Kingdom Hearts: The 10 Most Powerful Keyblade Wielders, Ranked

Kingdom Hearts, a series that has touched the hearts of many fans and left an incredible legacy in the gaming world since it was first released in 2002 for the PS2. Being a deep collection of lore and amazing story writing, as well as a fun world of Disney Characters and action filled fights, Kingdom Hearts retains its role of a game anyone can enjoy. The strongest of the characters in the realm of Kingdom Hearts are the Keyblade wielders, powerful beings with the ability to wield swords that have magical abilities to unlock paths between worlds. Being such an important part of the series, here are the 10 most powerful Keyblade wielders, ranked!

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10 Ventus

Being an apprentice of Master Xehanort has its perks, and Ven even wielded a Keyblade before Sora himself. The 10th rank in power of Keyblade wielders is Ventus, which in Latin means "wind," who is one of the main protagonists of  Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. His first Keyblade is even named "Wayward Wind," which helped Aqua in getting his heartless body back to the Land of Departure. Wielding a wide variety of Keyblades, Ventus is nearly as present in the games as Aqua and Terra, his best friends, one of which is our next character.

9 Aqua

Aqua, the only true Keyblade Master of the friendly trio, is an apprentice of Master Eraqus, and the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. In this entry, the player is shown Aqua meeting and choosing two different important pupils: Kairi and Sora. Aqua chooses Kairi as the successor of her Keyblade by accidentally allowing Kairi to touch her Keyblade, and places a protective charm on her, connecting them in the future installments.

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She also meets Sora, whom she chooses not to take under her wing, as Terra already took his best friend Riku. Wielding several different Keyblades throughout the series, and sacrificing herself in the Realm of Darkness to save Terra, Aqua is one of the strongest and most influential characters in the series. She even works closely with our next character, and possibly most generally recognized.

8 King Mickey

Arguably the most recognized Keyblade wielder of the series (other than Sora himself), King Mickey is not only a loving king but also a powerful Keyblade wielder. Studying under Master Yen Sid, he is strongly connected to the Light, and the first to understand the danger of the Darkness spreading through the worlds. Appearing in every Kingdom Hearts game throughout the series, Mickey is a guide and friend to Sora and the player. Wielding a memorable "Star Seeker," reminding the player of the Disney roots, as well as two "Kingdom Keys," Mickey is a formidable foe for any evil character and a strong ally for those he chooses to befriend.

7 Vanitas

The darkness oozes from the next character, Vanitas, apprentice of Xehanort, who was created from the darkness in Ventus's heart. Vanitas travels across realms to spread his Unversed, his only goal to help his master forge the Keyblade, and use Ventus to further his goals.

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The player finds themselves fighting Vanitas numerous times throughout the series, and Vanitas has vendettas specifically for the three friends: Aqua, Terra, and, of course, his rival Ventus. Not only his strength of Darkness, but also his creation of the Unversed grant Vanitas the seventh spot in the list.

6 Terra

Terra, the strongest of the trio Keyblade wielders before Sora, is the final apprentice of Master Eraqus, and associated closest with the Darkness. In fact, the reason he didn't become a Keyblade Master, like his companion Aqua, was the inability to control the Darkness inside him during his test.

His strength is shown time and again merely by his ability to resist the temptations of the Darkness, as the villains of each world try to seduce him to turn further into its untapped power. During his quest to discover himself and finally become a Master, abandoning his friends on the path, Terra uses the Darkness within him, controlling it as Master Xehanort had told him, and growing even stronger. His ability to use this darkness, yet resist the temptations of evil grant him rank six in the list.

5 Roxas

Roxas, born of the sacrifice of Sora, is a copy of Sora in every way, though he's a nobody. Because he is a copy, he is able to wield a Keyblade in the same manner as his former and retains some of the power of Sora. Roxas was named by Xemnus, the first nobody, he was inducted into Organization XIII as the 13th member.

In his quest to find out who he is, as he receives his memories from Sora's life through dreams, he meets Namine, who tells him where he's from and that in order to truly become whole, and for Sora to become complete, he must return to Sora and reunite with him. Roxas has the power of Synch Blade, which allows him to wield dual Keyblades Oathblade and Oblivion, giving him greater power and, when reuniting with Sora, giving his former the same ability.

4 Terranort

Terra was always connected with Xehanort, as he was the one to open Terra's eyes to the Darkness within him and show him the greater power he could control. This relationship led Terra to be possessed by Xehanort's heart, and turned him to complete darkness.

Through a battle within with Xehanort, and two battles on the exterior with the Lingering Will, Terra's armor and mind, and Aqua, Terranort plunges deeper into darkness and is saved by none other than Aqua herself in a redeeming act.

Because of the connection with darkness, Terra was always strong, however, by being infused with the heart of Xehanort, his abilities were increased significantly, and he was able to use the Darkness to his full strength. Being able to use Terra's earthshattering abilities as well as the Darkness infused abilities makes him a formidable foe, and fourth in the list.

3 Riku

Master Riku, chosen as an apprentice by Terra, and best friend to Sora, he struggled with seduction into darkness and getting false revenge on Sora for his actions. Because of this interaction with the darkness, and his apprenticeship with Terra, when Riku becomes a Master Keyblade Wielder, he is able to use both Light and Darkness to empower himself.

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His character, like most of the protagonists, shows that he is always willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good, as well as the good of his friends. His strength to resist evil, but using its power, as well as having loving bonds between himself and those that support him grant him rank three in the list.

2 Sora

Sora, protagonist, hero, savior of the realms; he is the Keyblade wielder that most think of when Kingdom Hearts is mentioned. A heart of goodness, he has the strongest connection to the Light, stronger even than King Mickey, and the two work together to heal the worlds and remove the growing infection of darkness.

By joining his heart to Ventus's broken one, he gains the ability to wield his own Keyblade as well as Ventus's at an early age. His hard work training with Merlin to wield great magic, and never backing down from a challenge to grow himself. He eventually reaches a power to overcome his own heartless, utilizing a single Keyblade.

It must be mentioned, though, that Sora is extremely strong on his own, but is bolstered by a group of allies that would sacrifice their own lives to ensure Sora's success. His hard work, abilities connected with the Light, and his group of supporters grant him rank two in the list, second only to the main antagonist of the entire series: Master Xehanort.

1 Master Xehanort

As the main villain of the entire series, Master Xehanort takes many forms during the lengthy episodes of Kingdom Hearts. From original Master that sat beside Master Eraqus, corrupting Terra and possessing him, and shown as Young Xehanort in Birth by Sleep, he is an ever-present evil who's purpose is reforging the Keyblade and overcoming any that might halt his progress.

Compared to the others on this list, Xehanort has one of the strongest connection to the darkness and uses this connection to seduce and overcome many of Sora's friends throughout the series. He tried to reforge the X-blade and gave his entire heart over to darkness, throwing away any Light within him and trying to start another Keyblade War.

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Though old through most of the series, his physical prowess and incredible magic abilities give Sora many headaches trying to halt his quest. Having the greatest skills with a Keyblade and most advanced powers infused with Darkness, Master Xehanort has been granted the greatest Keyblade wielder in the entire series.

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