Kingdom Hearts: Every Princess Ranked Weakest To Strongest

The Princesses within Kingdom Hearts are an important part of the game. Each one is powerful in their own right, but some are much stronger.

The Seven Princesses of Heart have continued to play a pivotal role in the Kingdom Hearts series throughout its 17-year span. When gathered, the seven Princesses have the ability to open the doorway to Kingdom Hearts, holding complete power over the universe.

Although the Princesses of Heart share several universal powers, each of them is their own unique person, with powers, strengths and abilities of their own. However, these fluctuate massively between them, with the powers of some totally eclipsing even that of Sora’s.

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With this list, we rank all of the original Seven Princesses as well as the known Princesses from the new Seven introduced with Kingdom Hearts 3.

10 Alice

Alice is likely the last person you would think of when you imagine a Disney Princess. She is a kind-hearted, albeit curious, person with a heart filled with pure light, a characteristic true of all the Seven Princesses of Heart.

At around ten years old, Alice is by far the youngest of all the Princesses and her immaturity and naivety shows through her quick temper and aptitude to land herself in trouble. With all this in mind, and outside of the powers typical to a Princess of Heart, Alice is hardly a figure of strength in comparison to many of the other Princesses.

9 Aurora

Of the original Princesses of Heart, Aurora is perhaps the most prestigious, being the direct heir to her parents King Stefan and Queen Leah. Although, despite her strong claim to the throne, there isn’t much else to distinguish her as a figure of power.

The first moment we see her introduced in the Kingdom Hearts series, she has already been captured and put under a spell by Maleficent. Following this, throughout the series, she does little to display any real sense of power and has too few interactions to properly gauge a sense of her characteristics. Almost the entirety of her character can be boiled down to the trope of the damsel in distress.

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8 Jasmine

Throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, Jasmine doesn’t display much strength. Above her free spirit and dedication to her friends, her main talent usually falls to being consistently captured by Jafar, with Sora having to come to her aid. Although, throughout her captivity, she does well to maintain her composure and keep a level-head.

Other than being born into the highest social class, she offers little else to establish herself as a real figure of strength outside of the standard abilities of a Princess of Heart. Any other talents or aptitudes she might’ve had are never revealed in the series.

7 Anna

Kingdom Hearts 3 revealed that there are seven new Princesses of Heart; the former Princesses had passed on their light to a new host in order to protect it. So far, only four of the new Princesses are known, with Anna being one of them.

Anna is a Princess of Arendelle, a title which commands a fair bit of power in itself. Add to this her fiery spirit and selfless acts of love and kindness, she can be figure of strength. But Anna’s trusting nature, naivety and tendency to only see the best in people has been taken advantage of before.

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6 Snow White

Just barely into her teens, Snow White is a young, timid girl who is very much limited to the tropes of the fair maiden. A product of her time, where women were rarely shown to be anything other than petite housewives, Snow White’s abilities in Kingdom Hearts do little to expand upon her original stereotype.

But while Snow White may be naive and vulnerable, her power comes from her charming and tender-hearted disposition, which leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. And, in classic Disney fashion, she shares a powerful affinity with animals, seemingly able to command them through her singing.

5 Cinderella

While not a princess by birth right, Cinderella became a Princess Consort after marrying Prince Charming. Of the original seven Princesses of Heart, Cinderella was often the one to come forward and speak on behalf of them all – a position that demonstrates her strength, leadership and respect amongst her peers.

Like many Disney Princesses, Cinderella also shares a special affinity with animals. In particular, she has a close relationship with a group of mice who she can communicate with, although, it isn’t clear if she has the ability to speak to all animals.

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4 Belle

Though not a princess by birth right, Belle is another of the original seven Princesses of Heart. She is likely the most intelligent of all the Princesses, with an aptitude for absorbing knowledge as quickly as she discovers it.

While she is far from being a fighter, Belle is still incredibly brave, able to go toe-to-toe with and calm the animalistic temper of the Beast. And neither is she afraid of using force when necessary, able to deliver a sharp blow to Organization XIII member Xaldin and escape his grasp when he tries to take her hostage.

3 Rapunzel

Another of the new Princesses of Heart, Rapunzel is the Princess of the Kingdom of Corona. From an early age, her hair was magically imbued with the power of rejuvenation. This would’ve easily made her one of the most powerful Princesses, however the ability is lost after her hair is cut.

She was the only Princess to ever fight as a companion to Sora’s party, however, after cutting her hair, she no longer fights beside him. While a lot of Rapunzel’s strength was in her hair, she has been known to wield a frying pan to deadly effect.

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2 Kairi

Kairi is the only Princess to be included in both the former seven and the new seven Princesses of Heart. Also a formidable Keyblade wielder, Kairi is the only Princess to use a real physical weapon. She has held her own against heartless, nobodies and Organization XIII on numerous occasions.

She has even shown some aptitude with magic, being able to cast both fire and healing spells. With this alongside her Keyblade training, Kairi is undoubtedly one of the strongest of the Princesses of Heart.

1 Elsa

Able to effortlessly conjure up huge castles of ice or monstrous sentient snowmen, Elsa is the one Princesses of Heart you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. Like her sister, Anna, Elsa is one of the new seven Princesses of Heart introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Her powers to manipulate ice seemingly knows no bounds, being able to create anything she sets her mind to. Initially, the extremity of her power even intimidates herself as she attempts to seclude herself from others for their safety. However, she eventually comes to control her abilities, making her even stronger than ever.

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