10 Of The Best Gaming Cosplay At LA Comic Con

LA Comic Con has already wrapped up, but let's take a look back at the best cosplay inspired by iconic and obscure video games.

Los Angeles Comic Con happened last weekend, and it attracted a lot of talented cosplayers. Most of them were comic or movie themed because, you know, Comic Con, but that doesn't mean gaming fans were excluded. In fact, some of the most impressive costumes at the show were inspired by video games.

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What's truly impressive is that there were a variety of games represented, despite it being a comic-themed show. The classics like Nintendo, Mortal Kombat, and Final Fantasy showed up. But there were also showings from more obscure games. What games, you ask? Read on to find out!

10 Everyone's Favorite Mailman

Typically when you see a Fallout cosplay, you see something from one of the more recent games. Fallout 4 makes for a popular choice because of the ease of getting a blue jumpsuit. It also allows for some creativity, as cosplayers can customize their look with road sign armor and pip guns just like in the game. Anteyesenpai decided to be a rebel and do New Vegas instead. Someone needed to remind people of the actual best Fallout game.

9 Spirit Digivolution!

The cosplay contest at Los Angeles Comic Con was sponsored by the new Maleficent movie. So there were a lot of wings on display. Some could move, some had a wingspan of about 20 feet, and some, like Azayaka Cosplay's, were very detailed. She said that she glued each feather on by hand. She then repeated the process for her head wings, which were also styled into the wig itself. The result? This crazy detailed cosplay of the Digimon Zephyrmon.

8 The Warrior Rises

Yep, this is a Final Fantasy One cosplay at Los Angeles Comic Con. This is the work of Pixelated_Nobody, who made all the armor herself from foam. She used perler beads to make the sword. That's an ingenious idea, as conventions usually have some strict policies on weapons. By making her weapon of beads, she avoided having it confiscated or tagged with an ugly ribbon. It also gives the sword a pixelated look, a perfect homage to the original Final Fantasy.

7 Get Over Here!

Speaking of getting tagged with a safely ribbon, it looks like Scorpion cosplayer Body_Builder_Hikes didn't get so lucky. A blue ribbon can be seen on his kunai, which he threw at my camera in frustration. Okay, not really, he was actually a chill guy. He deserves kudos for bringing the kunai in the first place, as it's a great throwback to the first Mortal Kombat. Back then he did "get over here!" by throwing the chained weapon. With that well-researched prop, he really does classic Scorpion justice.

6 One Sweet Ride

Initial D is a long-running anime and manga series about Japanese street racing. The franchise spawned a slew of video games as well, with the most well-known being arcade games. They're the type where you actually take the wheel and attempt to drift like your life depends on it.

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Cosplayer JesseWeirdd decided to cosplay one of the mascot cars of Initial D. He had working headlights and played one of the anime's songs on his phone. He didn't drift, but it was still a cool costume.

5 That's Not A Flower, Lady

Remember months ago when Bowsette was all the rage? Nintendo made the bizarre choice to create an item that lets any being transform into a Peach-like princess. Fans decided to use it to make risqué Bowser fan art. Cosplay girls jumped on the trend to make their own versions using Boo and Chain Chomp. We thought we'd seen it all after about the millionth post. We were wrong. Rose Water Cosplay is here to show us what a Piranha Plant princess would look like. It's... actually a neat idea.

4 A Radical, If Inefficient, Weapon

The growing popularity of Monster Hunter thanks to Monster Hunter World has had a lovely side effect on the cosplay scene. So many more people are making Monster Hunter armor cosplay now. Tock Custom was out at LA Comic Con representing one of the classic monsters, Zinogre. He even has the weapon of the electric beast, an axe that doubles as an electric guitar. You can't see it, bit all of the yellow ridges light up. Go give this guy a following on Instagram, he deserves it!

3 Look Out For The Tails Doll...

One thing no one expected to see at Los Angeles Comic Con was a cosplay of Sonic.exe. For the unaware, there was once a time when the most horrifying version of Sonic the Hedgehog was not his live-action movie version.

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There was Sonic.exe, a creepypasta story about a cursed disc for the Sega CD-R. Instead of a normal Sonic game, however, this version housed the twisted version of the hedgehog this cosplay depicts. So thanks, mystery cosplayer, for bringing this old nightmare to life.

2 Oh Yeah, Gears 5 Exists

Gears 5 was supposed to be a big deal. Then it just sort of happened. It released, it probably brought Microsoft some good sales numbers, but it doesn't get discussed too often anymore. It seems the general gaming conversation shifted quickly to Borderlands 3, and will soon be focused on Modern Warfare. At least the Gears dream is still alive for Tonymartinez361, who brought his awesome cosplay to LACC. Hard to argue the game is forgotten when faced with a dude who's built like a fridge.

1 How Much For The Marowak Skull?

The Happy Mask Salesman of Majora's Mask has always piqued the interest of fans thanks to his many mysteries. Where does he get his masks? How does he know all about their magical properties? Cosplayer Constantlyk added another question to the list by giving her Happy Mask Salesman cosplay even more masks. Does this guy cross worlds now? Should he be trusted with a hollow mask? Constantlyk deserves a round of applause for making this character even more unsettling and mysterious than before.

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