One Of The Korean Supermodel Streamers Has Been Banned On Twitch Again After "Accidental" Reveal

Korean Twitch streamer "addielyn9" has been banned from the platform upon "accidentally" broadcasting herself fully nude. Supposedly, she and her boyfriend were unaware that her microphone and camera were already turned on while preparing for the stream. This led addielyn9 to feel comfortable enough to undress and change before eventually realizing the situation and swiftly shutting everything down.

This incident comes at a poor time for the Korean model, as she and three other streamers— sooflower, chobiman0125, and damicos — were recently suspended in August for livestreaming a scantily clad poolside session. Their stream went viral, pulling almost 30,000 live viewers during the broadcast. Although each of their suspensions only lasted 72 hours, gathering channel strikes is something that no streamer can be happy to accumulate, especially considering Twitch's recent crackdown on its content creators.

Twitch is no stranger to having to deal with pornographic content on their website, so it comes as no surprise that addielyn9's channel has since been removed, though apparently she had already deleted footage of the video herself. The permanency of the Twitch ban is yet to be revealed.

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The entire incident is a bit sad seeing that addielyn9 did appear to be genuinely shaken by the whole event. By all accounts, it did seem to be a complete accident on her part; she displayed her embarrassment candidly. There are some who claim that the stream was probably a publicity stunt, but it seems very unlikely considering the inevitability of a ban for an act such as this.

Moreover, addielyn9 very quickly took to social media to issue a lengthy, heartfelt apology to her fans. The letter addressed honesty, home life, mental health, and multiple other deep topics. A snippet of her translated words read, "I'd like to express my apologies and gratitude to everyone who supported me, but it's so hard to imagine people who are disappointed about me, people who are angry at me." Soon afterwards, she deleted all of her social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — obviously quite upset over the mishap.

Overall, the situation is simply unfortunate. The content of the broadcast clearly violated Twitch's guidelines, of course, so the ban is to be expected; nevertheless, it can hard not to sympathize with the streamer over what seemed like a genuine, human mistake.

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