Lady Gaga Asks Who Ninja Is, Accidentally Starts Twitter Clash

We’ve all heard the news by now— on October 15th, Lady Gaga, the Mother Monster herself, innocuously tweeted the one phrase that would whip gamers into a frenzy: “What’s fortnite?”

Not a mere day after stirring the pot, she’s done it again by tweeting a simple question at popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins: who are you?

Now, Lady Gaga is no stranger to gaming, as people might assume— in November of 2018, she surprised gamers by tweeting about her Bayonetta binge that had her staying up until four in the morning trying to get past a boss.

No one was sure why they were surprised— after all, killing a dragon with her “weave” (not an exaggeration, by the by) is something that Lady Gaga herself would do in a music video for fun.

The pop icon hadn’t come into contact with the gaming world since between her Bayonetta binge and her “what’s fortnite” tweet (that was most likely prompted by the explosion of media attention around Fortnite’s “The End” event). Most assumed it was a facetious comment made in passing and nothing more— until, of course, she kicked the proverbial gamers’ nest by asking the biggest Fortnite streamer around who the heck he is.

Ninja himself came up with a slightly unexpected response, simply telling her to “ask Drake” in reference to his extremely successful stream with the rapper a while back.

The replies immediately erupted with Ninja fans and Lady Gaga fans feuding with each other over who was more “relevant” today. Ninja fans and other gamers were quick to point out that Ninja’s youtube subscriber count is almost double that of Lady Gaga’s, and that they hadn’t heard anything from Lady Gaga in eight years.

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Lady Gaga fans, on the other hand, saw Ninja’s statement as unnecessarily arrogant, especially given that he replied to Lady Gaga’s first tweet about Fortnite with an invitation to discuss more about it.

They also claimed that a high subscriber count does not necessarily denote cultural significance, and pointed out Lady Gaga’s recent appearance in a highly successful movie.

While some have speculated that this is a PR lead up to a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Fortnite, it’s far more likely that it was simple curiosity on the pop star’s part. The explosion (or implosion, so to speak) of Fortnite’s Black Hole most likely prompted the first tweet, while thousands of replies mentioning Ninja probably prompted the second. Still, with her previous interest in games, it’s not hard to imagine that she might one day guest star in a video game in the same manner as Cyberpunk 2077’s Keanu Reeves or the all-star cast of Death Stranding.

For now, curious bystanders can kick back, grab some popcorn, and watch the insults fly as pop fans and gamers clash in yet another twitter feud.

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