Kojima Teases A Potential New (Finally) Death Stranding Trailer

We maybe, just maybe, might finally be getting a new Death Stranding trailer.

It's not particularly hard to understand why people want more information about Hideo Kojima's next game. He is the man behind the Metal Gear Solid series, which based on that alone, would be enough to get people hyped.

However, Death Stranding has thus far looked like it's going to be absolutely flipping bonkers. We've seen rain that ages people, weird goo monsters, a baby that apparently lives inside Norman Reedus' throat, and that's just the tip of the insane iceberg. Trying to decipher what the game is about based on what information we have so far is enough to drive you mad. So, another game trailer that could potentially shed any light on what is actually happening would be very welcome.

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This tweet was posted on Hideo Kojima's Twitter account, and it appears to be a picture of a computer running some video editing software; the kind of software that would be perfect for cutting together a new trailer.

We haven't seen a new trailer for Death Stranding since September at TGS 2018. That trailer showed off the character played by Troy Baker, who wears a golden skull mask that he uses to create a giant golden skull-faced lion monster. At this point, even if the game is bad, it'll be worth playing for the imagery alone.

Hideo Kojima also appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival to discuss the game along with the game's star Norman Reedus. They sadly didn't have any new footage to share, but he did seem to indicate that fans should expect something new soon.

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There were a few little tidbits about the game that came out during the talk. Apparently, Kojima is so dedicated to capturing the essence of Norman Reedus, that when Reedus got a new tattoo Kojima insisted that they rescan Norman to include the tattoo. He even claimed that if Reedus got another tattoo they may have to sell it as DLC.

He also seemed to say that there may be points where you don't even play as Norman Reedus' character at all: "If you go somewhere in the game, you won’t be controlling Norman or Sam. You’ll just be controlling the camera, and you’ll see Sam/Norman, and if you look at him he might do something like wink at you.”

We have no idea what that could possibly mean, which seems pretty appropriate for any new information coming from Kojima himself.

There's no real word on when a potential new trailer could be released, but one has to be coming soon. It's hard to say if it will show up at E3, considering that Death Stranding is a PS4-exclusive, and Sony is not showing up this year. Hopefully, we'll see something new sooner rather than later.

Of course, even if we do get a new trailer, it'll probably just confuse us even more.

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