Kirby: Star Allies Will Get A Major Update With New Dream Friends And A Challenge Mode

Wave 3 for Kirby Star Allies launches later this month. Three new Dream Friends will be included, as well as a brand new challenge mode.

Kirby Star Allies is getting a lot of content in its Wave 3 DLC. Nintendo announced today that three new Dream Friends will be available later this month: Magolor, Taranza, and Susie. Also, there will be a new challenge type of mode called, "Heroes in Another Dimension."

It is good to see Star Allies receiving continued support, and this looks to be the biggest update yet. The three new Dream Friends are characters from some of the more recent Kirby games. First, Magolor appeared as the true villain and final boss in Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Taranza was a secondary antagonist in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, but later betrayed the main villain, Queen Sectonia. Interestingly, based on the trailer, Taranza's Friend Ability is summoning a copy of Sectonia. Finally, Susie was a secondary antagonist in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Fans of that game should enjoy Susie's robotic ability.

Arguably, the most intriguing aspect of this update is the new "Heroes in Another Dimension" mode. It appears to be story-based, with the three Mage-Sisters returning as the antagonists. What one can gather is that Kirby and friends get sucked into an alternate dimension. There is platforming, and also boss battles. The bosses in this dimension seem to be darker versions of their usual selves. Translating the Japanese Nintendo page yields a few interesting aspects regarding the mode. The mode appears after the standard story mode is completed, and the bosses are stronger.

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Kirby Star Allies released earlier this year, back in March. While not receiving outstanding reviews (its Metacritic score is 73), the game did a solid job bringing the Kirby experience to the Switch. The platforming is fun, and the climax is particularly memorable. The soundtrack is fantastic, and there are numerous Friend Ability combinations. All in all, Star Allies is a pleasant experience. Wave 3 seems like it's going to be the last add-on for the game, as the trailer states: "Finally play as every dream friend!" If you haven't played the game yet, now is the perfect time because there's going to be a lot more content than there was at launch.

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The Wave 3 update for Kirby Star Allies will be available on November 30th. For more Kirby, look for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn in 2019.

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