10 Of The Best Comics Cosplay At LA Comic Con

We recently got to spend some time at Los Angeles Comic Con. There was a lot of quality cosplay there, some of which we already covered. Overall, we were surprised to find that many of the more impressive costumes paid homage to anime and gaming instead of comics. That's not to say that we found no great comics-inspired cosplay, however.

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There was plenty of Joker to go around, and a veritable army of Spider-people. There were also surprising crossovers, creative ways to show superpowers, and our old friend Liv. Scroll on to see some of the best comic book cosplays LACC had to offer.

10 Fantastic One

A Fantastic Four cosplay is relatively easy to pull off. You get a blue jump suit, stick a four on it, add a belt and collar, and you're good to go. This cosplayer, called Ahklad on Instagram, took it a step further by making himself a giant hand. Since Mr. Fantastic can stretch parts of his body, and normal humans can't, this was a great way to give the illusion of super powers. Another neat detail is that he placed his belt higher up instead of right on his waist. This also adds to the illusion of stretching, and is really clever.

9 Now This Is An Avengers-Level Cosplay

Mysterio has become much more recognized after this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home. For many moviegoers, it was probably their first exposure to the character, cosplayed here by Lukasyocuta. I know it was for my girlfriend, who leaned over to me mid-movie and said "I think Mysterio is evil."

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I chuckled, but I also felt happy for her. She never read the comics. Imagine getting to experience some of the best stories and characters in comics from a fresh perspective. Marvel movies, like them or not, are good for that.

8 Everything Has Symbiotes These Days

One of the most fun aspects of documenting comic convention cosplay is seeing all the ideas people have for mash-ups. Take this Venom Power Ranger, for instance. The cosplayer, Koyntai_kosplay, could have just cosplayed the black Power Ranger. The costume looks good enough for that on its own. Instead, he decided to make the Venom symbiote pattern on the chest armor, turning it into a venom-ized Green Ranger. Poor Tommy, he's always getting brainwashed into being bad.

7 What's He Laughing At?

There have been a lot of Marvel cosplays from LA Comic Con so far. I apologize for that, it's just indicative of what the actual convention had. There was a huge Spidey gathering and a lot of Endgame. DC's biggest splash was the new Joker, and we certainly saw a lot of those. They loved to dance. But this isn't that Joker. This is Thejokerthatlaughs as The Batman Who Laughs. He's a very creepy character, and the cosplayer really stayed in character with that smile plastered on his face.

6 A Duo We'll Never See On Screen

One of the biggest announcements out of San Diego Comic-Con was Thor: Love and Thunder. The next movie in the thunder god's saga will apparently bring Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster, only now she'll wield the hammer herself. Fans believe this will turn out to look like the female Thor that had a significant run in the comics. She's cosplayed here by Princessnatkins. The Captain America by her side is Capt.Cam.Cosplay. Sadly, since Cap is retired in the movies, we'll probably never see this duo together. You'll have to go to comics for that.

5 Another Duo We'll Never See On Screen (Hopefully)

The fate of movie Deadpool is up in the air after Disney acquired Fox. The X-Men will eventually appear in the MCU, but how will Deadpool be handled. Will Ryan Reynolds get to continue with his R-rated take on the character? How will that play with the other, more family-friendly Marvel movies? The comics might be the only place to get a truly unfiltered Deadpool in the future. It also might be the only place to see Deadpool enter the multiverse and encounter a Mary Poppins version of himself, cosplayed here by PaulStarHero.

4 A Duo That Belongs On Screen

On the DC side of things, meanwhile, is Joker. And... that's about it. Shazam! was a blast, Aquaman was good enough, and Wonder Woman is going strong. But fans won't be getting a huge shared universe or follow-up to Justice League anytime soon. Batman is also up in the air, with Ben Affleck gone and Robert Pattinson taking his place for a far-off movie. The best place to experience an amazing live-action Batman right now is to feast your eyes on this photo by Ivan Aburto. For good Batman stories, check out the current comics.

3 Commitment

It takes courage, dedication, and style to pull off the outfits worn by comic book characters. They're utterly ridiculous, and some don't even make sense with actual real world physics. Andiiloko manages to somehow make Mystique's original comics outfit work.

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That's quite an accomplishment when you remember that Mystique wears a belt made of human skulls. What exactly is the fashion statement there? Andiiloko also went all-in on the hair color by dying the beard and eyebrows too. That's dedication.

2 This Cosplay Was Inevitable

Ever since Thanos hit the movies, cosplayers have rushed to do their own take on the mad titan. This has led to a lot of quality armor builds, meme-y interpretations of Thanos as a dad, and a lot of glowing gauntlets. Humminh2 brought the armor and the Infinity Gauntlet, and also brought the sword from Avengers: Endgame. He was also just a muscular dude, which served to capture the power of Thanos.

1 Spider-Man And His Many Amazing Friends

Last, but certainly not least, is the Spider-Gang. We don't know where the train started, or where it went to, but there was a huge line of spider-people doing the "when you find friends" dance. They also picked up more as they went on. Some say they're still going to this day... That's probably not true, though, because the convention center is totally closed by now.

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