4-Player Co-op Kirby Game Coming To Switch In 2018

Nintendo's next Kirby game will be coming to Switch and support full couch co-op.

Nintendo has released a trailer for a new Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch focusing on 4-Player Cooperative platforming.

Friends can assist the lovable pink protagonist in a variety of ways that will affect the way he navigates a given level, from solving environmental puzzles, to rolling over enemies in a massive wheel of cooperative destruction.

The trailer introduces our insatiably hungry blob hero and shows off beautifully designed levels, as he inhales foes, absorbs their powers, and unleashes insanely cute devastation on all who oppose him. Kirby then starts to throw hearts at passing enemies that begin following him around the level, lending a hand in combat or providing certain powers or items to solve puzzles. Footage shows Kirby’s newly recruited minions controlled by the CPU before switching to human controlled players that help him battle bosses, solve increasingly difficult puzzles, and at one point, join together to create a rolling wheel that effortlessly defeats all foes in its path.

Via: youtube.com (Nintendo)

The trailer shows solid platforming synonymous with the Kirby series and introduces the welcome addition of Co-Op. The platforming looks to be solid, the puzzles interesting, and the Co-Op seamless and enjoyable.

The Nintendo Switch’s Kirby looks to be a stereotypical Nintendo series platformer with all the bright colors, cute character design, and tightly crafted platforming that Nintendo fans expect in their games. The addition of Co-Op, which will most likely include the unfortunately dying trend of couch Co-Op, looks to really set Kirby apart from the crowd. The focus on cooperation with other players doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise, given Nintendo’s constant striving to present their consoles and games as the most approachable on the market. As one of Nintendo’s flagship series with over 25 games in the main catalogue, the Kirby franchise is a welcome surprise at Nintendo’s E3 conference this year, amidst a continuing trend of their most popular series receiving new entries on the Switch. The lineup of games put forth by Nintendo at this E3 shows that Nintendo really wants gamers to buy a switch and has prepared plenty of reasons for gamers to drop their cash on the companies’ newest system.

Kirby is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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