Where To Farm Wellspring Crystals In Kingdom Hearts 3 Before The Final Boss

Wellspring Crystals are important to getting the best gear in Kingdom Hearts 3, but they aren't always easy to find.

Kingdom Hearts III boasts a gear progression system that is meant to keep players busy while in order to acquire the best gear, and Wellspring Crystals are among the most important of those materials nearing the end of the game.

Although Wellspring on its own is rare, it can be found before defeating the final boss, meaning that with a little effort any player can have the Ultima Keyblade in their possession as well as other upgraded items for the final encounter. With that in mind, this is more of a preference than a necessity, as it is perfectly viable to complete the main campaign without using these items. Farming Wellspring Crystals before simply provides access to the strongest weapon for the final boss encounter, which is always a nice touch to complete the game.

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The Best Spots To Farm Wellspring Crystals

Since we are trying to locate these Wellspring Crystals before the end of the game, our options are a bit limited. One of three decent spots is in San Fransokyo, which is quite late in the game but early enough to access before the final boss.

Once loaded into the map from the North Entrance at Night, follow the main road back to the Southern save point. There should be hordes of Heartless, and we are specifically looking for the largest of the group, as these have a small chance to drop the Wellspring Crystal. Since the odds are so low, you will likely need to plan to grind a bit by loading in and out of the area should he spawns not produce the largest Heartless.

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In addition, the Favorite Deputy Keyblade increases the likelihood of Wellspring Crystals dropping from those enemies, so ensure to have that as your weapon of farming choice.

Another good spot awaits in Arendelle, beginning from the North Mountain Ridge by Elsa’s palace. There is a small cave to the right of the palace. Head inside and make your way down the mountain to reveal several spawns of Heartless. Eventually when you reach the North Mountain Valley of Ice and its save point, you can head back and repeat this trip.

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Here we are looking for the Helmed Body Heartless on each trip. Again, the drop rate is low so following the steps above provide the fasted and most consistent way to farm these rare drops.

Finally, the Isle of Luck in the Caribbean is the last decent spot for farming by seeking out the same type of Helmed Body Heartless. Some players swear by one method over the other, but this is likely personal bias based on their limited experiences. The good news is that with enough time and grinding, any off these locations will eventually provide the sufficient number of Wellspring Crystals to meet your crafting needs.

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Battlegate 12

If repetitive farming of Heartless along specific routes is not to your taste, consider defeating the main campaign, and following that, gaining access to Battlegate 12 in San Fransokyo as the most consistent way to find Wellspring Crystal drops from opponents. By now a player seeking to farm the components of Ultima weapon should know how to access these Battlegates, and if not, they are first accessed in the Skein of Severance portion of the main story. Battlegate 12 is in the same place we farm Heartless, in San Fransokyo in the North Distract area on the top of building marked by circular loops.

Similar to farming Heartless in the game, these Battlegates are repeatable as often as you wish and provide a broad range of incidental items that are useful for endgame progression and crafting. Completing Battlegate 12 will also award the Blizzard Cufflink and Secret Report 12. With that said, this option is only for those who have given up on attaining Ultima before the final boss, or simply need materials in a faster and more reliable way after completing the main campaign.

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What Makes Ultima So Important?

It isn’t described as the supreme Keyblade for nothing, boasting 13 Strength and Magic, the highest of any weapon in the game even upgraded to their maximum ranks. In addition, its three abilities are all useful: Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, and Situation Boost. All of these boost damage, or boost the Situation bar far faster than other weapons, allowing you to subsequently transform earlier in an encounter and deal massive damage in no time.

This makes Ultima the weapon of choice for completing not only the main boss, but all optional side-quest opponents who might otherwise prove difficult.

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Crafting Ultima

Crafting the Ultima Keyblade requires a total of 58 different synthesis materials to complete, and Wellspring Crystals are the ones that take the longest to acquire, and given the power of the weapon, it is no doubt that acquiring it before the final boss takes some effort. The total crafting requirements for Ultima are:

  • 7 Orichalcum+
  • 2 Wellspring Crystals
  • 2 Lucid Crystals
  • 2 Pulsing Crystal

The other materials necessary to craft Ultima are found in different ways. Orichalcum+ is probably the most difficult item to acquire since we need 7, and there are only that many in the game found through specific actions. They are briefly described as located in:

  • Twilight Town Postcards
  • The Caribbean Treasure Chest
  • Collect all of the Frozen Slider Treasures
  • The Final World Treasure Chest
  • Defeating the Omega Spaceship
  • Collect all 90 lucky emblems
  • Complete all Fantastic Seven missions

These are no small tasks, so get to it!

Lucid Crystals are complex only because you synthesize them at the Moogle shop, and they take one Wellspring Crystal, two Lucid Gems, three Lucid Stones and five Lucid Shards. Overall, these means more Wellspring Crystal farming than initially expected.

Pulsing Crystals also need to be synthesized by the player, and require a single Wellspring Crystal, two Pulsing Gems, three Pulsing Stones and five Pulsing Shards.

Kingdom Hearts as a series has never been one to shy away from long, arduous fights or long-winded side-quests to complete everything that the game has to offer. With that said, the Ultima Keyblade is so powerful that there seems to be no real alternative other than gating it behind a long line of grinding to acquire it.

With that in mind, best of luck in your attempt to acquire all of the necessary components before the final boss begins! It will make Armored Xehanort an absolute breeze, among others.

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