Ever Wanted To Squeeze Kirby's Face To Make Him Scream Music? Does Japan Have An Instrument For You!

Kirby and the Otamatone musical instrument have merged - you can buy one with prerecorded songs, or one that lets you play original tunes.

If Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs was a fan of both synthesizers and video games, then this is the kind of instrument he would play.

Those of you who wanted to play an instrument that is composed of Kirby's body after his limbs have been torn off are in luck, as the Cubeworks toy company will be releasing a Kirby-themed version of their famous Otamatone instrument in February, but only in Japan. (via NintendoLife)

There will be two models of the Kirby Otamatone available for purchase - a cheaper model called the "Melody" that only plays prerecorded songs and a more expensive "Deluxe" model that can be used as a standard Otamatone.

The Otamatone is a handheld synthesizer that is similar to the theremin in how it produces sound. The music comes out of the instrument through a ball at the bottom that needs to be squeezed by the player, which is why the design features a face, as playing the Otamatone makes it seem like the face is singing.

Those who saw the 2017 Game Awards were also given a chance to see an Otamatone in action, as one was used to play the Super Mario Bros. theme during the opening ceremony.

Kirby might be the best choice for a Nintendo character to have an Otamatone based on them, due to the fact that he is already a sphere. It would look kind of disturbing if there were Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda themed Otamatones that used the disembodied heads of Mario and Link to make music.

The Otamatone was first released in Japan in 1998, but it found international success with the help of YouTube, as there are numerous covers of popular songs that have been created using an Otamatone, helping to create a sub-genre of music and music video, as people like to dress up their Otamatone and recreate the videos that they are covering.

If you have lived a cursed life that has never known the pleasures of the Otamatone cover of "All Star" by Smash Mouth, then YouTube has you covered.

The Melody and Deluxe Kirby Otamatone's will be available in Japan in mid-February.

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