25 Super Sweet Lara Croft Cosplays That’ll Raid Your Tomb

When it comes to gaming in the 90s, one title certainly stands out from the rest as one of the most iconic games in the PlayStation era. That game is none other than the critically-acclaimed adventure PS1 title Tomb Raider. Since its initial release, the game was considered by some as one of the most significant games of this generation and beyond. Tomb Raider was able to garner multiple accolades throughout its rich history which spanned for over a decade long. The game became synonymous to adventure and even placed the spotlight on female protagonists in an industry that's dominated by male heroes.

Tomb Raider didn't just propel the adventure genre to greater heights, it also introduced one of the most iconic heroines in video game history: the legendary Lara Croft. A huge part of Tomb Raider's success has a lot to do with the game's beautifully sultry yet fiercely tough protagonist. Lara evolved from simply being just a battle-ready eye-candy to becoming a tenacious hard-nosed survivalist and a symbol of female empowerment worthy of admiration.

The original 1996 game marked as the birth of a character that became the shining example of brave, fearless and empowered heroines in gaming history. Few characters in gaming had as much impact in the media as Lara Croft so it's only natural for fans to want to be like her, or at least look the part. Here are 25 Lara Croft cosplays that look so convincing that we'll wish they would raid our tombs.

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25 Hands Up!

via deviantart.com (yukilefay)

While Lara Croft Reborn cosplays are steadily becoming more popular, it's still awesome to see her classic rendition from the earlier Tomb Raider games. Brazilian cosplayer Thais Yuki brought one of the most steamy version of Lara Croft to life with her bodacious Tomb Raider: Legend cosplay. The earlier versions of Lara had a lot of emphasis on her sultry curves and athletic build which were seamlessly translated onto Thais' cosplay as well.

However, Lara Croft is just one instance of Thais' varied gallery of crafty cosplay photos. The Brazilian cosplayer has a penchant for posing as some of the most iconic characters from the heyday of gaming which includes jaw-dropping portrayals of Aya Brea from the Parasite Eve series, Lilith from Darkstalkers and Zero Suit Samus from Metroid.

Model: Thais Yuki

24 Tighter Than A Bow String

via instagram.com/missbabydoll89x

Freelance model and avid Lara Croft cosplayer Miss Baby Doll brings a unique twist and fresh take on the typical Tomb Raider cosplay. We are used to seeing Lara's clear and glowing smooth complexion but it's not everyday that we get to see the decorated raider sporting some eye-catching body art.

Miss Baby Doll 89's tatted cosplay turns Lara into a stylish rebel with a cause making her appear even more daring than usual. The British cosplayer still managed to depict a refined Lara either way, one who is poised and ready to shoot her bow at an unsuspecting foe. While Miss Baby Doll's striking arm tattoo certainly gives a slight aesthetic edge to Lara's character, the raider's fierce demeanor and heroic stature still remains the same.

Model: Miss Baby Doll 89

23 Must Get Warm In There...

via deviantart.com (val-raiseth)

Tomb Raider fans and gamers in general never fail to recognize Lara Croft given her signature tank-top, golden belt buckle and shorts combination. While this classic look is undoubtedly one Lara's most defining outfits, this doesn't mean this was her only memorable attire. Another iconic Tomb Raider outfit that comes to mind is Lara's slick and stylish catsuit in Tomb Raider 3.

Just when we thought Lara's classic outfit couldn't get any better, the iconic catsuit comes in to disprove that notion.

Fortunately, fans can now feast their eyes on Spanish cosplayer Val Raiseth and her steamy recreation of Lara's iconic Tomb Raider 3 catsuit. This portrayal wont just send fans to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it would also leave them stupefied given its familiar yet enchanting presence.

Model: Val Raiseth

22 Action Lara

via deviantart.com (lena-lara)

Many avid Lara Croft cosplayers simply love playing as the iconic heroine and some even take a piece of her name with them while perfectly looking the part at the same time. There's a good reason the talented German cosplayer Lena-Lara took on the name of the lovely raider given their uncanny likeness.

Fans can't really blame her though since Lena definitely bears a striking resemblance to the angel of darkness herself.

Some of Lena's Lara Croft cosplays photos not only depicts the bold heroine's stunning beauty but also highlights the raider's renowned athleticism as well. It's safe to say that Ms. Croft herself certainly wouldn't mind lending Lena her name since this cosplayer just gave the iconic character some justice with her awesome portrayal.

Model: Lena Lara

21 Underworld Lara

via deviantart.com (Anastasya01)

Anastasiya is a woman of many talents on top of being able to pull off a top-notch Lara Croft cosplay. She is a model, an actress, a writer, a photographer and most of all, a rocking Lara Croft cosplayer. She is known for being able to convincingly pull-off the looks of a variety of notable characters in pop culture, but her amazing Lara Croft varieties are what inspires us today.

Of course, her recent Lara Croft cosplays are just as gorgeous as she is able to capture Lara's spunky attitude and feisty nature. Ana even tried her hand at mimicking Alicia Vikander's version of Lara in the latest Tomb Raider film and by the looks of it, she did a really great job doing so too.

Model: Anastasiya01.

20 Legendary Giorgia

via deviantart.com (GiorgiaCosplay)

If there's one thing Tomb Raider fans can agree on, it's that Lara always looks strikingly beautiful regardless of which version of her they are talking about. Italian model and professional cosplayer Giorgia is of no exception to this given her jaw-dropping Tomb Raider: Legend cosplay. Giorgia's rendition of the classic Lara Croft looks equally stunning as the heroine's Reborn version.

Adding the right angles to Lara's already-glimmering portrait makes her shine even brighter.

Giorgia not only recreated Lara's beauty, she also highlighted her femininity and graceful posture. Of course, Giorgia's photographer also did a splendid job in capturing Giorgia in such flattering angles resulting in quite an endearing portrayal of our beloved raider. Fans know that Ms. Croft already looks stunning enough on her own but capturing her from the right angle makes all the difference.

Model: Giorgia

19 Not Rusty At All

via deviantart.com (errRust)

There are fans who turn to cosplaying in order to look more glamorous than how they normally appear in their everyday life. However, Lara Croft's line of work is anything but glamorous and her situation isn't exactly always filled with sparkling moments either. Being a raider means rolling in mud, thriving in extremely harsh conditions and battling for survival.

Artist and cosplayer errRust is probably not afraid of getting her hands, or in this case her entire body, dirty if it meant authentically depicting Lara's dangerous lifestyle.

overcoming insurmountable odds while surviving even in moments of despair is the epitome of her character. It doesn't mean, however, that Lara can't look like she's starting off with freshly laundered clothes.

Model: errRust.

18 It Must Be Cold

via deviantart.com (lena-lara)

Lara Croft went through various drastic and significant transformations over the years so debating over which version of Lara is the best one makes for a tough argument. The original version of Lara Croft has quite a vast distinction from the new reinvented Ms. Croft in Rise Of The Tomb Raider. As we've seen, Lena-Lara is one cosplayer who isn't afraid to look up earlier Underworld Lara Croft.

The German cosplayer is so versatile that she can accurately portray the classic version of Lara as well as the gritty reimagined Tomb Raider reborn version of the beloved heroine. Athora was able to display Lara's perfect combination of rugged toughness and stunning beauty in one photogenic package.

Cosplay by Lena-Lara.

17 Meli

via deviantart.com (xtifalockheart)

Lara's appearance often change from game to game especially in movies but one thing always remains constant regardless of the medium that she's in and that is her unquestionable beauty. In fact, the tenacious adventurer never fails to look good even when she's covered in mud or when she's desperately hanging on for dear life.

Meli's version of the famed Tomb Raider shows that Lara's beauty is universal and that her onscreen presence has always been a sight to behold regardless of her circumstance. Meli's cosplay might not have captured Lara's fierce glare but she still highlighted the heroine's charming beauty nonetheless. After all, Lara wouldn't be as successful without her undeniable charm so Meli's portrayal does a wonderful job at shooting an arrow towards the hearts of fans.

Model: Meli 

Photography by xtifalockheart.

16 Divine Raiders

via deviantart.com (KatDivine22)

Many cosplayers try to emulate Lara's gorgeous looks but not everyone can simply capture her superior athleticism and well toned physique. German cosplayer Kat doesn't just capture Lara's beauty, she also embodies her athletic finesse, strong physique and fitness.

Kat's fit physique is impressive enough as it is but her flexibility and athletic prowess makes her a more authentic Lara cosplayer.

Kat puts a lot of emphasis on Lara's athletic capabilities by performing a variety of daring maneuvers in her cosplay photo-shoots. We're sure much more than looks are required to pull this off. After all, Kat takes inspiration from Lara's athletic skills which why she's driven to go the extra mile in her cosplaying.

Model: KatDivine22.

15 Tomb Eilaire-der

via deviantart.com (Eilaire)

Italian cosplayer Eilaire has some jaw-dropping cosplay photos of the revamped version of Lara Croft. However, her classic Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld portrayals are even more impressive. While Eilaire's Lara Croft cosplay appears to display topnotch quality that can even be considered as professionally done, she claims that she's actually not a professional model.

The Italian cosplayer revealed that her motivation for posing as Lara is quite simple, she simply loves wearing the outfits of her favorite characters. Let's just hope that Eilaire continues being passionate in her cosplaying hobby so we can see more of her lovely cosplays.

Model: Eilaire

14 Lara JennCroft

via deviantart.com (jenncroft)

Matching Lara Croft's iconic physique is no easy feat but JennCroft makes it look easy with her rock-hard abs and her well-sculpted body. Jenn certainly knows what it takes to personify the notable traits and skills that make Lara so legendary. Jenn explained that there is no better way to capture the essence of the iconic raider than to actually step into her shoes.

She looks strong enough to take on Lara's challenging adventure herself.

With that said, Jenn revealed that she is willing to get downright dirty and daring in order to deliver the most captivating Lara Croft cosplay photos. Based on the impressive results of JennCroft's awe-inspiring cosplay gallery, it's safe to say that even Lara would find her efforts worthy of praise.

Model: Jenn Croft

13 Angelina Jolie Ain't Got Nothing On This

via deviantart.com (Kosataya)

Lara Croft has the perfect blend of fiercely lethal capabilities, enigmatic mystique and angelic beauty. Seeing Lara in action is always a spectacle to behold so attempting to recreate her mesmerizing presence is already a daunting task in its own. Lara Croft cosplayer Kosataya managed to accomplish such a difficult challenge by merging the elements that best represent the fearless heroine.

Kosataya's Lara Croft cosplay looks tantalizing and dangerous at the same time.

This Lara Croft cosplay photos has elements of mystifying beauty coupled with a fierce glare that says “approach me, if you dare!” There's no doubt that Lara is an empowering figure who has skills that can be quite intimidating but we still can't stop gawking at her alluring beauty. Surely enough, her spectacular Tomb Raider rendition has Lara Croft written all over it.

Model: Kosataya.

12 JennCroft Is Back

via deviantart.com (Jenncroft)

Cosplaying as the fearless raider Lara Croft is no easy feat since there's so many factors to consider when opting to pose as her. First there is Lara's fitness, her dazzling acrobatics and athleticism, her charming looks and of course, the trademark outfit that makes Lara the Tomb Raider that we all know and love.

Fortunately for JennCroft, she managed to put together all of Lara's notable traits into one stylish and captivating cosplay package. Lilia's Tomb Raider: Anniversary portrayal has everything that fans are looking for in the game. Her Lara Croft cosplay photo includes action, acrobatic maneuvers, elegance, style, ferocity and enough pizzazz to fill-up an entire Tomb Raider cut-scene. Great job Jenn, Lara would be proud!

Model: JennCroft.

11 Tanya Croft

via deviantart.com (tanyacroft)

While some cosplayers simply love taking on Lara's inspiring persona, not all of them actually share her adventurous personality and memorable traits. We can't really blame them since it's not exactly easy to have Lara's bold demeanor and athletic physique after all. However, this did not stop Ukranian cosplayer Tanya Croft from aspiring to become just like Lara in her own way.

It's one thing to look like Lara but to actually share a personal connection with her is something else.

The legendary tomb-raiding heroine isn't just Tanya's favorite character, she's also someone who shares a strong personal connection with her. Tanya revealed that she and Lara have a lot of things in common such as their appetite for adventure, their love for traveling and exploration and of course, their matching beauty.

Model: Tanya Croft

10 Capable In Water And On Land

via deviantart.com (Elen-mart)

Before Lara came to be known as the famed courageous survivor with a heart of gold, she was mostly admired for her enchanting appearance. Lara's aesthetic appeal was vital for the success of Tomb Raider as it helped garner the attention of thousands of gamers. While the classic version of Lara had a sizzling muscular build,  Cosplayer Elen-Mart portrayed a lusciously slender Ms. Croft instead.

We don't remember Lara being THIS steamy.

This sizzling portrayal of the British raider highlights an important aspect that helped catapult the game's success, which is Lara's alluring appeal. Although it's quite difficult to make Lara appear more attractive than she already is, Elen was able to make the lovely Tomb Raider even steamier than usual.

Model: Elen-Mart.

9 Ready For Action

via deviantart.com (llyne)

One of the biggest changes that Lara made when she was reinvented in Tomb Raider Reborn was her transition from dual-wielding handguns to using a more practical bow and arrow setup. This change added more grace, finesse and realism to Lara's combat arsenal compared to her previous stylish yet impractical akimbo pistols look. Lara's bow also makes for some epic cosplay opportunities, something that French cosplayer Illyne managed to take good advantage of.

Illyne's fierce-looking Lara Croft Reborn cosplay looks as accurate as Lara's lethal arrow shots. However, the French cosplayer isn't stopping there, she also managed to capture the looks of yet another iconic bow-wielding heroine. Illyne's cosplay of Horizon Zero Dawn's brave protagonist Aloy looks just as jaw-dropping. With that said, we wouldn't mind seeing an Aloy and Lara crossover which could lead to an adventure of epic proportions.

Model: Illyne

8 Forest Nymph Fighter

via starbitcosplay.deviantart.com

Lara Croft cosplays have always been a feast for the eyes but when this is being done by someone who refers to herself as a “Norwegian viking cosplayer,” you know that you're in for a treat. Norwegian artist Ida V. is no stranger when it comes posing with a composite bow and arrow as she frequently poses using what seems to be her weapon of choice.

Ida's Tomb Raider cosplay alone is impressive enough as it is but her portrayals of other arrow flinging heroines are equally jaw-dropping.

Aside from her ravishing Lara Croft cosplay, Ida V. has brought to life some of the most iconic bow-wielding characters in pop culture. Ida has some of the most stunning portrayals of popular female archers which include spunky princess Meridia from Brave, courageous archer Katniss from The Hunger Games and the stylish elf warrior Tauriel from The Hobbit.

Model: Ida V

7 Running Around All Day

via facebook.com/AlexaKarii/

One of the most popular Tomb Raider cosplays is undoubtedly Lara Croft's Reborn version despite being notoriously difficult to pull off. This version has to be the most realistic portrayal of Lara but recreating such a gritty yet iconic depiction is a challenge in its own right. Cosplayers who are hoping to become Reborn have to consider finding the right props or even making their own ones from scratch.

Cosplayers hoping to look like Lara should also be ready to get themselves down and dirty just like the resilient raider. In Alexa Karii's Tomb Raider Reborn cosplay, we see all that effort come together. Alexa's cosplay certainly looks gorgeous in capturing Lara's feisty gaze and rugged overalls. Although Alexa's portrayal does seem to be little bit more glamorous than how Lara is usually depicted but her props look accurate enough to capture Lara's image.

Model: Alexa Karii

6 Raise The Croft

via deviantart.com (Val-Raiseth)

We see awesome cosplayer Val-Raiseth again, adding a certain flair and a little bit more oomph to Lara's already captivating image. There's no doubt that her Lara Croft Reborn cosplay looks strikingly accurate and boldly fierce. However, there's something about Val's eyes that seem enchantingly alluring and cautiously uninviting at the same time.

This cosplay recreates Lara's perfect blend of posh sophistication, feisty attitude and battle-ready enthusiasm.

This contradiction is quite accurate since it speaks volumes on Lara's character as a whole. Lara has to be strong and fearless in order to overcome adversity but at the same time, she also needs to display compassion and elegance. With that said, Val was able to capture this distinct combination in spades.

Model: Val Raiseth.

5 Roughing It In The Wild

via deviantart.com (lilidin)

There are so many Tomb Raider cosplays out there that it makes us wonder what it takes to truly stand out from the rest. French cosplayer Lili Din could certainly show us how to do just that given her epic Lara Croft cosplay shots. It's not just a matter of looking like Lara, it's also about choosing the perfect scene to portray, one that emanates the essence of Tomb Raider the most.

It's almost hard to tell this cosplay rendition and the game's official concept artwork material apart.

Lili's glorious cosplay shots almost look like they were taken straight from the game. Lili's stunning looks, animated expression and epic poses along with topnotch photo angles and perfect scenery made this Tomb Raider cosplay a shining example on how to stand out from the crowd.

Model: Lili Din

4 Shermie-Tastic

via deviantart.com (shermie-cosplay)

Lara might be stunning but not many know that she's also a cunning thief capable of stealing the hearts of fans at a moment's notice. Shermie's cosplay photos serves as the perfect example on how Lara can enthrall the audience regardless of which version of her is being portrayed. The Brazilian cosplayer brought the best of both worlds with her rocking classic Lara and Lara Croft Reborn cosplay photos.

After seeing comparisons of all her versions, it's safe to say that there is no better version of Lara since both are equally jaw-dropping in their own right. Shermie's gorgeous looks and alluring cosplay only helped elevate Lara's star power so it's a win-win situation for Tomb Raider fans either way.

Model: Shermie

3 Klaudia Croft

via fotomodyl.com

If a Lara Croft cosplay is done by none other than an official  ambassador of the product, fans know it's going to be good. Klaudia Croft isn't just any Lara Croft cosplayer since she's participating in a legit TR photoshoot/class. If that's not impressive enough then let Klaudia's jaw-dropping Lara cosplay photos speak for themselves.

Klaudia's stunning Tomb Raider photo-shoot is set in realistic backdrops that make Klaudia appear like she's actually exploring ancient ruins instead of just posing for a picture. This just shows that Klaudia is not only fit for the job as ambassador, she's also fit enough to take on an actual tomb-raiding adventure. Klaudia's cosplay effectively created an illusion that managed to take viewers off their seats and into the mystifying world of Tomb Raider.

Model:Klaudia Kandziora.

Photographer: Thomas Voland.

2 Fuinur-ious Croft

via deviantart.com (FuinurCroft)

Lara Croft's steamy appearance targeted a large portion of the male-dominated gamer population back in the 90s attracting thousands of gamers in the process when the first Tomb Raider game was released. However, this does not mean Tomb Raider was solely enjoyed by males gamers and that men are the game's only captured market either.

Lara's courageous personality and fearless disposition earned her the respect and admiration of female gamers.

One of those inspired female gamers is Italian cosplayer Fuinur, who started playing Tomb Raider when she was just 5 years old. The Italian cosplayer's love for Lara drove her to become a Lara Croft model for Microsoft, a featured model in a Tomb Raider bibliography and was even considered as Italy's official Lara Croft cosplayer. Needless to say, her cosplay photos are nothing short of phenomenal just like her illustrious journey into professional cosplaying.

Model: Fuinur

1 Answer The Call Of The Wild

via instagram.com (@ipirogovacom)

For Russian cosplayer Irine Meier, merely looking the part of Lara Croft simply isn't enough to to capture the essence of her character as a whole. Not everyone is willing to put themselves in danger just like the legendary raider but Irine isn't just any cosplayer.

It's hard to make Lara look unattractive even when she's treading through mud or even when she's wounded.

The Russian model was willing to put her life on the line just to pull off a compelling Lara Croft cosplay as she did a photo-shoot while wrangling with a real life bear! Irine's efforts certainly paid off as she managed to embody Lara's trademark resilience and tenacious  survival skills. According to Kotaku, the bear was actually a trained animal and even a local celebrity but this doesn't make the photo-shoot any less scarier.

Model: Irine Meier

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