Kingdom Hearts DLC Trailer Hints Sora May Be Messing With The Timeline

The Kingdom Hearts storyline is about to get even more convoluted thanks to the Re Mind DLC. A new trailer from Tokyo Game Show shows events that look a lot like things that already happened, but with slightly different perspectives and locations. This, along with some dialogue clues, has led to theories that Sora is going to be doing some time traveling.

First things first: Square Enix dropped a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Re Mind to kick off its Tokyo Game Show reveals. The trailer speeds through a lot of big things, so it's worth watching, but we'll point out the highlights. We get to see new combat abilities for several keyblade wielders, including special attacks that let Lea (Axel) use his signature chakram and Ventus surf on his keyblade. Entirely new battles are also shown, including one of Sora fighting Xigbar. All of these events take place around what seems to be KH3's final battle. There's also, however, the suggestion that Sora is revisiting these events via time travel.

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"The heart you have now already existed during that time," says Chirithy's voice over as we re-watch the scene of Sora being eaten by a Heartless tornado. "It had already gone back into the past. Nothing can change that fact."

Chirithy appears to be referring to the part in Kingdom Hearts 3 when Sora gets killed by a Heartless tornado, only to find his way back in time to change the outcome. Since he ends the game by going on a quest to find Kairi, fans believe he might be trying to time travel again. Perhaps by redoing the final battle differently, he can prevent Kairi's untimely death at Xehanort. That would also explain why the other keyblade wielders are playable. They could end up fighting their respective villains on their own so that Sora can focus on saving Kairi.

If all of that is true, it will definitely lead to a lot of confusion. Will this DLC retcon events in such a way as to make KH3's ending invalid? Does that mean Re Mind will be inescapable canon, making DLC purchase necessary? How long will it be until Kingdom Hearts 4? Only time, and whatever Sora does to it, will tell.

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