a Kingdom Hearts III concert in Osaka, Japan this past weekend. Eurogamer reports that Nomura was a special guest at this concert, and took to the stage to reveal several key details about Re:Mind. An English-speaking fan who went to the concert shared these details in an excited flurry of tweets.

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This Twitter user "Melanie" wrote that Re:Mind will add a Photo Mode to Kingdom Hearts III. Players will be able to use it to "pose any of the game’s protagonists (and even antagonists in one hilarious example photo)" in a setting of their choosing. They can also swap out props and filters. Props shown included Dream Eaters and a giant pancake.

The extension of this Photo Mode is Slideshow Mode. This will let players put their photos into a slideshow. They'll also be able to add "background music, transitions, and zooms." There will also be a function to change characters' facial expressions. Melanie's example was a photo of Sora squished between several flan Heartless with a giant smile on his face.

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The Fast Pass Mode and Black Code are two extremes of difficulty settings. Melanie said that Fast Pass appeared to be a super easy mode where players had a big stack of attractions and buffed spells available at any given time. Melanie also mentions a "Black Mode" which "lets you tweak difficulty to extra hard including choosing how much health you have." It's unknown if Black Code and Black Mode are two different things or if Melanie just misspelled Black Mode in her initial tweet.

Finally, there was the big news of Re:Mind's release date. Which is to say that there wasn't much news at all. Apparently Nomura doesn't want to give a concrete release date yet because "people would get mad at him." What he did confirm is that Square Enix will be putting out a new trailer for Re:Mind in the next month. Hopefully that, and the promise of Photo Mode's many possibilities, will be enough to please fans for the time being.

Sources: Eurogamer, Twitter

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