Kingdom Hearts III: The Party Members, Ranked

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One of the best things about having a new Kingdom Hearts game, other than owning it, is that with each new (and old) world, we get new party members to fight alongside us. Kingdom Hearts III brings a few of your favorite party members back and introduces a whole array of new faces.

Unlike previous Kingdom Hearts games, you are not limited to a party of three, with the party number reaching five in some worlds. Regardless of what world you’re in, you’ll always have Donald and Goofy by your side.

With so many new additions to the franchise, from Toy Story’s Woody to Monsters Inc.'s Sully, we at TheGamer have put together a handy list ranking the Kingdom Hearts III party members.

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KH3 Donald
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10 Donald

KH3 Donald

Always at the top of his game, Donald may be grumpy and hard to understand, but he makes for a formidable ally. Using his powerful magic and trusty staff, Donald is a master of the magic spells that can mean life or death in a tight fix.

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Donald is also one of the best party members because he is the "healer" of the group. If you’ve run out of potions and MP (Magic Points), it can be difficult to fight the heartless, nobodies or unversed with waning health. Donald, being a master of magic, can help you out with a well-timed and much needed heal so you can defeat your foe.

9 Goofy

KH3 Goofy

Another party member that’s more family than friend, Goofy is all about defense. With his shield and classic tornado move, Goofy is always there to keep Sora safe. In previous iterations of the games, Goofy usually went in all guns blazing and well… died. Kingdom Hearts III sees a more balanced Goofy and as with the latest titles, you can tailor his moves and item usage.

8 Woody

KH3 Buzz

One of the most highly anticipated worlds to come to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Toy Box (Toy Story) brings the beloved character Woody to Sora’s side. This cowboy is the leader of his troop of friends, including Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Rex, and the Aliens.

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Sora and Woody, along with Buzz Lightyear, have a pretty impressive joint move where they ride a rocket and attack the enemy before launching it at them. It's a powerful move that can obliterate the toy heartless that swarm the world.

7 Buzz Lightyear

KH3 Woody

Another Toy Story alumni, Buzz Lightyear joins the foray. As his usual suspicious self, he doesn’t warm up to Sora, Donald, or Goofy, which makes sense considering the rampant heartless and their sudden appearance. However, given time, trust, and reassurance by Woody, Sora and the gang gain his trust.

The rocket joint move wouldn’t be complete without Buzz, so he straps in for this brutal finisher move along with Woody and Sora.

6 Hercules

KH3 Hercules

Hercules is a classic party member, having been around since Kingdom Hearts I; he goes way back with Sora and the gang. From battling Hades to taking on Titans, Hercules and Sora have done it all, so it wouldn’t feel right not to have him as a party member in Kingdoms Hearts III.

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Unsurprisingly, he’s gotten bigger and stronger than ever before, and becomes a powerful ally as you quest through Olympus. Watch him throw boulders at the heartless and team up with him to swing Sora around, creating a destructive vortex.

5 Sully & Mike Wazowski

KH3 Mike and Sully

Monsters Inc. was another surprise world that came to Kingdom Hearts III, and a pretty exciting one at that. Upon entering Monstropolis, you come across Mike, Sully, and Boo. Sully is a powerful monster despite his warm and fuzzy disposition, which can come in very handy when he teams up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

Sully isn’t the only one who joins your party in Monstropolis, though. The comic genius that is Mike Wazowski also teams up with the gang. Mike brings his campy, sarcastic charm to the party and the joint move with Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Sully literally sees Mike used as a bowling ball.

4 Jack Sparrow

KH3 Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow returns to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and whilst the movie series may have lost its popularity, The Pirates of The Caribbean world keeps all the charm, excitement, and action that you’d expect from a Kingdom Hearts game.

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Unite with Jack Sparrow to unleash a variety of sword attacks to the heartless and defend the Black Pearl.

3 Rapunzel & Flynn Rider

KH3 Rapuzel

The Kingdom of Corona brings a more recent telling of Rapunzel’s story to Kingdom Hearts. Once finally freed from her tower, Rapunzel joins Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they venture through the forest of Corona.

Rapunzel is a pretty useful ally, with her ridiculous amounts of hair that can be used as a weapon, she has some really great ranged attacks. With Sora and Flynn Rider, she unleashes her ultimate move, which sees Sora swing around on her hair (ouch), destroying the surrounding heartless.

Another character from Tangled, Flynn Rider teams up with Sora and the gang to help Rapunzel make her way through the heartless ridden forest. And again, Flynn teams up with Rapunzel to spin Sora around in a devastating joint move.

2 Marshmallow

KH3 Marshmallow

Unfortunately, Elsa and Anna don’t join you in Arendelle as you explore the Frozen world, you’ll have to let that go...  The only party member you gain in Arendelle is Marshmallow, the giant snowman with icicles for fingers (not to be confused with Olaf).

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Teaming up with this giant comes in handy as you can use his massive bulk and vicious swipes in a joint move as Sora rides his back.

1 Baymax

KH3 Baymax

This world was a very exciting introduction to Kingdom Hearts III, San Fransokyo brings a modern, futuristic touch to the franchise. Yes, we’ve had Tron, but that world wasn’t a huge city with insane gadgets and Baymax.

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Hiro Hamada lends you Baymax, his personal healthcare provider with a few combat and defense upgrades. While he's soft out of armor, Baymax becomes a daunting tank of an ally. Sora can ride Baymax to deal an awesome joint damage in a special move.

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