Kirby: 10 Awesome Things Most People Don't Know About Marx

Marx is one of the most iconic villains in the Kirby series. First appearing in Kirby Super Star, Marx tricked the Sun and Moon to fight so Kirby would go on an adventure to stop them. However, this was all a ploy to activate Nova and take its wishes for himself. Marx turned himself into a dimensional demon that tried to snuff out Kirby once and for all.

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Marx has later appeared in subsequent Kirby games and is a fan-favorite character. While most people know who he is, there are subtle things most don't know. Here are ten awesome things most players didn't know about Marx.

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When Kirby Super Star Ultra came out, it featured many of the same beats found in the original game. However, there was one key difference when it came to Milky Way Wishes: Marx got a bit of an upgrade. Not only was his laugh much more demented this time around, but the True Arena shows that Marx took on a new form called Marx Soul. This was a version of Marx that absorbed the leftover power of Nova after Kirby dismantled it. At this point, Marx was at the point of no return, becoming a full-powered demon that was giving it his all to destroy Kirby.


Kirby Star Allies features a lot of famous Kirby villains as Dream Friends that help the pink puffball in the game. You might've assumed that this game is no longer canonical as a result. However, that isn't true. The game explains why Marx is teaming up with Kirby. Apparently, he has a large appetite and is only satisfied when he is well-fed. As long as Kirby keeps the food coming, then Marx will work with him. That's why none of his black holes or explosive powers hurt Kirby when used either. If only we knew that back in Kirby Super Star.


After Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, Marx didn't have a major appearance until Kirby Star Allies. However, he had his fair share of cameos throughout the series. Starting in Kirby's Return to Dreamland, players who reached 100% completion were rewarded with a special cutscene of Kirby in a theater.

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In those Kirby Master cutscenes, Marx was one of the characters seen in the front of the audience. Those cutscenes probably aren't canon, but as long as Kirby had a ton of food there, it would be easy to argue that they are. Either way, it was nice to see him acknowledged.


More astute players of Kirby Super Star may have noticed an interesting detail about Marx's design. He has a jester hat, which is similar to the hat Kirby wears as Mirror Kirby, which debuted in the same game. The big difference is that Marx's colors are reversed, hinting at him being a twisted version of Mirror Kirby's powers. This idea is further reinforced during the Marx boss fight, where Marx has mirror-based attacks through teleportation and utilizing small mirrors. Both of those attacks are similar to what Kirby can do, just powered up significantly. Perhaps is Kirby inhaled Marx, that's the power he would get.


Marx has more impact in Super Smash Bros Ultimate than most people might've expected, but there's a subtle detail that some may not have figured out. In the game, players can get new gear for their Miis based on many characters and franchises represented (and not represented) in the roster. One such item is Marx's hat, which is a perfect recreation of the one seen in Kirby Super Star. There isn't a Marx outfit for the Mii Fighters, though, which means that the hat is as close as we'll ever get to having Marx be a playable fighter. It's a neat callback, though.


This takes some deep diving into Kirby lore. In Kirby Planet Robobot, there are descriptions that talk about Susie's backstory. Allegedly, she was the child of Haltmann who was lost in an accident involving one of the Novas in the process to create Star Dream. It's possible that this accident was Kirby destroying the Nova in Kirby Super Star. This means that Marx not only had a direct hand in Susie's backstory, but he had a hand in directly causing the events that would lead to Kirby Planet Robobot. He has a bit more impact on the franchise than most might expect.


Marx is not only an iconic character because of his unique, antagonistic role, but also because of his particular boss fight. When he was added as a surprise boss to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the fight from Kirby Super Star was recreated almost at a 1:1 accuracy.

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While there are subtle differences here and there to match the mechanics of the game, people who are familiar with his attacks in Kirby Super Star will be able to accurately read and dodge them in Ultimate. It was an overall nice addition to the roster of franchise bosses represented in the game. If only there were a bit more.


This is an easter egg for those that can spot it. In Kirby Star Allies, the menu screen will feature Kirby interacting with many of his different allies, including the Dream Friends. Sometimes, Marx will be included in the menu screen as well. Instead of just walking or running through the menu screen, Marx, Kirby, and two other allies will recreate the opening scene to Milky Way Wishes where Marx asks the pink puffball to stop the Sun and Moon from fighting. While it's devoid of dialogue, any self-respecting Kirby fan will instantly recognize the placement and put two and two together.


Magolor was the antagonist of Kirby's Return to DreamLand. He was similar to Marx in many ways. He asked Kirby and his friends for help, but manipulated them into getting the crown that turned him into a dimensional overlord that Kirby had to stop. However, the connection to Marx goes deeper than that. Magolor talks to Kirby in the game about him knowing someone who knew Kirby pretty well. He then relates to how Halcandra, his home planet, was responsible for creating the clockwork stars, which is a reference to Nova. It's likely that Marx could've traveled to Halcandra and met Magolor to learn how to use Nova for his own gain.


The last update for Kirby Star Allies proved to be one of the most interesting. After players complete Heroes in Another Dimension, they go through the familiar credits sequence. However, that sequence is dominated by a boss fight against Marx, which is a recreation of the one found in Kirby Super Star.

It seems that fight was meant to be more than an end-credit boss, though. There was data found for Marx also having a health bar and his theme song "Vs. Marx", which suggests that the developers thought about putting an organic boss fight against him in the game.

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