A Knight's Quest Mixes Zelda With Sonic Adventure 2

A Knight's Quest is a fantastic-looking indie game that combines Zelda's combat and puzzles with Sonic-style exploration.

A Knight's Quest is an upcoming action-adventure game that looks to copy The Legend Of Zelda, but in a good way. The creators call it a purposeful tribute to the Zelda games, but with more of a sense of humor. The world has the same colorful feel and action-focused combat of Zelda, but with more dynamic exploration. It also features a hero who isn't the perfect chosen one. In fact, he looks a little daft.

It's said that a knight must be strong, brave, and wise. At least according to the trailer for A Knight's Quest. The footage introduces us to Rusty, the game's hero. Rusty is a nice young man, but also clumsy. He's actually the one who unleashes the threat to his home kingdom of Regalia. To make up for it, he must go on an epic journey to stop it. This includes the typical Zelda fare of fighting giant bosses, solving puzzles, and traveling through an open world. It also just happens to have rail grinding.

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Yes, rail grinding. One of the defining elements of the Adventure-era Sonic the Hedgehog games is in this Zelda-style indie game. And it actually makes a lot of sense. The world of A Knight's Quest seems to be most inspired by Breath of the Wild, with magic fantasy and technology combined. That makes for a lot of giant metallic constructions that Rusty can grind on to get around.

A lot of Zelda clones often fail to impress because they lack in a major area. Some try to copy the puzzles and combat but fail to establish lovable characters. Others go too hard on the colorful world and forget to make solid, satisfying gameplay. A Knight's Quest seems like it will avoid these issues by being its own thing. Sure, it's colorful. It looks to have action-packed combat and puzzles galore. But it also has a distinct art style, fluid platforming sections, and Sonic-esque rail grinding. We can't say yet that it's worth a purchase, but we can say that we'll keep our eyes on it.

A Knight's Tale will launch this fall on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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