Knut Banned On Twitch For Bringing Trans Sex Workers To Andy Milonakis Poker Game

Knut Banned From Twitch Using Trans Prostitutes For Gag

Norwegian bodybuilder and Twitch streamer Knut Spildrejorde has, yet again, landed himself in trouble with the streaming platform. This time, however, speculation as to why is much more clear.

Various Twitch personalities gathered in Costa Rica for Americas Cardroom's "King of Twitch" Poker Invitational – both Knut and Andy Milonakis included. Mainly known for his IRL streaming and appearances on Rajj Patel's Twitch channel, Knut's content usually centers around his entertaining interactions with other personalities. This time around, he crossed lines that sparked anger across the internet.

In a clip that can be viewed here, Knut hired transgender sex workers and brought them to a private poker game that Andy Milonakis was playing at, yelling out "Andy, I've found some girls for you!" The situation instantly stirred up controversy because Knut's gag involved taking a shot at the identities of the sex workers – publicly laughing at their expense.

Knut Comments On Andy Milonakis Joke

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That wasn't the end of it either, as Knut later went on to make comments about being "mis-aged." He joked that despite that his "biology says [he is] 33," he "identifies as 25," going on to state: "if a sex is a social construction, then age is as well" – likely the clearest violation of Twitch's guidelines for the night. Kidding or not, Knut's antics were as insensitive as they were ill-timed, considering Greedgodx was recently banned for his own comments on Soundcloud's gender options.

This is not the first time Knut has stirred up trouble with Twitch. In April, he was banned from Twitchcon Berlin, supposedly for streaming outside of the designated area at the event. Additionally, he was suspended from the platform for a week in July due to texting and driving during a stream. These infractions culminated in a barring from Twitchcon San Diego, held less than a month ago.

Even other streamers have noticed Knut's proneness for getting banned, with ClawOnTwitch joking in a September tweet about the poker event: "@TwitchKnut don't get banned beforehand." The prophecy has certainly been fulfilled, as Knut is now banned from Twitch; The severity of the ban is unspecified and Knut has remained silent on the matter so far. Although the platform has had its share of puzzling moderation practices, it goes without saying that Knut's ban here is completely unsurprising.

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