Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Favorite Gamer

Are you still struggling to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the gamer in your life? It's no secret that picking the perfect present can be a real struggle, but fortunately, we've done all the hard work for you. Whether you're looking to splash out on a luxury present, or you're working on an ultra-limited budget, these cool and surprising items are sure to impress nerds and gamers alike.

Here are nine unique and geeky gifts that will capture the heart of your partner or your crush.

Skyrim Soul Gem Soap

via: Etsy.com (Amethyst Soap)

These cute gem soaps won't recharge your weapons, but they will get you smelling fresh and clean for a hot date with your significant other. Each soap is hand-carved and contains a mix of essential oils. These soaps retail on Etsy for just under $12.

PlayStation Keychain

via: UrbanOutfitters.com

If your special someone grew up in the 90s, a retro gaming gift like this PlayStation keychain is a sure bet. This keychain is incredibly detailed for it's small size, and you can grab it at Urban Outfitters for $12.

Nintendo PowerGlove Oven Mitt

via: FanGamer.com

Nintendo's PowerGlove might have been a commercial failure, but this Power Mitt is sure to keep your loved one's hands safe in the kitchen. There's also a left-handed version available for all the lovely lefties out there. You can purchase the Power Mitt from Fan Gamer for $15.


via: Store.Steampowered.com

Buying a video game for a gamer might seem like an obvious choice, but Overcooked is a perfect present for non-gamers who want to try playing games with their partner. This couch co-op title has simple controls and is easy for total newbies to pick up. You can grab the Deluxe Edition of Overcooked off Amazon for $30, or PC gamers can buy the standard version on Steam for $20.

Animal Crossing Tom Nook Sweater

via: Etsy.com (Versiris Apparel)

Any die-hard Animal Crossing junkies will immediately fall in love with this cute Tom Nook sweater. This item comes in seven sizes and two colors, so you can even grab matching ones for you and your partner. You can find this sweater on Etsy for just under $40.

Pokemon Cookie Cutters

via: Etsy.com (TreeLittleTree)

If your partner is a Pokemon fanatic, you should definitely pick them up some of these Pokemon cookie cutters. This set of the three Starter Pokemon you can choose at the beginning of your game retails at just under $30, but the Etsy seller has several other mix-and-match options if you want to pick out specific Pokemon.

Sega Genesis Classic Edition

via: UrbanOutfitters.com

This Valentine's Day, why not give the gift of retro gaming? This mini console comes with eighty different games and two controllers, so you and your partner can play together easily. It's also compatible with real Sega Genesis cartridges, and the entire system will only set you back around $80.

MegaMan Kigurumi

via: Kigurumi-Shop.com

Why not let your significant other be comfortable AND stylish this Valentine's Day? This kigurumi is unisex and one size fits all, so it's perfect for all MegaMan fans. You can pick up a MegaMan Kigurumi from Kigurumi Shop for $75.

XBox Controller Cuff Links

via: Etsy.com (3DThis)

Your favorite person can keep it classy with these stylish XBox controller cuff links. These cool cuff links come in three different colors, and are perfect to wear at a wedding (possibly even your wedding, if you're trying to drop a hint.) You can buy these cuff links on Etsy starting at just under $100.

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