Lady Gaga Has No Idea What Fortnite Is

Did you think that Fortnite had consumed absolutely everybody on the planet by now? Well, so did we, but it turns out that one person remains free of its insidious clutches: Lady Gaga, of all people.

Now, we all have our opinions about Epic Games’ battle royale behemoth. From rampant fandom to pure hatred and snarky disinterest, everybody wants to get their two cents in on the Fortnite debate. Even the British Royal Family’s own Prince Harry is getting in on the fun, as he argued earlier this year that the title should be banned because it’s dangerously addictive and is having a harmful influence on players.

Regardless of how a given person may feel about Fortnite, though, nobody can deny that it’s been a monstrous success. In terms of its influence on the industry and its pure outreach, there’s just been no stopping Fortnite. Social media cannot get enough.

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Over the weekend, “The End” hit. This black hole business left players completely unable to… well, play, as part of a huge stunt to build hype around the game’s upcoming Chapter 2. Though nobody could play, this only served to make the game a hotter topic than ever. If you’ve ventured onto social media in the last few days, you can’t possibly have missed it. Unless, of course, you’re Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as music sensation Lady Gaga.

Of the many, many Tweets about the Fortnite situation, Gaga’s was probably the greatest:

Simple, concise, hilarious. Now, of course, she’s probably being facetious here, making a meta comment about all the publicity the game’s been getting. After all, if there’s one thing Gaga’s never been big on, it’s following the crowd. All that really matters here is that Twitter seized on this little missive and ran with it, as only Twitter can. Our favorite response? This little doozy:

The fact that this thread then sparked snarky speculation that Gaga will drop new music in a fortnight makes it a joke within a joke within a joke, which is just delicious. Great work, Internet, this is the sort of thing we love to see.

Source: Nintendo Life

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