Debunked: Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn WILL Be Compatible With All 3DS Consoles

Nintendo has updated its listing for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Now, the game is confirmed to be available on the normal 3DS, not just the New 3DS.

During Nintendo's August Direct, the company announced a 3DS port of the Wii title, Kirby's Epic Yarn. Titled, 'Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn,' the game is scheduled to release sometime in 2019, complete with new features and modes. Interestingly, Nintendo's official product page stated the game to be available for "New Nintendo 3DS systems only." This was odd, as this important tidbit wasn't mentioned at all in the trailer. As many suspected, it looks like that listing was a mistake.

Nintendo has updated Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn's page to "Nintendo 3DS," meaning that the game can be played on any 3DS system, as well as the 2DS. It's not unheard of that home console games get ported to the New Nintendo 3DS only. Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles were ported to the small console - but only for the New Nintendo 3DS. But in Kirby's case, those looking to experience the Yarn art style for the first time, or wanting to revisit it after a number of years, will be able to on their normal 3DS.

Kirby's Epic Yarn originally released for the Wii outside Japan in 2011. Although somewhat controversial at first because the gameplay would abandon Kirby's traditional style, the game released to acclaim. It is the second highest-rated Kirby game on Metacritic, with a score of 86. (The game above it, Canvas Curse, does share the same score, however.) Why is the game well liked? Kirby's Epic Yarn doesn't offer much in the way of challenge. But, it does offer a beautiful experience. The worlds have different themes (from dinosaurs to donuts), and the music is lovely. It's a great game for families, and those wanting to take a break from the ultra-realistic games in the market.

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Based on the trailer, Epic Yarn has made the jump to the 3DS nicely. Those who played the game before can look forward to what appears to be fun new features. The minigames will allow fans to play as King Dedede and Meta Knight, something that wasn't possible in the original game. Meanwhile, 'Devilish Mode' looks like a fun racing challenge.

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Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn will be released in 2019 for Nintendo 3DS.


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