At Long Last, Kingdom Under Fire II Comes West This November

The decade long wait is finally over; Kingdom Under Fire II is officially scheduled to launch this November.

The decade long wait is finally over; Kingdom Under Fire II is officially scheduled to launch this November.

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for fans of the series here in North America. While the game released awhile back in Asia, the studio subsequently pulled the plug on the game servers after a little over a year. This led to speculation that the title was dead and hopes of a Western release were all but destroyed. The years passed with little to no information about the title until just recently, when a few morsels of information were distributed to the media.

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Thankfully, the game was not cancelled as is set to be released in a few short months. Gameforge and Blueside are finally bringing the long-awaited sequel to a new audience in both North America and Europe. The official site still does not have a specific release date, only specifying November 2019, but we can safely say that gamers will be able to get their hands on the title in less than three months.

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Kingdom Under Fire II is a wild mash-up of RPG and RTS action. There are five playable classes, each catering to a different playstyle. Players are able to customize their character just like all the other MMORPGs on the market and then take them into battle fighting a wide variety of monsters. Players will slowly accumulate gear and abilities as they make their way through the main questline. The more interesting aspect of Kingdom Under Fire II, however, is that players can also command a massive army, and from what we’ve seen so far, the gameplay looks absolutely action packed. Not only that, but you can then take your character down into the heat of the battle and duke it out Dynasty Warriors style. It’s a bizarre amalgam of different genres, but all the gameplay videos so far point to it being a success.

Until the game releases though, we remain optimistically cautious. Hopefully the extended development period allowed the developers to craft a truly unique game; one the western market will be playing for years to come.

Kingdom Under Fire II is available for pre-order on their official website.

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